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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I, Chong

Posted by Chong

I am a boy, an 18-year-old boy this year. My name is Chong and I live in Malaysia and just got my 2005 SPM results on March 13. I scored straight A (nine 1As and two 2As) in my SPM and 1A in my GCE O Level (English 1119). However, I want to make it clear that I am very weak in English, so please kindly report any grammatical or spelling error(s) if you find out one. I am Being a Chinese, I speak Cantonese at home and Mandarin with my friends.

As a lower sixth former this year, I'm interested in education in Malaysia especially on academics. Being a computer scientist is my ambition and getting into Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is my biggest challenge now. I blog regularly on Malaysia Students - a team blog on Malaysian major examinations including SPM and STPM. I love anonymity though you might call me "penembak curi" but I realize the dangers of revealing my true identity in the online world including the blogosphere. Malaysia is not as open as you might have thought, at least not now.

I started blogging since year 2005 but stopped in April last year because I had to focus on my SPM examinations. I was a beginner blogger until I really learned blogging in December last year. I read others’ blogs and started my own. I did a search using Google to find a blog created for Malaysian students and to my surprise, none of the results is the kind of blog I have expected. So, I start this blog as a community project on March 1 and hope other bloggers and readers can join us.

I want to make it clear that Malaysia Students is a community project and is owned by all of us (the community). Everyone can participate, contribute and support this blog by being a regular reader and/or commenter. Contributors will be added regularly and you can be a contributor too!

Thanks to all contributors, especially Reign226 who is an active poster at Malaysia Students. If you are a reader reading this post, thank you for supporting Malaysia Students, a growing online community blog for Malaysian students.

Update: Corrections on grammatical errors. Special thanks to efecp.

Update: Added a new paragraph (second paragraph) about my ambition to be a computer scientist.
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