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Friday, March 31, 2006

Failed to get JPA Scholarship - First Complaint of the Year

Posted by Chong

I was very excited when I received phone call from a friend of mine saying that he was short-listed for the JPA Scholarship Interview. After congratulating him, I quickly logged on to JPA Scholarship Interview Short-List. I typed in my IC number and clicked the 'hantar' button. To my surprise, I saw the following message.
Maaf. Permohonan [my IC number] tidak berjaya.

Suddenly, I shouted: "Unfair, our government is unfair!"

My mother came out from the kitchen (she was busy washing dinner plates at that moment) and tried to comfort me. After five minutes, I finally accepted the truth, the evil truth.

Yes, I am a straight As student. I got nine 1As and two 2As for my 2005 SPM. I still remember the day SPM result was released. I was quite happy and depressed at the same time when I received my SPM results. I scored 1As in Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Sejarah, Matematik, Matematik Tambahan, Fizik, Kimia, Biologi and English for Science and Technology (EST). I even got 1A for my GCE O level (English 1119). However, I got 2As in my Pendidikan Moral and Bahasa Cina.

The first question I had asked myself was 'Am I a Chinese?'. These two subjects are the SPM subjects taken by most Chinese students. I speak Chinese and think in Chinese. I even took part in Chinese Debate Competition at national level last year. Why can't I get 1As for Bahasa Cina? Pendidikan Moral is just another 'kacang' or simple-to-score subject for most of the students. Later in the evening, I applied JPA Scholarship for the course Computer Science. I knew that I was decreasing my chance if I applied Medic, Pharmacy or Engineering related course.

I never realize that our government is such evil that JPA didn't give me a chance to attend the interview. For sure, I will not blame the government if I failed in the interview. Why can't YOU give me a chance?

I can't sleep tonight although it is 3:23am as I write this post. I want to log the first JPA complaint of the year in this blog. I am sure that this is the first complaint after checking the local medias' websites.

After reading my own post, The Numbers Tell the Truth, I feel that I am too childish to complain anything in this case. Perhaps there are many more As candidates out there fail to go to the interview. Perhaps many straight 1As students target Computer Science. Perhaps I will do better in my STPM... I start to feel asleep now.

For those succeed to win the Scholarships in the end, make sure you really appreciate it and feel thankful to our government. Malaysia Boleh!

Update: I rechecked on 3rd April 2006 and found out that I was short-listed to attend the JPA Scholarship Interview.
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  1. Trust me, it is better off without a bond from the gomen. Follow the STPM route and get yourself a good place and good results in IPTA. After gaining First Class Honours, you are free like a bird because there are loads of scholarship worldwide to do your postgraduate studies if you're really up for it. Believe me, I just did the way and am very thankful that I am getting my Ph.D. soon without and a passport to work anywhere in the world with good $$$; all without being bonded with the gomen.

  2. Thank you, I choose to trust you and this is the only way and the better way.

    I promise to myself that I will study extremely smart and hard for my STPM.

    It's 4:36 AM and I still haven't sleep yet...

  3. i dun understand sumthing....u got da interview or not........jz wanted 2 say that dun think da gov r racist......though da police n jpj r jerks but da gov r trying 2 help us da best they can....plus,alot of last year spm students got straight a's....wanna noe why i said da gov is not racist....im a malay(mix chinese act)...got 10a1's...even got a1 4 gce o level....but i didn't get da jpa interview...mybe bcz badluck...haha....luckily,got called 4 petronas interview......

    Explicit language in this comment has been deleted by Cupid

  4. At first, I failed to be short-listed for JPA Scholarship Interview.

    However, I was short-listed for JPA Scholarship Interview when I rechecked my name on 3rd April.

    Actually, JPA announced the name list in 2 part. 1st part on 31 March and 2nd part on 1 April. So, my name was in the 2nd part of the name list.

    Good luck to you in your Petronas Interview!

  5. at least u got short-listed for the interview. As for me, it's disheartened to think that i can't apply for the scholarship or should i said ineligible to apply for a scholrship to do my PhD overseas since i did not fit into the criteria

  6. Is it possible to apply for the JPA scholarship without referring back to the forecast results or the trials results cos I did badly in both?...

  7. Yes, it is possible because only your actual SPM exam results will be used in the application, not trial exam result.

  8. I am quite shock with your situation...how could the government did something lke that? are you sure that you have the form submitted? i have a friend who is probably as good as you are. she scored 11As (10A1s, 1A2), was very active at co-curriculum, having several precidency posts and also champion of many national level competition. Just look at her record, very good right? but she faced the same problem with you, that is, when she checked her application of the interview, she got the same reply as well...but her most likely problem was "forgot to submit"...may be this is your problem also...
    STPM is hard but frankly speaking, i like it more than a-level and SAM... This is my personal experience, i have had studied these 3 courses at the same time, STPM is quite good and world-class standard in fact! good luck my friend.

  9. well..... im currently in kolej matrikulasi labuan for 2008/2009 batch....does anyonve have any advice for me in getting JPA or Petronas scholarship????.... u can also email me at [email protected]

  10. STPM is rubbish. Ask from friends '95 SPM. JPA is evil.

  11. there are not just JPA scolarship in this whole...still got so many other types of scholarship offering by other colleges....no use sitting there and complain...it won't solve the problem..some how u will still further your studies..

  12. im a bumi student and i got 8As. i didnt even get shortlisted.

  13. terrible english these straight A students was all i could say when i browse thru comments


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