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Sunday, January 14, 2007

STPM - 18 months of sweet and sour ...

Posted by BooNBoX

Hi everyone. It's been some time since my last post and now I will give you some info about my personal experience on STPM (after being reminded gently by our blog master.. lol) So you think STPM is hard ?? ...

You're probably correct. It is hard of course. So do A-levels, SAT and other exam in the world. No exam in this world is particularly easy, unless the future for the exam is not that good, you know what I mean. If you work harder, I can assure you to get good results. It is not impossible to score.

Below are some FAQ I might get from you all and you're welcome to ask more question about STPM, A-levels, SAT and some other pre-U exams. I will attend to you as soon as I notice your question!

1. Why did you choose to study Form 6 instead of A Level, Australian Matriculation etc?
Wasting time is the main reason people feel about going to Form 6. Yes I do agree if you are rich and can't wait to spend it on your overseas tertiary programme. And yes again I would say because Form 6 really is for hardworking people (with this sentence, I do not say and mean that I am one of those people...) I choose this path because the option to stay in local university (IPTA) and it is the only way to get into IPTA other than local matriculation. IPTA is real cheap (in either meaning). Futhermore STPM is globally recognised. So with good results you can further your studies in overseas and with excellent results you may even get scholarships!! A-level is another good option but the disadvantage is that you don't have the IPTA as your fall-back. SAM is easy (what I heard from ALL PEOPLE that had taken this exam and it's not my opinion). But SAM is recognised only for most Australian University and few university worldwide.

The scholarships you may apply after STPM. JPA if you managed to get into IPTA, PTPTN as financial assistance, KUOK Foundation for IPTA and Singapore Public University, GIC, GE, Singapore Scholarships, ASEAN, and lots and lots of scholarships that is impossible to mention all of them here. You may need to do some research during your long break before the release of the results. There's magazine titled "Scholarships Guide" or something which will be published near the results releasing days and costs you around RM8-10. It's a nice magazine to hook on. Grab a copy if you see it!

2. What were your 2005 STPM results?
Is it really important to know that? Well, honestly the results for every year is different and depends on various factors such as the difficulty of the papers, the number of candidates, the quality of the candidates and so on... A lot of factors going on and influence the quality of every major exams in the world. Anyway I will tell you my results and so you roughly know how important the weightage and the importance of each paper). I scored A for my Pengajian Am (P1=A, P2=A-), A for my Maths T (P1=A, P2=B+), A for my Biology (P1=A-, P2=A, P3=A) and B+ for my Chemistry (P1=A-, P2=B+, P3=A). My CGPA is 3.83. So you may have some confusion over the results. Let me analyse for you.

For my Pengajian Am paper 1, I am very confident and scored most of the questions hence scored an A while my paper 2 i scored only A-. However, the 100% of the paper 2 will be scaled down to 62.5% hence the 'damage' done by the paper 2 has gone down while my paper 1 has helped me to gain an A in this paper. For my Maths T it seemed unbelievable isn't it? 50% for paper 1 and 50% for paper 2. Then A + B+ should be = A-, right? But what if I tell you that I am super confident that I can get 100% for my paper 1? Hence when both marks added together my paper 1 has helped me very much in pushing the marks up. So my advice, have a very very very strong Volume 1 Maths skill and make sure you can solve all of them!! Well for Biology and Chemistry, very obvious your paper 2 is the key to everything!!!

3. What suggestions would you like to give to the new Form 6 students on how to prepare for STPM since Lower Six?
Honestly one and a half year for everything in STPM isn't enough, but if you manage to distribute your time well, it shouldn't be a big problem. To me, the hardest subject is Chemistry. I face some problem even I was in Form 4. To me Chemistry is fun but I was in trouble when I tried to imagine the concept. Here's the key : You grab the concept for Chemistry and you will score. For physical chemistry it is more testing on your understanding and hence the concepts are very important, it is very different that Organic/Inorganic Chemistry where more memorizing is required. Biology is a subject where you will need to read a lot and your skill to pour everything out on the answer papers during the exam. For Maths T, true understanding and application will be required since sometimes the questions can be very challenging and cannot be solved without the application and derivation of some basic concepts.

4. Did you suffer from the sudden change from Malay to English in Science and Mathematics subjects?
There's not much difference though I think studying in Malay is easier for me. Haha, but I enjoyed the whole session in English and it is very useful especially when you go overseas to study in English. There's nothing much to deal with and obviously you will need to beef up your language to avoid childish and unwanted mistakes. Pick up a newspaper and starting reading!!

5. Did you attend tuition classes? Are they a MUST?
I won't say there are a must-have preparation for STPM. I did not attend tuition much except for the beginning of Lower Six. Then I stopped and tried to study on my own. Near the exam, I attended some seminars and workshop to get more preparations. Tuition isn't a must honestly.

6. How about Malaysian University English Test (MUET)?
I scored band 5 and very few people will get Band 6. (3 people for my year in my school) Language is not something you read and score. It is a language. Constant reading and accurate usage of the language is required. Hence I suggest you all to start speaking in English and watch English movie/TV series from now. At least that's my way...

7. Do you agree that STPM is the toughest examination in the world?
Cramming everything in 1 and a half year and pouring it out in just merely 3 or 4 hours. I would say it is hard because of the candidates. Since the results are binomially-graphed and hence it would add up the challenge and make it more difficult to score if everyone is doign good on a certain paper. I won't say it's the toughest exam in the world since I do not have any experience in other exam paper. SAT is famous for its speed and accuracy test, the questions maybe easy but under limited time, it tests greatly on your accuarcy and your handling when under pressure. Every exam has its unique way to test the candidates. STPM is, undoubtly, one of those tough exams in the world.

8. Could you name a few useful resources to STPM students?
Longman, Pelangi, Fajar Bakti (Oxford), and some other are quite famous but you better checked with your teachers for the most upto dates and relevant references. I would suggest you to visit some forums (such as http://chinese.cari.com.my/myforum/) as there the students will exchange their trial exam papers. It is a good resource and good discussion board.

9. Are co-curricular activities important?
Co-curicular activity is extremely important. I won't say much on this. Just think like this. Everyone can score straight A or getting a first class degree from university, so what element distinguish these excellent candidates in a job interview??? Your leadership, your participation, your passion... and all these will be reflected in your extra curicular activities. So while working your brain out for the exams, do join some activities to add some values in your school certificates.

More questions and answers available on STPM FAQ Part II.
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  1. i just finished spm last year (2006) and is most probably doing form 6 soon. should i start buying books and attend tuition classes that starts in march or wait till form 6 commences later on?

  2. Hi, I'm an upper sixth former this year. If I could choose again, I'll choose to prepare for my form six as early as possible. I'd suggest you to do so since you think that you are "most probably doing form 6 soon". It'd be an advantage to you when form six commences in May this year.

    Good luck!

  3. if you did happen to have some money, buying some and start reading won't do any harm to your studies, anyway since form 6 is one of those pre-U exam so it will help you even if you choose other path..

    for me, theoritically, it's always good to prepare before you are ready for it. but in my case, haha... I didn't really started the study before it starts... everyone has their pace... so be alert and choose your pace wisely...

    Tuition classes start in March? Could it be possible? Hmm.. so far in KL i can see even for the BIG n KINDA FAMOUS tuition centres only start tuition classes in March.. or am I outdated?? haha... but no worry.. help is always there... it doesn't mean you will fail if you didn't attend tuition class.. the most important thing is still in your formal class.. pay attention and keep a consistent working time should be fine !!

  4. I've just completed my SPM in 2006. While waiting for the results which will be out this March 2007, I've been wondering whether I should opt for a college foundation programme or maybe A Level. Or maybe I should go to Form Six. And if I really go to Form Six, should I switch to Arts stream (since I'm in Science stream during Form Four and Five) because many people have told me that Science stream in Form Six is not easy... I would like to switch stream but will it consume a lot of time and will it affect my studies especially the beginning of Lower Six when the most important thing I have grasp is the basics? Please help me by replying to my e-mail address. ([email protected]) Thank you very much... =)

  5. Answers to Skarekrow's questions above are posted on Letter of Confusion. BooNBoX did a good job in answering all the questions.

  6. i just completed my spm 2006. i didnt get straight a's but i intend to do form 6. so my question now is are we allowed to choose our own subjects or does the school stream us according to our results?i would like to take up pharmacy so what are the subject that i should probably take. i was in the science stream for your information.thanks

  7. Actually the number of subjects that a STPM student can choose is limited compared to SPM or diploma courses in university. If you're interested in phamarcy, you should choose General Studies (Pengajian Am), Chemistry, Mathematics T and Biology.

    Just like your SPM, you can choose your own combination of subjects for your STPM examination. Bear in mind that Pengajian Am is a compulsory subject and you have to choose minimum four or maximum five subjects inclusive of Pengajian Am. However, the subjects that you have chosen for your STPM may not be offered at your school's form six packages. For example, STPM Further Mathematics T is the subject taken by quite a number of STPM candidates but only a few schools include this subject in the form six subject packages.

    SPM science stream students will be in the science stream for form six unless they request to change to art stream. However, SPM art stream students will always be in form six art stream.

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    First of all, you don't need straight As to do Form 6. Haha.. You would have much better prospects/opportunities if you scored straight As in SPM rather than doing Form 6 honestly. Anyway Form 6 is one of those exams that I guarantee you won't have your time wasted (provided you don't waste your time purposely).

    As what Chong had replied, the suggested subjects of course, must include Pengajian Am, Chemistry and Biology. However, the one other subjects you would choose among other science subjects but I am quite sure that you would choose Maths I right? Science students would always be recommended to do Maths T in no matter what ways, I guess it's very important for a science students to have Maths T background. It would help a lot in your future studies anyway.

    Normally schools provide subject packages that are common and no worry, your combination of subjects are no special compared to thousands of other students taking STPM. However, let say if you wish to take an additional 5th subject but your school doesn't provide it, then you will need to take responsibility by yourself. By that I mean you will need to take care of your own studies, going for tuition, study on your own etc... These are quite common as few of my friends did that during their Form 6. However I shall remind you that no matter how you score in your exam, it is always the only highest 3 aggregates are counted (plus your Pengajian Am - total 4 subjects)... So your additional 5th subject might be useful or else... Be careful on deciding for this matter...

    That's all I can say for now and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask as I believe all contributors in MS Blog would be very keen to help you to solve it. See you and all the best!

  9. halo... Im just graduated... and get my STPM results. I gets 4As and my CGPA is 4.0.

    Honestly speaking, in form 6, the path is very tough... I will not let my time wasted... Although tough, we cant give up because this is our future, our journey of life.

    Like me, my dream is to become a dentist. With this dream, i will study hard in order to reach the goal... One will not easily to give up if one has dreams!!

    I wish all my fellow will do a good job in STPM!! Good luck to all of u!!

  10. hi from the posts here form 6 sounds REALLY REALLY hectic and stressful.my question is because im an internet junkie and tv addict.will i still have time for those when i DO start form 6?thnks in advance if this is answered.=)

  11. hie anonymous.i was a sixth former also. and yea, was like u , .. internet junkie and tv addict.
    yes u still have time for those.. but.. definitely , it'll be cut down drasticly when exams aproach...
    form 6 is hectic! last time when i was in form 5, i always wish i could turn back to study for it again. but honestly right now that i've graduated from form 6 and tinking about how pressuring it was back in form 6.. i still have goosebumps.
    be prepared. .. STPM is goin to determined ur future... and it's up to u to decide ur future!
    all the best!

  12. wow, a good post and make me feel that my decision to go to form 6 is correct. Unlike when i go to the education fair, all college tell me form 6 waste time la... whatever la...
    any tips on how to do my revision effectively since i have a fresh start from now.

  13. Do u really think form 6 is good?I mean is it very very good?Actually i really don't want to go form 6 and hoping to go college.Well,the main thing is that i hated my school.I really don't mind the pace of studying.I think form 6 is really tough too,everyone told me that,almost.My SPM result is not as good as i think.I scare will face it in STPM again.At least i think A-level is not as hard as STPM.I don't want to waste my parents money,but i really don't feel like studying form 6.What should I do??

  14. @melanie-thanks for answering my question!and good luck to you in all your future undertakings!

  15. anonymous : No problem ! Im here to help you anytime! :) and thankx fr the wish! all the best to u too!


    hello thr..

    honestly , i was like you. sceptical over form 6. besides , goin college is definitely way way cooler rite?buT I came from an average income family , so thr wasnt realy a choice.(my sis is in college as well) so i was basically prepared. What i can say is , if your family is not really financially stable , it's better to stay in form 6. it's definitely cheaper.

    Form 6 is definitely a good choice. I have heard ( pls correct me if im wrong) that National Uni Spore (NUS) Prefers form 6 over A-levels.
    seriously , i feel those who goes form 6 are smarter than those who goes to college. Because IF you fail in college u can always repeat. whr as form 6 is just a one shot thing. U fail and that's it. and , thr's no such thing as form 6 is better than A levels or the other way round. Both is good.

    And hey! why do u hate your school? if you're goin to form 6, try to fulfil those last 2 yers man! You will regret it.. sch yers are suppse to be the best regardless on which sch u're in. and without the school , who are we? Learn to love your school! i miss my school!!!!

    At the end of d day , the choice is urs! :)
    Good luck!

  16. can you tell me more about SAT examination?
    As far as I know hor, there is no Colleges offering this course...
    I only know that we can take SAT through the MACEE... but, is there a course to study before taking it?

  17. You can view the details about SAT in a new post ...

  18. hi there,

    just curious, i want to know when do we get our letters to go to form 6?how would you know which school to go to? if i do not like the recommended school, am i allowed to switch? would there be enough time to apply?one last question,is it important to take MUET if i want to take up medicine?

  19. The form six offer letter will be either mailed to your home or available at your form five school. If it's the latter case, you've to collect the letter from your former school when it's available. The details about when form six starts, which school and also which stream are available in the letter.

    It's not "recommended school" as you said because you, like it or not, have to register yourself at the school mentioned in your form six letter. You're allowed to change stream or school only if you've a strong reason to do so. "I don't like this school because I hate it" is not a strong reason and I'm sure the officer-in-charge will not entertain request to change school with reason like that.

    Read this comment for a little more information.

    MUET is compulsory subject regardless of what course you want to take if you want to further your studies in local public university. To take medicine, however, you have to get Band 5 or above for MUET. (Oops, I'm not very sure about this, I heard that only Band 5 or 6 students are eligible to take Medicine, but I may be wrong)

  20. yea.. I do agree with Chong on his comment that for a PRE-medicine student you will need to get higher band in your MUET..

    Furthermore, for a student to be able to be in medicine stream, his/her results must be almost perfect or at least beats the odds. So I doubt that if someone can do so good in other subjects may screw his/her MUET ... (unless something wrong with MPM - the one that marks the paper, other than that, I couldn't figure out any other reasons)..

    anyway good luck !!

  21. Hi,I'm new here,i would like to ask u guys a question.
    I was an art stream student,but i took additional mathematics in form 5 and got an "A",I'm interested to mathematics,so if i enter form 6,could i take Maths T n further maths?

  22. Hi,i juz wanna know more about MUET.Izit really MUET is tough?Thougher than other english exam such as IELTS?Izzit really hard to get band 4 in MUET?Can somebody tell me the maximum score for MUET?Pls and thank you.

  23. The total mark is 300. Please read MUET band description at Good English Essays.

    MUET is hard or not is very subjective. I don't take International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and hence I cannot compare them. But since IELTS is an international english test, I think that it will be tougher than Malaysian University English Test (MUET). I may be wrong ;-)

    Please post your questions on MUET on this post written by Melanie.

  24. Thanks a lot for yr info.I think i'll try MUET.

  25. MUET maybe tough in the sense of their uncertainty... haha.. Sometimes you couldn't figure out what will come out and out of sudden something unexpected will show up and greet you in the most of the shocking situation...

    sounds horrible? Nah.. MUET is one of those exam that you can spend less time with. I don't mean you can just play around without revising it, but come on! It's a language subject and the most practical way to practise is to use the language more in your daily life.

    MUET is definitely not tougher than IELTS nor TOEFL. At least the standard is not there yet. Why? Because MUET is mainly for student going to be admitted into local university and they do not need too high requirement on the test. However, in the future, MUET may become, or may not become a standard English Test in the world. Who knows ?

  26. Hihi,its me again.Well,i wanna ask about the general paper.Do u hv any tips to get good result in that paper?Many ppl says that general paper is quite hard.Well,I don't really like to read newspaper.Got any other tips to score that paper other than reading newspaper??Sorry about the trouble.n_n and thanks!!

  27. The General Paper consists of TWO papers, Paper One is objective and tests you on "kenegaraan Malaysia" or about the Constitution, Malaysian government, judicial system, legal system, national policies etc. and a part testing your problem solving skills. This paper consists of 60 questions.

    Paper two is subjective and consists of five parts,

    A - Karangan laras sastera
    B - Karangan laras sains
    C - Kefahaman dan ulasan teks
    D - Mengalih Bentuk teks linear kepada bukan linear (drawing graphs/charts based on information given in text)
    E - Mengalih teks bukan linear kepada bentuk linear (writing a text based on graph/chart given)

    This means you will be writing TWO
    essays, answering two comprehension passages, drawing one graph/chart and writing a "guided text" You must andswer in Bahasa Malaysia.

    Parts of Paper one, and the essay and comprehension questions in Paper Two will ask questions on current events that happen within the country (especially events that happen at a large scale) so it is advantageous to read the newspaper frequently to keep abreast of what is happening in Malaysia.

    However, the General Paper is not all about general knowledge and you can obtain good results if you study hard/smart for the paper and practice regularly, especially for the graphs/charts section.

    All the best in your endeavor!!

  28. oohh,thanks a lot!But seems quite tough.n_n

  29. i just wanna clarify this up

    what subjects are a pre-med student to take ?
    do you need to take all the 3 sciences ? or just 2 sciences ?
    apparently, some universities overseas require all the 3 sciences.
    so is it really compulsory to take up the 3 sciences ?

    cheers ^^

  30. or just 2 sciences ?
    apparently, some universities overseas require all the 3 sciences.
    so is it really compulsory to take up the 3 sciences ?

    To anon,

    Well, unfortunately you have had things wrongly perceived. There is NO, I repeat, NO ONE LOCAL UNIVERSITY (IPTA) that would require a student to take up ALL 3 PURE SCIENCE STPM subjects (Chemistry, Biology and Physics). However, some universities 'PREFER' students with Biology over Physics. Such as University Malaya would require you to have Biology, Chemistry and Math T as your compulsory subjects. If not mistaken those students who choose Physics (and give up Biology) still can be a doctor by choosing USM and one more university (which I had forgotten its name), other than that, they would all require Biology subject.

    So to simplify things, as a pre-Medicine student you must have below subjects as your minimum combination:

    1. PA (of course)
    2. Maths T
    3. Chemistry
    4. Biology

    Hope my data still up-to-date. Anyone can verify this again?

  31. I hope form 6 will start in June because i have to work until June. I'm feeling really confuse in making my decision now.

  32. boonbox is correct regarding the combinations of subjects required for a pre-med student. You do not necessarily have to take up all three sciences unless you intend to study in a foreign country like say, India. Personally, I suggest taking Biology instead of Physics for...obvious reasons - I suppose a doctor would need to know more about the cardiac cycle instead of Bernoulli's principle. But naturally, you're free to choose the subject you prefer.

    To Lyndy,
    I'm sorry, but the new term for Form Six 2007 begins on the 15th of May, or so I've heard.

  33. hey there!
    im a complete stranger =p bt i reali need sum advice on form 6 stuff (by wat i`ve read i think u could show me sum light =)) im intrested in architecture and are planing to apply for IPTA after form6. which subjects do u think i shud take? n wats the differ between mathematics T and the other maths?

    plz2 help~ by replying to my email ([email protected]) thnks in advance =) hee~

  34. hello~i m new here. i would like to ask some for some opinion about the preparation for the general paper...thx...

  35. im first time here.
    im now doing form 6 i mean lower 6..
    so far so good for me.. but only Chemistry that casued me a lot of troubles..
    any suggestion on how to do revision on that?
    im so headache with the thick thick physical chemistry text book..
    and i can't catch anything from my teacher (this is what my whole class are talking about)
    any suggestion for me? im having test for chapter one to three next tues!!

  36. Hey! i've read through ur blog and i find it very informative and motivating. Thank you so much for the effort of creating thi sblog. im sure there are many people and student like me who appreciate it alot.

    im in form 5 this year, and im sitting for spm soon. my ambition is to specialise in small kids in the field of pediatrics. my parents financial standing are quite strong, but i dont want to burden them with the cost to study in the overseas. they do support my decision to continue studying in form 6. but there are rumours that form 6 is so difficult. yes, maybe it is true that there are no easy exams, but i am still wondering how HARD is STPM.
    at what point do u think makes it so hard than spm? or any other subjects?

  37. it's good to hear from you, and really proud of your attitude that you choose not to burden your parents..

    Form 6 has the equivalent level of education compared to other pre-U examination (i.e. A-Levels, AUSMAT etc) the main differences are STPM is local examination organised by MPE and advised/observed by UK. Talking about benefits, if you are taking science subjects, you have more advantage in getting places into local university since they accept only students from either MATRIKULASI or STPM. Furthermore, all the science subjects are taught in English hence you may apply to oversea universities as you wish...

    In the sense of difficulties, it's hard to describe. Not to say it's very difficult but it is possible to score if you work hard throughout the whole Form 6. Nothing is impossible right? As compared to SPM, it would be VERY hard because in SPM all you study is just the SURFACE of STPM ... Can you imagine that? hahaha.. Hope it won't scare you away but it's true. SPM is just a foundation but in STPM it's all about hardwork and lots more.. haha

    Don't be afraid. Study Hard, Play Hard and that's all!!

    im in form 5 this year, and im sitting for spm soon. my ambition is to specialise in small kids in the field of pediatrics. my parents financial standing are quite strong, but i dont want to burden them with the cost to study in the overseas. they do support my decision to continue studying in form 6. but there are rumours that form 6 is so difficult. yes, maybe it is true that there are no easy exams, but i am still wondering how HARD is STPM.
    at what point do u think makes it so hard than spm? or any other subjects?

  38. Hi, i'm a lower six student for this year. nw i'm in art stream , wat kind of courses can i choose for entering ipta for the future with the subjects of sejarah, bahasa melayu , pengajian am and ekonomi? wanna ask oso about wat's the difference between pengajian perniagaan and perdagangan? is it bahasa melayu and sejarah is necessary to take? or i should replace it to other subject like taking chinese? because my school subject's package is sejarah , bahasa melayu, pengajian am and ekonomi. pls replying to my e-mail address: [email protected]

  39. hello there..
    I am in upper 6 now. Due to some problem i could not join my lower 6 last year.. So, i joined upper 6 in feb 2007 in a private school. I am a 9A's holder in SPM 2005. I realised STPM science stream is not same like SPM.. It is indeed very tough and need a great deal of effort and determination.. Since i am in a private school, they do not provide any extra co-curricular activities.. and i dont have any co-curricular activities participation except those in form 5? Is that going to affect me when i want to enter U?. Another thing, i only managed to get Band 4 with total marks of 198 for my MUET.. Am i supposed to re-take it since i want to further my studies in dentistry.. I am afraid i would not have time for my STPM.. Please help me as i am in total confusion.. Thank you..

  40. ...

    Well, you are in one very special situation. Do you feel you can catch up with all the syllabus in STPM now? Now is August and on 3 more months you are going to take the exam but you only started studying STPM 6 months ago though every other candidates in Malaysia has already studied for at least 1 year ahead of you.

    However that cannot be taken as a final measurement for your pace of studying for STPM. Right now what I can really advise you is that study hard and don't care about extra-curicular activity... you can't do anything honestly in these 3 months as every other people will concentrate in their exam also. There is no choice but to use your Form 1-5's activities.. (i don't know whether they have changed this or not). Furthermore, Band 4 is enough to get into local university and there is cases that a medicine/dentistry student manage to get in with lower band and then require to retake MUET again in local university until they achieve satisfying results... but dentistry is really one VERY VERY VERY competitive course... Think wisely before choosing this course.

    Good luck.

  41. i'm lower sixth student this year. i felt under pressure especially exam coming soon. sometimes,i even not understand what teacher is teaching. another problem i having is i cant handle math T. although i done a lot exercise but still cant get the skill to answer those questions. still got 2 more weeks,i'll face to my final exam. i really hope i can handle it .

    can anyone teach me how to memorize those biology and chemistry words? what should i do to improve my math T?

  42. I should like to know...how do I apply for Form 6? I am in Selangor, that is to say, Subang Jaya. Apply before or after SPM results? How to apply?? Only schools with Form 6 around here are SMK Seafield and SMK SS17. Please HELP!!!

  43. You don't have to apply for form six actually. You'll be automatically offered to continue your studies in form six if your SPM results meet the minimum requirement. The offer letter will be sent to your house or you will have to collect it yourself from your form five school one to two weeks before form six (lower sixth form) commences.

  44. Harlow again. What is the minimum requirement for Form 6?

  45. hi guys, i got a serious question.
    SPM is near, im worrying for my Sejarah and BIO. Can i take form 6 Science stream if i fail SEJ n BIO? im planning to take physics for STPM. is it possible???

    thanks in advance.

  46. Hi! I'm new here..Actually i think i'm out of topic but i'm in a desperate moment to decide wether to go on with my F6(i'm in lower sixth form this year and an art stream student)or to take a different path by taking a diploma in Science in local university which accepted my application and need to answer before December 4th 2007 . I have a not so bad impression when i first studying in Lower 6. Everybody said that STPM is very tough! After learning in F6 it turns out to me that F6 is not that bad... Honestly, i luv being a F6 student because of it's prospect in pursuing degree courses. What i know is that STPM candidates will be the first choice to enter degree courses in local or foreign unversity. But, what makes me feel doubful is because my dream will come true ( i want to further my study till i get Masters) ONLY IF i score a GOOD results in STPM. When i read all the comments in this blogs i feel STPM have a good prospect, awesomwe and most of all it's only 1 and a half years! But again, it turns out that STPM IS A TOUGH EXAMINATION EVER!
    About Science Diploma, i think IF i take it, it means that i have some backup IF it turns out that my application to pursue degree deny by university admin. I heard that diploma student is the second choice student considered by university admin to pursue degree in their university after STPM and Matrikulasi.
    Plez help me!!

  47. Hi! Here's is my question: Matriculation programme offer by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia is better or S T P M is better ?

  48. well.. i wanted to help but some people just don't know the right way to ask for help..

    1. you never leave your name or email address... NOT EVEN YOUR NICKNAME! which made us difficult to help coz we couldn't address the answer directly to anyone of us...

    2. we are willing to help, but before that can you help yourself by reading the previous somments as many .. i mean MANY questions that you asked have already been asnwered before... so please do read the comments for your specified questions... if really not featured then you are most welcomed to ask!

    So now finally i can begin answering some questions...

    @Natalie: To clarify AGAIN, please ask the minimum requirement for Form 6 admission. The requirement is counted in Aggregate point, which means for every grade you earn in your SPM, the best (3-5, i forgot) subjects will be taken into calculations and to be admitted in Form 6 you must not exceed some aggregate points. Example: to enter Form 6 Science stream if the agg. point is 18 .. means your grade must be B4-B4-B4-B4 (so total 4+4+4+4 =16, means u r qualified..) but it is just an example, for latest admission point please clarify with your school teacher/counsellor...

    @Wei: you will need to worry of course if you failed ANY SUBJECTS! but it is still possible if you never failed your BM and also qualify the requirement that I'd mentioned above..

    @Anonymous_no_1: Life is all about taking risk. It's time to think for yourself and other's comments are just comments... What I can tell you is that, think of all the possibilities that Form 6 might be able to provide you... After Form 6 you are totally spoilt with choices from all over the world!! Of course you must work harder for it! For local certificate such as Diploma, somehow the limitations might be stoppping your potential somewhere in near future... Think wisely...

  49. Comment was closed for this post. Please read all comments before asking new questions. Duplicate questions will go unanswered. You can leave your comments or questions on STPM FAQ Part II.


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