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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Post-STPM guidelines.

Posted by Reign226

Haha, I feel a certain sense of the blind leading the deaf by doing this article, but I guess something's better than nothing. I can't really find any other blogs out there that talk about post-STPM activities extensively, so all the more reason to visit this blog more often ^^.

Okay, let's start by pouring cold water on everybody's faces: you might not get the course you want. There are people out there who blindly put in their STPM choices, sometimes even putting in Biomedical Sciences when they didn't do well in their STPM. Therefore, I hope that everybody will visit Ji Fen and get the respective university's guidelines for the academic year 2005/2006.

Let me elaborate on the methodology of Ji Fen. After much thought, I have finally arrived at the methods they use to compile the reports. Every year, they will interview students who have successfully entered university and gather two bits of important information: Which faculty they are in, and what grades did they get.

So for example, they will visit UM's Law Faculty and interview ALL the law students there and then compile out a list that gives the maximum CGPA of the law students enrolled there, the minimum CGPA and the average CGPA. Thus the reports for 2005/2006 is actually for last year's STPM candidates who has already enrolled into the local public university.

So far, the report stretches back two years, and if you consult both year's reports, it gives you a fairly firm picture of the CGPAs of people who have successfully entered university. So for example, if you got 3.00, please don't apply for UM Engineering because all engineering courses in UM never had students who scored less than 3.40 (with the exception of Materials Engineering).

The only real question is how the grades might fluctuate year to year. So there is still an element of surprise, but Jifen is still in my opinion an invaluable tool to gauge your chances of getting in.

Anyway, now that you have sent in your BPKP form, it's now time to contemplate the possibility that you might not get selected for a course. Every year it happens. Sometimes you can have really high grades and yet not be offered the course you want. Think of it as the Malaysianberg Uncertainty Principle. It's a fun thing that keeps all STPM candidates on their feet in anticipation.

My advice would be, if you can afford it, to just choose and enroll in a private institution first, like MMU, UTAR, UNITEN, etc. Your classes start somewhere in May/June but the BPKP results will be out only on the end of June. I'm not sure if there will be a second intake after the end of June, but this is one way of doing things.

For those applying for courses that has an interview (yours truly included), be on your toes during mid April when they announce the list of people who qualify for the interview.

Anyway, there will be a three month wait for all of us. So kick back, relax, enjoy. Because you really can't do anything else right now. ^^
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  1. do anyone know how good is mechanical engineering course that offered by politeknik msia?im currently studying form six in my school (smb st thomas) and taking physic.i can say that im quite weak in physics but i like to do calculations.after doing some research on this field of job i found out that mechanical engineering has the most future job meaning that percentage of not getting hired is the lowest among the engineering courses.but form six is not an easy thing.even my skul friends most of them went to college or politeknik.so im wondering here does politeknik really recognized by the goverment?i mean do the private company hire the graduations from politeknik?thats my point.cause i got offered for that course in politeknik..

  2. Hi,I just finished my SPM today and I started thinking about my STPM....can someone help me to guide for my STPM....I wanna take science stream for my SPM...

  3. i'm currently waiting for my stpm results.is it true that we can start applying for our courses even though we do not know our results yet?

  4. I am currently doing my stpm and am supposed to do an in-depth reserach about any topic and i am currently havinng problem on finding the right topic for my research.Any suggestions?


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