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Monday, January 29, 2007


Posted by Melanie

Hey People!

I just recently sign up as a contributor in Malaysian Students. My name's Melanie. My real name on my IC :)

Ok, i shall start with a short introductory of myself. I'm born in Kuching and currently still staying in Kuching. And NO, i don't live on trees.Kuching is a city, and it's modern, equipt with five stars hotel. the only thing we do not have here is the gigantic hypermarkets.other than that , we have what the west have too. I have a passion for cooking , and this is my food blog.

I have just completed my form 6, and currently doing a small business as my passtime. I am the youngest in the family , hailed from a four member family. I speak English most of the time , but i do not have a good written english. So, forgive me , if there's grammatical mistakes here. Honestly having a good spoken english is not something i am proud of. It took me a hard time when i switched to arts side in form 6 to get along with those chinese spoken. I got no friends for almost a month because most of my friends are in science side. so , imagine going to school with no friends. i dare not think about it again, it was a nightmare.

Frankly , i didn't know this blog existed. I stumbled upon this blog by accident when i was searching for some local universities. My first impression , I was mesmerized. This is a good blog, and it helps those students in dillema. It is also a good place for us to discuss about new education system being implemented and those who are not sure about it , can get their answer here.

I am still waiting for my STPM result now , so , if you ask me what i can share with you all? well, i'll say i can share with you guys my experience through our Malaysia's public exam (PMR, SPM ,STPM). I know a lot of people think going to form 6 is a waste of time , but trust me guys, when you are in form 6, you will say that is the best time in your secondary years. I can also share with you guys my knowledge about MUET. not only that, i do have an adequate knowledge about our Malaysian Education system.

So , guys, feel free to ask me any questions and i will try my best to answer! and no doubt , i will be commited to this blog!

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  1. Welcome to the Malaysia Students contributor team! I'm very happy that we have another female contributor on board. Just ten days ago we witnessed Carrs L joining us and now you. Anyone next?

    Hope you enjoy the spirit of helping others. It'll be an exciting experience to work together with you all!

  2. can i know where to get STPM accounting reference books which are according to STPM syllabus???please help me... :-(

  3. Hello Melanie.
    I am a Form 6 school leaver from Kuching aswell and am wondering whether or not you have heard of the Malaysian Scholarship guide magazine. I have been searching for it high and low but the bookstores in Kuching dont seem to have it on their rack. Did you happen to stumble upon any?

  4. hie thr.. this was a post i wrote last yer. i am now a proud student in UUM so .. i dun realli know much about things in kch .. since i spend most of my time in uni and only back during my holidays. sorry for nt being able to help.



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