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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Posted by Plunny

As usual, right after the announcement of STPM and SPM results, application of who knows what type of scholarships goes round and round....Be it straight A's scorers or not, they must be thousands of applicants for one single type of scholarship offered....Be it from the government or giant companies in our so called beloved country that offer either scholarships or loan or sponsorship for further studies...Of course in hope of nurturing potential talents for future establishment...

But lets get it really straight...Exactly how much quota are reserved for non bumi's applicants..?? Unless of course you score 15A1 then I guess that's out of bound whether you carry the aborigines of this country or not....Just look deeper and clearer into our country BRILLIANT education system....Exactly how many percent of aboriginal gets a flat score?? And you can bet your head that those who did are going overseas under full sponsored of non other than government whose so willingly to SEND them abroad to so call produce the next generation leader...(Majority of these beneficiaries either never return to their mother land OR return with non other than a memory full of HAPPY HOLIDAYS abroad and BOUGHT certificates....You named it what sorts of bachelors they got) Seriously, if you want to compare the quotes, try quoting the percentage of top scorers with race......Don't be surprise to find out the majority happens to be not the NATIVES.....I'm certainly not exaggerating....If you have problem believing....Go scout around non bumi's straight A's scorers...Especially the Chinese.....Exactly how many of them actually manage to get hold of the JPA scholarships..?? Of course they are...Perhaps one out of ten..?? How generous, the government hasn't forget us the third class citizen in this wonderful race discrimination country (Not being discriminative but look at the bigger picture, the whole country's system is doing it. I'm nothing but a tiny dot ) Even the state scholarships are doing the same thing...What to do..?? After all we're still under the same system ain't we......?? The same country....

For more information, you can check it out here, the comments presents self confessed ex-citizens who's living happily in who knows what country now and proudly admits they didn't bother to pay back the loan they got from the certain parties....(Providing you're not an aboriginal) Why??? Simple...Pay or not pay...You're still not coming back because even if you do, you're nothing but a dot that no one even cares. (Unless of course if you represent the country in potential International ranking sports like Badminton or Squash) ....Obviously their permanent residence ABROAD now are much more better, proves a hell lot that its not your races nor colour that matters, its your brain...And unfortunately, that's just not the top priority in the hierarchy of this country..

The same applies for private giant company's scholarships....For an instance, the giant Airline Company who's suffering from loss every year....Or the giant Oil Company that actually has to change their signature colour in the new Formula One season even though they're practically SPONSORING some particular team...???? Perhaps you still can say since they're local born empire.....Its still acceptable that they choose to support back their descendants in HOPING for producing better talents in the company in the latter world......But then....They are still giant foreign companies that plant their roots in our BOLEH LAND......Heck...That makes them even more recklessly invest in our so call local talents.....Why..?? Hello....Your making a living from someone else's land, its just a reasonable return to the natives right..? So true but when their returns go biased to REAL NATIVES instead of REAL TALENTS...

For example.....Someone I know who failed a not so relevant subject and scored an average CGPA in his STPM actually got selected for the airline scholarship interview....While another friend of mine scored two A's and hardly even heard a mouse squeaking about the scholarships....If this STPM scene is too obscene....What about the fellow that score 4A's in SPM manage to get a FULL scholarships and soon to be a pilot..?? But straight A's scorers just landed in the hard wrecked STPM..?? Reason behind this scene..?? Simple...They happen to be Chinese....And well...If you're too smart a Chinese....Erm...You get the picture....I'll just quote another example.......In my SPM year....I was an average scorer and still applied for the Oil Company's scholarship.....And well as expected I wasn't selected for the interview...So are my fellow friends who score flat.....But the thing is.....Some of our natives friends got selected with results similar to mine.....And the only non bumi's friend I know selected for interview...Happen to score half the amount of some straight A's scorers..?? Well....Easily said.....If you're not the first class citizens aka MALAY or second class aka natives.....You have to be REALLY average only.....If you're not the unlucky third class like us...Apply if you have scored average and above...The probability of you hitting the jackpot is like ten times higher than us....

Anyway.....This entry is not to discourage any scholarships applicants....Its just some information and you're free to judge and doubt of course....But well I guess our surroundings and news will prove it.....You can still try....In fact...You MUST try.....You can't lose the chances right...And if you're really good...Sooner or later you're gonna be discovered....Whether by other parties or you SHINE yourself out...All the best to all applicants out there...!!!
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  1. Yes bro i agree with you. Not want to blame any party but the government should not segregate education based on race. It should be based on result.Offer scholarship to excellent people base on their result not based on race. We all are paying tax too. So pls be resonable.Thanks

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  3. Ask your mind, not your emotion. Use your brain wisely, do thinking by 360 degree in all dimensions. If you don't know, take it out. If you are the native, what will you do? Do think rationally...

  4. Here are a few suggestions:
    1.Firstly, know the facts why, learn your history well, then you will know why special priviledges are given to bumis. If you are a bumi, would you like your rights to be taken away?
    2.The bumis have to wake up and realise the opportunities given to them.
    3.The Wawasan 2020 is achiveable if the bumis are more hardworking and the non bumis are not so greedy. Both could also do away with paying and receiving. Complacency leads to receiving and greed leads to paying---one Malaysia!

    YOu need to read more, discuss often and see things from a different perspective and get your facts right. then your blog would have some value. If you write based on sentiments, then that's what you get and what you become.

    1. Rights are not synonymous with privileges and check whether the right bumis are really in receipt of the beenfits and whether your privileges have expired or intentionally prolonged based on what's not jotted very clealy down in the history book.

      It's never too greedy to work hard for yourself and your country. Should learn the spirit from Singapore fella. Justifying the privileges are what the majority does and look where that 'fair' mentality bring us-a freaking third world country soon-to-be if not for the resources tanking the uncontributory majority. Stop contradicting yourself, it's never about others being too 'greedy' to work hard when it's the lazy ones forcing that out of us. Still don't get my point? Check a dictionary for privileges, rights and greedy then.

  5. To the person who posted above me,

    Malaysia is the ONLY country in the world to practice reverse affirmative action.
    So add that to our current brain drain situation and you will understand why Wawasan 2020 is beyond our reach,if things don't change drastically.

    Seems to me like YOU need to buck up on your current affairs and YOU need to realize the fact that everyone is free to give their own opinions.

    If you think that only your mindset is acceptable,then I'm sorry to say that your opinion here is completely irrelevant.


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