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Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Minute SPM 2019 Tips: Bahasa Melayu (BM)

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Teknik Menjawab Kertas 1 (BM) SPM

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SPM 2015 Tips: Bahasa Melayu (BM)

SPM Bahasa Malaysia is a rather difficult subject to score an A+. In fact, less than 10 students from my school managed to secure an A+ for this subject every year. As Bahasa Malaysia is our national language, the minimum marks to secure an A+ is rather high (usually 85 to 90), depending on the baseline every year.

A. General guidelines
  • To do well in this subject, you will have to constantly improve your language skills. Try reading articles from Malay newspaper and magazines ( I recommend Dewan Siswa by DBP).
  • I recommend you to attend tuition if possible because most tuition teachers will provide extra tips and notes which will come in handy during your exams.
  • Before your exam, you are advised to focus more on karangan and KOMSAS.
B. Tips for karangan
  • You should try reading sample essays whenever you are free. This will help you to have more ideas when writing your karangan.
  • Memorize some "ungkapan indah" and "peribahasa". They will be useful when you are writing the introduction of your essays
  • If your entire essay has no ungkapan indahs at all, your essay might be 1 grade lower than the original grade.
  • Use a variety of sentence structure. This helps to make your essay more interesting.
  • Avoid grammatical errors.
C. Tips for rumusan
  • Rumusan is my favourite part of the entire BM paper because it's the EASIEST to SCORE. If you are well prepared, you might be able to score full marks in this section!
  • In this section you will be asked to summarize on 2 topics. One of them is isi tersurat while the other is isi tersirat.Underline the relevant Isi tersurat in the passage. You should answer in 4 paragraphs, each containing Pendahuluan, Isi Tersurat, Isi Tersirat and Penutup.
  • Count the total number of words and make sure that your answer is not longer than 120 words, otherwise the remaining part of your answer will not be marked, and marks may be deducted. State the exact number of words below your essay.
  • Nama khas, penanda wacana, peribahasa and kata ganda are counted as one word only. If your answer is longer than 120 words, try cancelling off the unnecessary words in your answer and replacing longer phrase with shorter phrase of the same meaning. If it still exceeds 120 words, cancel off some of the extra Isi Tersurat or Isi Tersirat you wrote.
  • For all parts of Rumusan, you must answer in continuous writing form and not point form, otherwise marks can be deducted. You should also write the answer in complete sentences. Make sure that the grammar is correct.
D. Tips for Pemahaman Petikan Umum
  • When answering question on meaning of phrases, replace every word in the phrase with another word that has the same meaning if possible. If that is not possible, you should explain the phrase in your own sentence.
  • When answering questions based on the passage given, you must look for the answers from the passage/extract. You need not use your own words and you can copy directly, but sometimes you may have to make some changes to suit your answer
  • When answering questions on your own opinion (KBKK), you should give your own ideas and do not look for the answers from the passage/extract given.Ideas given must be logical and relevant.
E. Tips for Pemahaman KOMSAS
  • Answers must be in complete sentences and not point form.
  • Make sure there is no grammatical error
  • Make sure that the grammar is correct. If the question does not state the number of answers you need to write, then the number of answers needed depends on the marks allocated. Basically, one answer gives one mark,
  • You are advised to give extra answers
  • Marks will only be given for correct answers. No mark will be deducted for wrong answers.
F. Tips for tatabahasa section
  • There are 5 parts in this section. When answering, you are advised to read the questions carefully.
  • For the first part, you are required to construct a sentence based on the word given. The sentence constructed must be able to show that you really understand the meaning of that word given.
  • For the third and forth part, you will need to identify errors in the sentence given and correct those errors. To score well in this section, you will have to do a lot of practices.
  •     For the fifth section, you will be tested on peribahasa. If the question asks you to explain the meaning of Peribahasa, your answer should be clear and detailed. If the question asks you to make a sentence using Peribahasa, your sentence must be able to show that you really understand the meaning of the Peribahasa. The sentence do not have to be very long. If the question asks you to fill in the blanks using Peribahasa or state a Peribahasa based on the situation, give the most suitable Peribahasa according to the question.
  • You are advised to read through all the peribahasa that are listed in your Form 1 to Form 5 textbook
  • For this section, you cannot give extra answers. If you do so, marks will be deducted if any of your extra answers is wrong.
G: Tips for novel
  • Answers should be in continuous form and not point form
  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Read your novel in the beginning of the year and not weeks before SPM
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  1. Hi how many karangan is done in school by teacher for SPM preparation? Is it weekly or fortnightly? Is there a guideline given by MOE for the lesson plan. My son is studying in a private school and I feel not many practices given for karangan. Tq

    1. ayy lmao fortnite...
      im gonna fail spm


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