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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Making College Life Worthwhile As a Foreign Student

Making College Life Worthwhile As a Foreign Student

Guest post by Linda Ken (Share your tips with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

With the passage of time, students’ preference for pursuing higher education abroad is increasing due to various factors. The most dominating factors are that studying abroad gives you an opportunity to survive alone which is a fruitful experience and that students are more concerned about the worth of the degree. Colleges create their brand name due to which students are attracted towards them from various parts of the world. However, the experience is not always a good one for some students because you, as a student, have to play your part in making college life worthwhile.
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A lot of students focus too much on academics and in an attempt to maintain a very high CGPA, they do not utilize their time in anything else when they go abroad. Foreign colleges are meant to teach you some skills that you may not have otherwise learnt in your hometown college. You must take advantage of the experiences to become a better person as you graduate and step into the real world. As a foreign student, you must seize this opportunity and there are several ways through which you can make your college life worthwhile.

A worthwhile college life remains memorable for the rest of your life and hence following are some of the many good ways in which you can make your college life worthwhile:

1) Explore the city

The best part about going abroad for higher education is that you get an opportunity to explore the new city, its environment, culture and people. A very important activity that you should do as soon as you reach the new city is to explore the new places that are well known for their architectural beauty or historical significance. The reason why you should do this as soon as your college journey begins is because the workload gets immensely unmanageable after a couple of weeks at college. Hence, students should explore as many places as possible when they are free from assignments and quizzes.

2) Make friends from different backgrounds

The best part about a foreign college is that the student body is extremely diverse and you get a chance to interact with people from different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds. One way of making your college life worthwhile is by not feeling nervous and be friends with such students who do not share the same background as yours. This will eventually help you explore a number of other cultures and food apart from just the one being practiced in that region.

3) Cooking experiments with friends

Hostel life is an opportunity to learn numerous skills that can help you make your life easier. One of the most useful skills that you will learn is cooking but do not cook considering it as a responsibility or duty. You should always cook a variety of new dishes with your friends because experimenting with ingredients is always fun. You get to enjoy the experience and finally learn a number of new dishes that can be cooked.

4) Utilize your skills

If you are a dancer, show your skills to the relevant student-run society. If you can sing, show it to the music society. If you can act, get in touch with the dramatics society. There are a lot of student-run societies in colleges whose main purpose is to provide a platform to students where they can not only showcase their skills but also learn a variety of other skills including event management, logistics and communication. Do not let your skills go in vain and you must utilize them well to make your college life worthwhile.

5) Go for trips with college students

Societies usually organize trips once every two weeks or so to nearby places that are popular for their beauty or historical significance. These trips do not cost too much and is a great opportunity for students to explore new places. The traveling experience is always an excellent one and your mind gets refreshed after traveling. The experiences of exploring new lifestyles, scenic beauty, cultures and making new friends during the trip all makes the college life worthwhile for students.

6) Participate in events

Being a part of the host team of an event is always a very good experience because you not only get a chance to learn new skills through a different experience but also get an opportunity to meet new people. The more people you meet, the better your social circle becomes and as a result, the more worthwhile your college experience will be. Try to be a part of the biggest events that takes place at your college because experience with such events is usually very good.

Through these ways, you can make your college life worthwhile if you went abroad for higher education.

Linda Ken is a finance graduate and currently preparing for the postgraduate admission & helping other students at Assignment Help Online. She is highly interested in portfolio management and aims to get hired by a top-notch Finance firm.
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