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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2005 SPM Results – The Numbers Tell the Truth

Posted by Chong

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination results released on Monday, March 13 and here are the numbers that catch my attention.

Education director-general Datuk Dr Ahamad Sipon said 945 candidates scored 1As for all their subjects – 283 more than in the previous year.
- The Star, 14 March 2006.

Well done to all straight A1 scorers! The number reveals that many candidates get excellent results for their SPM 2005. I am sure that all or at least 99 percent of them apply JPA scholarship.

For those have no idea what JPA is, JPA scholarship is a full scholarship offered by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Malaysia (JPA) for SPM leavers t o continue their studies abroad. Offered by our government, this scholarship is very famous because the successful applicants can further their studies in universities in countries such as USA, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Before you think highly about our government for the great scholarship, I want to show you two other numbers.

4779 candidates scored straight A. (945 scored straight A1 and 3834 scored straight A1+A2)
– Sin Chew Daily, 14 March 2006.

This year, JPA is offering 1290 scholarships for SPM 2005 leavers.

Not good in math? Let me do the math for you. Let say all straight A1 candidates win the scholarships, the remaining scholarships will be 1290945 = 345 scholarships. So, all 3834 straight A1+A2 candidates have to compete against each others to win the remaining 345 scholarships. In other words, only less than 9 percent of them succeed to win the scholarships.

I can assure you that there will be news on excellent candidates failed to get JPA scholarships after the winners of the scholarship have been announced. We (Well, I am one of the straight A1+A2 SPM scorers) can do nothing to change this scenario. The only thing we can do now is to apply JPA scholarship online and forget about it. For those who are not 2005 SPM candidates, just sit back and watch.

Feeling depressed? Make sure you don’t follow M. Valsala Menon’s action of falling three floors from the school building after receiving her SPM results recently. If you are really depressed, open up and talk to your family members or friends. Talk to us here at Malaysia Students if you like.
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  1. Do all students who get straight A1 in SPM and applied for jpa scholarship can get the scholarship.

  2. Hi,I'm a SPM's leaver..I wish to become a pilot 1 day..Does JPA offer the scholarship to students who want to take aviation courses?

  3. Isn't there any students who didn't scored straight As' in SPM but manage to get the scholarship??

  4. Hi,I'm a SPM's leaver..I wish to become a pilot 1 day..Does JPA offer the scholarship to students who want to take aviation courses?

    AFAIK, No. Only MARA offers. Otherwise you either need to be selected as cadet pilots in either MAS or AXM; or pay your own flight training fee (RM240~290).

  5. I dont think all apply for JPA
    exspecially student from SEKOLAH MENENGAH AGAMA
    they rather learn abroad like egypt,morroco and others

  6. Yes, do all the straight As students apply and they get the scholarships? I doubt.

    Since there might be 30% or 300+ of the straight A1 students applied for business, but government only offer 100+ scholarships for business. So how?


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