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Friday, March 03, 2006

Invitation – Become a Contributor

Final update: Please read the new version of Invitation - Become a Contributor.

You are invited to become a contributor of Malaysia Students. Since Malaysia Students is growing and more and more students are visiting this blog, we need more contributors to take part in making Malaysia Students the best education blog for Malaysian students.

Requirements – 13-year-old and above, English writing skill, basic blogging skill, online regularly.

13-year-old and above – You must be 13-year-old and above since Malaysia Students is a blog mainly about PMR, SPM and STPM.

English Writing Skill – This blog’s main language is English. You must be able to write post as you read in Malaysia Students to become a contributor. We will not allow our reader to read a post full of spelling and grammatical errors.

Basic Blogging Skill – All you have to learn is how to publish a post using Blogger. It will be an easy task if you have some blogging experience.

Online Regularly – Yes, you are required to post regularly. So, you have to be online at least once a week.

If you meet all these requirements and are ready to join other contributors to make Malaysia Students the best education blog, please leave your details by commenting on this post sending an application email to c.u.p.i.d.9[at]gmail[dot]com - replace [at] with @ and [dot] with . Tell us your real name, nickname, sex, age, date of birth, location and email address. Keep in mind that we will not reveal your details especially your email address in this post. We will contact you by email within a week if you are approved to be a contributor!
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  1. If I were you, I'd check up on your grammar as well.

    "This blog’s main language is English" ==
    "This blog's main language is in English"

    "So, you have to online at least once a week." =
    "So, you have to be online at least once a week."

    You should similarly disclose who will get the profits from the Google Adsense. Or where will the profits go to?

    1. I really don't think your first correction is valid.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I do admit publicly on the blog that I'm very weak in my English, both speaking and written. I've taken steps to improve my English. Thanks for correcting me, I'm happy to learn that 'online' can be an adjective or adverb but not a verb.

    I'm the sole person to get the profits from Google AdSense ads placed on this blog. Other contributors receive no money for posting infomative posts on this blog. They blog regularly with the sole purpose of providing helpful information to Malaysian students.

    Malaysia Students isn't and won't be a non-profit blog. Though I had no intention to monetize this blog with advertisements during its first few months, I tried Google AdSense afterwards.

    Of course, I did ask the contributors' views on it before placing them. However, all new contributor should agree with the placement of advertisement and have no problem with the fact that I'm the sole receiver of all the earnings.

    Believe it or not, earnings from the advertisements on this blog is little compared to other types of blogs on different topics with a wider readership. I suggest you to monetize your blog with Google AdSense and see how much or little could you get from it.

    "Where will the profits go to?"
    My bank account.

  3. Do i get paid to publish articles ! If the answer is yes, my question is how? You should provide a more detailed explanation.


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