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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Biasiswa Yayasan Bank Rakyat Scholarship

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Permohonan Biasiswa Yayasan Bank Rakyat Scholarship

Tarikh Tutup

28 Mac 2019

Permohonan Biasiswa Yayasan Bank Rakyat Scholarship

Yayasan Bank Rakyat has released a premium education scholarship scheme for Bachelor's degree students currently in their first semester. Priority is given to the following fields of study: Banking & Business. The sponsorship includes tuition fees and subsistence. Online application only.

Syarat Kelayakan Permohonan

  1. Terbuka kepada Warganegara Malaysia sahaja.
  2. Minimum 8A bagi lepasan SPM dan minimum CGPA 3.50 bagi lepasan matrikulasi / asasi / diploma.
  3. Berumur 18 tahun ke atas dan tamat pengajian sebelum berumur 30 tahun.
  4. Peringkat pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda.
  5. Mod pengajian adalah sepenuh masa.
  6. Terbuka kepada pelajar semester satu sahaja.
  7. Tempoh pengajian maksimum adalah 4 tahun.
  8. Bidang pengajian adalah diutamakan kepada bidang Perbankan dan Perniagaan.
  9. Jumlah tajaan merangkumi yuran pengajian dan sara diri.

Scholarship Application Criteria

Applicant must meet all the below requirements
  • Open to Malaysian citizens only.
  • Minimum 8A for SPM or minimum CGPA 3.50 for Matriculation/Foundation/Diploma.
  • 18 years or above, and graduate from the programme before the age of 30 years.
  • Open to Bachelor's degree students only.
  • The mode of study is full time.
  • Open to first semester students only.
  • The maximum duration of study is 4 years.
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