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Thursday, March 02, 2006

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Last updated on 28th February 2007.
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  1. HI there, i am going to UMS to further my study. Right now i am totally lost on how to get there and what is my next step as there is no guidance from the MOE. please help me... can i have your msn or email? really need your help... thanks

  2. "...if you find out one. I am a Chinese. I speak Cantonese at home and Mandarin with my friends.

    I started blogging since year 2005 but stopped in April last year because I had to focus on my SPM examinations. I was a beginner blogger until I really learned blogging in December last year."

    * Hi,there..
    since you said u wanted to improve your english i have a few suggestions on that blog entry of yours. Basically it looks fine but like they say, there's always room for improvement so...

    1. "if you find out one"

    Here you can omit the 'out'. According to Cambridge Dictonaries Online: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=find.out*1+0&dict=P, 'find out' means "to get information about something because you want to know more about it, or to learn a fact or piece of information for the first time". So it's not suitable in the context of your usage.

    2. "I am a Chinese."

    IMHO, the 'a' isn't necessary. You can ommit it.

    3. "I started blogging since year 2005"

    I think, 'year' can be omitted because '2005' all ready signifies the year. So 'year' makes the sentence redundant.

    That's all. I'm an english learner myself and the world would be a better place if we help each other.


  3. Hi there, I've done AS levels (First year of British A-levels) and I've done the French Bac. I just wanted to compare the Maths level between those qualifications and your STPMs.

    Are there any sample papers/syllabus available for the Mathematics S. Mathematics T and Further Mathematics T sessions?

  4. I am now collecting the STPM Maths T, Maths S and Further Maths syllabuses for you, please be patient since I may post them on this blog next week.

    By the way, do you mind to leave your contact information likes your blog url or email address?

  5. Yeah sure, my email address is electricheet[at]gmail.com
    A sample paper would be good too. I've now gone through the Finnish, Swedish, British, Irish, French, Belgian,Spanish pre university maths papers :P

    I might create a blog about it analysing each country's qualifications with respect to maths. Might be interesting for you all.

  6. I have just posted STPM Mathematics T, Mathematics S and Further Mathematics Syllabuses on this blog. Hope it helps.

    Sorry, I don't have sample papers to send to you online.

    Your idea of creating a Mathematics blog is great since it will benefit worldwide students. Really looking forward to reading the blog. ;-)

  7. Hi!

    I am starting a Blog for my English students at an SBP school in Taiping. I would like to link to your site, as I think the students would find it very helpful. I have already put the link on my page.

    [email protected]

  8. Hi,i m inresting of your blog template,can i have the code please?wish to hear good news from you!thanks!

  9. If you view the source code of Malaysia Students, you'll find a link to the CSS codes of this blog template.

  10. Sorry Serena, we don't provide free advertisement on this blog. So we've removed your advertisement posted in the comment area just before this comment.

    If you'd like to advertise on this site, we suggest you to try Google AdWords since you can put your advertisement on the advertisement banners on this blog through it. What you need to do is to target this blog (http://malaysian-students.blogspot.com) in the 'Site Targetting' option after you've signed up to be a member of AdWords.

    Besides that, you can also contact me using the Email Chong link on the top of this post. Customized advertising solution is available, just don't expect you can 'advertise' on this blog for free. Thank you.

  11. Hello Chong,

    Actually I tried to email you, but it won't go through. I clicked at "email chong", and it gave me this email address => [email protected].

    Also, I didn't see any requirements regarding advertising in this blog. Therefore, I decided to post it. I figured you will delete it if it is against the rules.

    Anyway, can you tell me the pricing for customized advertising solutions? Please send the pricing information to [email protected]


  12. Hello there, I have written a post on studying tips for STPM students and I wish to share it here. You may visit my blog to read it.

    Superhot Tips For Studying Specially for STPM Students

  13. Hi, this question is for the webmaster. How do you place your adsense by your post. I could not get it done. Furthermore, how do you create the continue reading link on your main page. Does blogger allows you to automatically stop and post after certain words and continue reading it in another page. Can you tell me how to do it.

  14. hi, im currectly waiting for my stpm results to be announce. im thinking of taking radiology course to become a radiograper. But i want to know for sure what the future holds for me if i take this course. And can i know what is the correct term for this course in BM? Please kindly advise. TQ

  15. Hi
    I will be sitting for my SPM this year.I would like to know if there are any websites which provide free topical practice for any of the SPM subjects.
    My chemistry foundation is very bad.Im so scared.What to do?

  16. As far I as know, there's no free exercise with complete answer available online. Why don't you buy some exercise books from local bookstore?

    For Chemistry, you need to understand the concepts and laws such as the Mole concept and Avogadro's law. The calculation part is very easy for SPM Chemistry compared to STPM Chemistry. If you really could not understand them after you've tried, then I suggest you to memorize all facts and concepts.

    Read more: How to Score in SPM Chemistry?

  17. Hi.I just got my SPM results.
    I just LOVE Physics.
    I think I am going to form 6.
    General Studies.
    Maths T.
    Further Maths.
    There are the subjects I think I should be doing.
    The problem now is what is next?
    What would/could I work as when I grow up?
    My family does not have a good educational background so I am totally blur.

    PS:Did I mention that I LOVE PHYSICS.Oh I did. >=-D

  18. Since you love physics, I think you should read more about Engineering Physics (such as optics, nanotechnology, control theory, aerodynamics, or solid-state physics), Mechanical Engineering, Electric Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Material Engineering etc. You'll learn more about them by doing a web search for each of them. Gather information like what you'll learn in the engineering courses and what are the jobs available. Salary and employment rates of the jobs related to the field are things to be considered. Then you can decide which of them best suits you.

  19. hi..i seriously need some help..i did badly in my stpm..it was ok i think but x enuf to get me into medicine o dentistry..i only have passion for this courses..my problem is tat whther it is possible if i take a level now since my stpm results is not good? is there any rules saying that unis wont accept my a level cert if i took stpm be4 even though my a level's result is much better? or should i take foundation? i'm pretty confused..plz help me out..thankz.

  20. Dear Anon. 10.09pm,

    I'm not sure what your results are, but I assume that you're saying that your results are not good enough to secure a place in public unis. Why don't you try asking local private unis what their minimum requirements are? In my opinion, taking 'A' levels is just like repeating your form 6.

    As for whether your 'A' levels results will overwrite your STPM's, you'll have to refer to the unis cause I'm not sure myself.

    As for foundation, I personally would not recommend foundation unless you're really sure that you want to enrol in that certain course (in your case medicine or pharmacy)AND chosen a particular private institution because, foundation is usually recognised by that institution that you attend as examinations are conducted internally.

    I think that's the most that I can provide you with. ^^

  21. Ooops, found a typo.

    ....because, foundation is usually recognised ONLY by that institution that you attend.....

    Sorry! =]

  22. Hi, i'm a 17 year old girl planning to take my O levels privately during the end of the year. Because i only started on the syllabus this year, i'm on a race for time to finish in time for exams due in Oct/Nov. However, it's been exceptionally hard to find text books for O levels, and relevant resources/tutors/pass year papers. I've asked around, but hardly anyone knows about O levels, as the students here sit for SPM. So i'm trying my luck now, and wondering if there's anyone of you familiar with how to go by it. If yes, i'll be glad if you could email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  23. i got the jpa interview
    i dunno wat to wear or wat to expect.
    pls help.. anyone


  24. For the interview, you should wear formal attire - tie, long sleeve, formal trouser for boy while girl can choose formal attire or baju kurung.

    I'd highly recommend you to read JPA scholarship interview tips offered by one of the blog reader.

  25. hi, i finish my spm las year n i get 7as ....i dunno wat 2 do now
    should i continue wif form 6 or take other diploma courses ?
    i not sure what i wan to be ...
    i hv no idea?
    any1 can give me any suggestion?

    [email protected]

  26. Hie, i got my SPM results last month.I am thinking of attending form 6. The problem is the school i will be shunted off to only allows students to take a maximum of 4 subjects. Unfortunately i insist and persist in taking 5 subjects. So i am thinking of changing schools. Problem is, i have no idea on how to go about it. Any ideas? Is it possible to switch schools before the term starts?

  27. The typical application process of school-change starts when you fill the application form that you get from your form six school. Then your principal or guru penolong kanan of your form six school will sign his/her name on it. After that, you will have to meet the officer-in-charge who decides whether you will be able to be transferred to your chosen school at Jabatan Pelajaran.

    Unless you're able to prove that you will be a form six student of your current school, you've to wait for the surat tawaran tingkatan enam to show that you are a form six student of the school and then apply to be transferred to other school. Usually, you will receive the letter one or two weeks before form six commences.

    Success in school-changing depends on your reason. I personally find that you've got a very strong reason for this. Wish you good luck!

  28. hi there, i'm starting form six this may...and i'm still blur of what form six is going to be. i took science stream in f4 & f5 and i scored 6As & 4Bs 4 my SPM. at first, i thought of switching to ARTS but i cannot find any career that i'm interested in in ARTS..so after some advice from my friends, i decided to take back science stream. i planned to take biology...but base on my SPM results..do u think i can cope in sci? I planned to take pharmacy. is f6 sci very tough?..and may i know the difference between maths T and maths S? Thank You!

  29. I personally find that form six Science stream is very tough for me. Mind you that I was a SPM straight As scorer. However, I hope that you can view taking form six Science stream as a challenge to you. You're the one to decide whether Science or Art stream is right for you!

    The first eight topics (Paper 1) of Maths T and Maths S are the same. Besides, Maths T and Maths S are mutually exclusive. In other words, a STPM candidate cannot take both subjects at the same time. Maths T is taken by most science stream stuedents whereas Maths S is taken by some art stream students. Meanwhile, Further Maths is taken as the optional fifth subject by some science stream students.

  30. hi, thank you chong for replying to my comment..the one posted on sat,28 of april. yea..i'm determined to take science stream now,..taking biology. Can u advise me on what revision books to get for f6? there are so many in the market now...i really don't know which is the best. i'm taking PA,MUET,chemistry,biology & Maths T. you can send me the info at [email protected]
    Thank you,

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  32. Hello, i want to take up english literature in form six..and major in english literature in the university...but i don't know how to go about it. Can anyone tell me what i should do if i want to be an english lit lecturer? Thanks a lot!

  33. I was wondering if anyone knows how to get other state SPM trials or other Form 5 papers without having to go to the other states...lol

    I dont think they are on sale. The only thing I got are SPM past year papers collection. Any help? Greatly appreciate it.

  34. Would it need any procedures to go to form 6 or we will automatically forwarded "surat tawaran " providing our results are good.

  35. You will get the form six offer letter from your school (or for some schools, they mail the letter to you) as long as you have taken SPM exam the previous year. Good result? As long as you pass your SPM BM and do not get bad results for other subjects, you will be offered form six.

  36. SPM Spot Questions book to be given away for free to SPM students.

    The book was developed with the help of a group of expert teachers who are question paper setters, text book writers and SPM paper markers. They were brought together by Ibrahim Saad, who was the Education Editor of Berita Harian, who also sub edited and coordinated the project for us.

    The book is available on www.timesguides.com for free. Also available for free is tips to answering questions for SPM 2007.

    Its free for all.

    Times Guides Support

  37. I'm applying for [email protected],i had to sit for an exam before could do my PJJ.for my math paper,one of the topic is "exponent&radical". which topic is it?im confused.

    reply me A.S.A.P.


  38. What is the probability that I/we could go into Form 6?
    Selection is based on SPM results but what is the minimum condition?
    If I really just achieve the minimum requirement, should I feel very safe to go into Form 6?
    I'm now in Form 5 but I'm worried of this.
    Please advice, thank you.

  39. hi there. i'm new to this website. how i wish i would have found this resourseful website earlier.

    i'm a lower 6 student from the science stream. well, i think i've made the wrong decision to stay in form 6.

    i suck in maths. i got a b3 for my add maths in spm and a2 for all three of my science subjects(biology, chemistry and physics). i'd thought of switching to the arts stream but at the end of the day, i ended up landing myself back in the science stream despite my parents warning that i might do badly in science stream. for your information, they also offered me to go to private college as they think i wont do well in form 6. but due to some reasons(which include the reasons that i want to prove them wrong and that i want to enrol to public U), i ended up in form 6.

    i was so enthusiastic about continuing my study in form 6. i was so determined to excel in my study. however, things started to go out of hand as the days went by. besides the pressure i faced in my study, i encountered some other personal problems.

    i couldn't concentrate in my study. i started to doubt myself, i doubted my own strenghts and abilities. i felt like i'm a good-for-nothing. the past few months that i went through was a total nightmare. i dreaded to study. i did my maths homeworks only for the sake of completing it. i didn't put much effort in understanding all the concepts. things just didn't work out according to plan. it was only when the year end exam was drawing nearer that push me to study. and there wasn't much time left to cover up all the chapters which were going to be tested especially when you're not a maths genius.

    not surprisingly, i failed my maths first time in my life. i didnt do quite well for my chemistry too. i thought i understand the whole thing but when it comes to applying the concepts, i realised that there're still a lot of things that i've missed out. i'm left far behind in both of these subjects and i dont think i can catch up especially maths. i'm not a strong-willed person that i used to think i am. i give up easily.

    i've been thinking about going to private college and take a course i favour next year. i dont wanna get lousy result in stpm and regret later. do you think this is wise? it's not that i dont dare to take the challege. it's just that it's not worth it to score well in other subjects but fail in maths. besides, i know i will certainly have to put in lots and lots and effort in my maths. and maybe that won't even guaranty me a B for my maths! you see, only 5 chapters were being tested in my recent year-end exam and i couldn't even score above 30! this simply shows how bad i am in maths! so, do you think i should continue with my form 6? and what are the ways to improve my maths if i want to continue with my form 6? i'll much appreciate your advice. thank you.


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    For any enquiry, please contact Limei: [email protected]

  41. Hi, I am a SPM student who waiting my SPM results. I know my family can't afford for my college life, therefore I'm choosing Form 6 but I don't want to waste my time while waiting my SPM results. I would like to start studying right now but I don't know which reference book for Physic and Pure Mathematics is better. Can anyone give me some advices on this. Thanks.

  42. Hi there, this is indeed a very resourceful blog for malaysian students. I wish to exchange link with this site. My blog is http://www.myonlinestreet.com. I've included a list of scholarship providers in malaysia and i'll be updating the list whenever there are new offers. This exchange will benefit both our visitors. I've already linked to this website

  43. Sorry to let you know that we’re not going to exchange link with you because your blog is very new (just a few weeks old and has only 4 not-so-useful-to-our-reader posts)and does not have any good content that will benefit our readers. Should you feel that your blog is old enough and has enough informative posts, shot us another email for the link exchange.

    @Anonymous (Friday, November 02, 2007 12:36:00 AM)
    You did not leave any personal details like your blog url or email address. We can't contact you to help you.

  44. Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree with you that it is still new and less informative for the time being. Anyway I'll work on it and request for an link exchange in future. Thanks again for dropping in the comment.

  45. Any information sources about courses on undergraduate, graduate, or post graduate philosophy? What would be studied during the philosophy courses?

  46. Greeting!

    Regarding: subjects for STPM

    What are the combinations of subjects recommended if architectural study is what i have in mind to do in university?

    Thanks for having this blog! It really helps. Keep up the good work!

  47. Hey~

    I need help here. I have to register my SPM subjects by tomoro. I know it's kinda too late for me to ask ya rite now rite? Im from Science Stream and I've already took 10subs(the main ones). I heard from my frens that GEography and Science was easy. I still need some advices here. So could you plz explain more about me in detail?

    Geography most probably i would be taking cuz i feel that it's kinda hard for me. I saw Science Form 5 Reference book and I find it quite easy cuz it is a summary of the Sciences I have. So Should i take the sub or not?

    How bout other subjects? SHould I add? Moreover, I;m not sure about my future career yet! lol. Dunno wad I wanna be future! ><"

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Pls do reply me thru email.
    Here's my add >> [email protected]

  48. Hi there,

    My name is Chester Chin and I am a student writer for "The Star" newspaper...stuff@school to be exact.
    I'm currently working on the topic 'Teen Bloggers' and would love to feature Malaysia Students Blog.
    Can I have your permission to feature stories and pictures from this blog?

    Please reply me a.s.a.p. via my email: [email protected]

    Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  49. I have a MAJOR problem in Chemistry. So, I cannot depend only on classes in school. I need to go for tuition but I don't want to enter tuition center but preferably home-tutored. The problem is, I can't find any home tutor. So, please help me!

  50. anyone here from utar?more specifically from biomed courses?can anyone tell me how the courses is doing in utar?is it any good?i plan to go there...please help me to get more info before i made my choice

  51. hi...i had 3.58 cgpa in my STPM...can I get medicine programme in local university?...or which is the best private university to go in malaysia?
    is it IMU or AIMST or perak medical college or UCSI...plz do help me wit the in4..thz

  52. National Service Malaysia is a load of crock.

    I know Wikipedia isnt the best source to refer to as they may probably teach you in college/uni, but at least they have "freedom to speak" unlike us as Malaysians cannot. At least they are honest.

    Read it all. It's shocking.

    Even though it may be a smaller percentage to the latter, is it really worth an average of 4 deaths a year (so far) of our Malaysian Youth and many more falling sick, getting injured, mis-treated, bullied and raped???

    Imagine if it was you, your sisters, brothers, family members or your own kids one day. Not a good thought then aye?

  53. Hello. I want too pursue my dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher or a primary school teacher. So i decided to take degree for Early Childhood Education in UM, KL. I want to go for art stream eventhough i was from science stream in form 4 & 5. Science is really not my cup of coffee. I decided to go for form 6 since i was not accepted for matriculation. What are the combination subjects are recommended for me if i wanted to go for Early Childhood Education course?

  54. Jus wanna ask sumthing..WIll we get stpm cert if we fail our maths??

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  56. Hi, I'm currently takin' A-levels in INTI Penang. I took up Accounts,Econ,Maths. I would like to ask if I want to apply to study LAW for my degree, is it possible to do so? I mean like I'm not takin' Laws for my A-levels, then will the university din take me into first consideration....???

    By the way, can u tell me the pathway of studying Law in S'pore? Thanks.

  57. i want choose between politeknik and private college..give your opinion..tq


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