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Monday, April 25, 2016

3 Things You Need to Start Doing Now If You Want to Become a Doctor

Guest post by Tang Ser Zhun from Ipoh (Share your useful tips with 50,000+ Malaysian students)

I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that doctors are facing adversity in these recent years, partly because of the advent of mushrooming of doctors in Malaysia and partly because many graduated medical students are known as sub-standard ( quality of the medical students does not reach the standard set by government ) when they are undergoing their houseman training. This petrifies many students as well as parents as they want their children to become a doctor in the future. According to a statement adduced by World Health Organizations (WHO), the ratio between doctors and population in Malaysia will reach 1:400 in the next few years, which indeed, causes people to be skeptical as our country might have jobless doctor in the future. In my opinion, doctors are indeed oversupplied but dedicated doctors are in shortage. So, before I proceed to main part of this essay, let me give you some pieces of advice; you need to ponder over whether doctor really is your passion or not. Ask yourself why do you want to become a doctor? Proof yourself with some evidence or example of it. It is imprudent to think that the purports of being a doctor are “Doctors can earn more money” and “My parents told me to”. You are the one who is going to be a doctor, not your parents. So you are the one who are going to make the choice. If you are still uncertain of your choice, you can refer it at http://pagalavan.com. It gives you all the information you need. If you had recognized your interest, which is to be a doctor, there are three things that you must prioritize throughout your medical studies (even if you had become a doctor).

How to become doctor in Malaysia

1. Improve your English (especially in communication skills)

This is very vital for all the doctors as it helps you to express your thoughts to the patients or their parents, siblings etc. For doctors, I need to emphasize on communication skills. As you can see the newspapers in these recent years, many students graduated from medical school can’t even speak English properly. In the long run, they will be in dire straits if they do not improve their English. Let me ask you; what is the most important thing patients need from the doctors? The answer is trust. The doctors gain cooperation form the patients by making the patients trust them, which is basically, communicating with them. I concur doctor’s job is to save lives, but to say in a more precise way, is to give them warmest hopes when they are in the darkest circumstances. So, if you want to become an eminent doctor, you should start improving your English now and there are thousands of ways to do so.

2. Gain Knowledge

If you want to become a resourceful doctor, you should start gaining knowledge, especially in medical field. This is because once you become a doctor; you are not allowed to refer to the website or your books when you are dealing with the patients. I heard some of the senior doctors said that many doctors nowadays still referring to their books or websites in order to find the prescription in front of the patients. I am not saying that once you become a doctor you can stop gaining knowledge, what I am trying to say is not to refer to any books when you are dealing with the patients. So, before graduating from medical school, gain as much knowledge as you can. It will come in handy in the future. For instance, you can start gaining knowledge by reading the first aid manual book. It guides you how to deal with minor incident such as stroke, seizures and so on.

3. Acquire Personality Traits

This is the most difficult thing to do comparing to the two above. This is because it can eventually change your lifestyle, your habits and so on; nevertheless it is worth to do it. You need to start thinking, what you are doing now is it related to your career in the future? If your answer is yes, then keep going; if your answer is a no, then you should really start ‘invest’ something for your future career. If you are now being a couch potato or idling at home, you are wasting your precious time. People who are successful start putting their effort on things that are related to their future career. That is what passion is all about. So, if you are an introvert person, you can start overcoming your social anxiety by actually coping with your fear. If you find yourself nothing to do, try searching some news or discoveries in medical fields for you to read through, so that you can acknowledge what is happening now and you can express your opinions about it. Acquiring personality traits of good character of a doctor is very important for medical students. If you are unwilling to change now, you will never change yourself in the future as you keep giving pretext not to change yourself into a better person. As the saying goes, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. You never try, you will never know. =)

Maybe my advices above seem negligible to you, but whether you accept it or not, it’s your choice. Your ambition should not be a doctor, but the crème de la crème of the doctors in the world. I hope that you choose to become a doctor is not for the sake of money, but for the sake of humanity. Throughout your journey to become a doctor, you might experience setbacks, you might experience stressful work, you might experience long working hours, you might also become very depressed, you might…… There are a vast amount of reasons why people do not choose to become a doctor. However, you need to ask yourself, what REALLY makes you choose to become a doctor instead of thousands of other careers? What are your beliefs? Why medicine?
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  1. Really helpful and this making me goosebump, also start to ponder on the reasons why i choose this career as my dream. :)

    1. Wow nice too.im also to be want a neurology nerve doctor


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