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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Blog Day! and Some Announcements

Posted by Chong

Malaysia Students Blog Two-year-old

Actually the date that Malaysia Students blog was first created was March 1, 2006. Anyway, we celebrate our blog day only when we are in the right mood. :P Last year, we bought this blog its own domain name (www.Malaysia-Students.com) as its blog day present. How do we celebrate it this year? We officially launch our forum today, although it was created months ago. You will start noticing more cross-promotion and linking between the blog posts and forum posts.

Student Malaysia Forums Officially Launched

We created this forum as there are more and more irrelevant comments posted on the comment section of our blog posts. Also, we’re unable to answer all the questions promptly. So we thought “why not create a forum where members can help answering questions and guide each others?” Blog is led by bloggers and the topics posted are usually limited compared to forum, which is often led by its members by initiating a topic of discussion. Hope you enjoy yourselves and make new friends at our forum!
Online Community of Malaysian Students
Student Malaysia Forums – Online Community of Malaysian Students
Some of the active discussions:

Introducing Malaysia Scholarship Information Centre

Besides a new forum, we created a new blog specifically on latest undergraduate scholarships available. Do check out what scholarships are available for SPM- and STPM-leavers on Malaysia Scholarship Information Centre. Fill your email address in this form to subscribe for free if you don’t want to miss any scholarship updates.

We’re Hiring – Get Paid to Write for MS Blog

Yes, you hear it right. We are paying for blog posts. You write, you email us and you get paid! It’s that simple. Since most of the blog contributors live a hectic undergraduate life, they are unable to post as much informative and insightful posts as they used to. So, now we’ve decided to hire you, our dearest readers, to write for this blog. If you’re interested, please send an email to student at Malaysia-Students.com with the subject “Writing for Malaysia Students”.

Y! Point Hotspot

Y! Point hotspotMalaysia Students Blog is now a Y! Point hotspot. For your information, Y! Point is one of the projects by YouthMalaysia.com, which organized the first Malaysia Youth Conference two months ago. Do you notice a small blue banner at the sidebar of our blog? If you answer the simple question correctly, you will get Y! Points which can be used to redeem attractive gifts like T-shirt, sun glasses, skateboard etc. Read here for instruction on how to participate and redeem gifts.

Thanks for reading Malaysia Students Blog ;-)
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