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Friday, March 17, 2006

STPM Results Announcement

Posted by Reign226

Well, the STPM results have been announced officially yesterday. I didn't as well as I had hoped (guess I shoot pretty high, haha) but nonetheless, now students everywhere will be faced with an important decision in life: which university do I apply to?

The number of people who obtained more than 3 principals is quite high, about 30,000 students if not mistaken. This also means that more than half would have failed at least one subject, which is a pretty shocking rate of attrition but a relatively normal thing for STPM. For the 30,000-odd of us who passes through this hurdle in our journey towards a local public university, another hurdle remain in the form of the anachronistic BPKP/UPU system. By the end of the day, there will be at least another round of attrition and letters crying foul over the selection system come July, as it does every year.

Negative sentiments aside, I'm going to wait for the Ji Fen report for this year before finally committing to my 8 choices. The report should be out in a few days time.

I'm not going to elaborate on how this report came about, other than it represents a pretty accurate, if perhaps horrifying, insight into the true nature of the toughness of the courses at certain universities. At UM and USM, most of the applicants for the field of engineering average with a CGPA above 3.3.

My advice to you would be to be realistic in your choices. If you didn't get a good score, save yourself the trouble of applying for the top universities. There is a practical side to this advice in that if you choose a course in which you are qualified for as a 4th choice, then the person who put it as their 1st will get it first, and you might not be offered a place when they finally reach the 4th round of processing and all the people who put that course as their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices get their places and the course is full, thus denying you the place you otherwise would've gotten.
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