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Friday, June 06, 2008

Toyota Eco Youth Programme Part 2

Toyota Eco Youth ProgrammeRemember the Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) programme that I wrote on this blog back in April this year? Malaysia Students blog reader, Melzie Garwin who was also one of the participants of TEY 2007, commented that "it was truly a wonderful and totally new experience for me". Another reader, however, was frustrated for not being able to participate in TEY 2008 competition as his or her school is not one of the 16 shortlisted players (participating schools). I guess everyone hopes to take part in this educational and exciting competition if chances were given. Don’t you?

I’ve been following the players’ progress in the TEY programme by reading their blogs. The TEY 2008 competition, which lasts for eight months, kicked off in mid of February this year with a training and workshop session in a hotel in Shah Alam, Selangor, which participants from all around Malaysia attended. After the training and workshop session, they went back to their respective schools and the competition began.

Each participating schools was given RM1000 grant to kick off the projects and campaigns carried out under the TEY programme. First, students identified the existing environmental issues within their respective schools. The problems include improper disposal of paper waste, green house effect, etc.

In the next stage, students submitted their proposal papers of project to combat these environmental issues within their respective schools. Some of them did powerpoint presentation as well. Their findings were verified by a visit from the Toyota representatives, who will also give them pointers on how best to proceed.

Most of the schools launched the TEY programme by announcing it during assembly so that the whole school was aware of the programme and involved in this programme to support their school team. The students then combat with the identified environmental issues using the 8-steps Problem-Solving Approach that they have learned during the training and workshop session.

The 8 Steps of the Problem-Solving Methodology are:
Step 1: Identify and select a problem
Step 2: Understand the situation
Step 3: Set a target
Step 4: Analyse cause
Step 5: Draft countermeasures
Step 6: Implement countermeasures
Step 7: Check results
Step 8: Standardize

What the participants have been doing so far? It is exciting to follow their progress. Participants from SMK Seri Kenangan visited Wah Cens Plastic Industry in Buloh Kasap, Johor and learned how plastics waste is transformed into synthetic silk.
how plastics waste is transformed into synthetic silk
They also held a school-level poster competition to create environmental awareness among the students.

Besides nature poster competition, SMK Abdul Rahman Talib held logo design competition, graffiti board competition and IQ quiz competition to raise environmental awareness among students.

SMK Raja Puan Muda Tengku Fauziah launched a recycling programme.

Participants from SMK Kota Bharu paid a visit to landfill and recycling centre. They concluded that it was an eye-opening experience and were amazed by the amount of waste produced by residents daily.
visit to landfill and recycling centre
Who will be the winner of TEY 2008? Visit Toyota Eco Youth website for more updates.
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