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Sunday, May 07, 2017

5 Ways in Which Malaysia Education System Could Improve

Five Ways In Which Malaysia Education System Could Improve

Guest post by Gloria Bailey (Share your thoughts with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Are you a citizen of Malaysia and want to get rid of the constant changes in the Malaysian education system? If yes, then you don’t need to worry about the ways to fulfill this goal. We have a compiled a list of some tips that will help you improve the Malaysian education system. See how:
Ways to Improve Malaysia Education System

Be consistent

One of the ways through which Malaysian education system can be improved is by being consistent. You must have read about the changes that occur in our teaching syllabus within a short span of time. These frequent changes have a detrimental effect on the academic studies of students. Students get confused as they don't know what to do and how to do. They get perplexed about the fact that they have to constantly pick up something new. When they get adjusted to the old syllabus, it is difficult for them to cope, if it gets changed. Not only students, but teachers and parents also find it difficult to educate their children when the syllabus keeps changing forever. Hence consistency is what Malaysian education system has to adopt.

Teach practical subjects

One of the other ways through which Malaysian education system can be improved is through the teaching of practical subjects. In Malaysian, the education system is academic-centric. It causes a gigantic problem for those who want to apply for international universities and plan to study overseas. They feel incompetent and incompatible as compared to all the other students across the world. Malaysian universities focus on teaching subjects like Health Education, Citizenship, Civics, and Moral Education. These subjects don't come under the realm of practical subjects. These subjects are not considered foremost subjects that can reshape the world. They are considered impractical, monotonous and boring. Therefore, if Malaysia wants its students to compete and beat the students of other countries, it has to take some important measures so that practical subjects are taught there.

Focus on coursework, not exam

One of the other ways through which Malaysian education system can be improved is by focusing on coursework instead of exam. Malaysian education system focuses more on exams than the coursework which leads to a plenty of problems. The people in Malaysia has a mindset that education simply refers to scoring the test papers of students, teaching them what is important for the exams, focusing more on grades, CGPAs, ranks and just dealing with those questions that can solve all the mysteries of a question paper. They don't focus on acquiring knowledge but on the number of A's a particular student gets in his exam. Even intelligence is measured through the parameter of grades instead of analytical skills, abilities or knowledge in Malaysian education universities. They regard those students more who score higher in exams than those who perform well in co-curricular activities and have talent. Malaysian education system focuses on exams more because it thinks that exams help a student evolve in his life and excel in the professional field. It doesn't pay heed to a fact that mature thought process can enhance the creative problem solving skills or knowledge of a student. Therefore, if Malaysian education system aspires to grow, it has to focus on coursework not exams.
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Implement interactive teaching style

One of the other ways through which Malaysian education system can be improved is by the implementation of an interactive teaching style. There are many ways through which a teaching style can be interactive. A teacher can use charts, flow charts, PowerPoint presentations, props, other different objects in the class to make his/her teaching style extremely interactive. Malaysian students are used to spoon-feeding style of learning where teacher is their academic god and they expect him/her to teach them everything about the secrets of the universe without even having to work hard in life.

They are considered pampered passive learners for the same reason as they don't believe in researching facts on their own, debunking myths on their own by gaining a comprehensive knowledge about a particular object. They don't like browsing through the webpages, magazines or books to learn something new as they expect a teacher to enhance their knowledge. Therefore, interactive teaching style is necessary to teach the Malaysian students so that they get hooked to the lecture a teacher is trying to deliver.

Encourage Extra Co-curricular Activities

One of the other ways through which the education system of Malaysia can be improved is by encouraging the students to take part in extra co-curricular activities. Since Malaysian education system gives a lot of emphasis to academics so they undermine the significance of extra co-curricular activities. They deem these activities as boring and waste of time, though contrary is the true. Extra co-curricular activities encourage students to recognize their own talent and ability. These activities make students recognize the value of their talents and interests. They also encourage competencies and values to prepare students for a rapidly changing world.

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