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Monday, June 13, 2016

Why You Can Score Higher Without Having Tuition Classes

Why You Can Score Higher Without Having Tuition Classes

by Eassie (Share your thought-provoking opinions with 50,000+ students in Malaysia!)

Having tuition classes seems like a necessary part of a typical Malaysian student’s life. When I was in high school, I had taken a few tuition classes before I realized I can score higher and be happier without having tuition classes. When I was a Form 5 student, I gave up all my tuition classes and started to tutor myself. (By the way, there is no way my parents can be my home tutors. ) Since that time, I benefit from it. Why? I conclude several reasons:

1. Have more time to rest and relax.

Have more time to rest and relax.
We are people, not machines, and even a machine will be less efficient if it keeps working for too long. If you just have tuition classes for 1 or 2 subjects, then it is fine. Otherwise, it is too much. Normally, we have to cope with about 10 subjects in SPM. Just imagine if a student goes for tuition classes of almost all subjects. Seriously, I have lots of friends who did that, some of them even went to different tuition centers to have tuition classes for the same subject. It takes about 2 hours for a typical tuition class. So, when did they rest? I think they are all IRON MEN. When they were tired, they just can’t focus in the classroom and catch up what the teachers said. Or, they didn’t concentrate in tuition classes. So, you have nothing to lose to rest more. You can study more efficiently after that. Remember, your brain, is just like a worker, will protest and strike if you don’t give it a break.

2. Plan your time based on your style.

Plan your time based on your style.
What I often hear from the other students is ‘I have to go for … tuition today’, but not ‘I want to revise … today’ or ‘I would like to read … later’. The schedule is always fixed and filled with lots of tuition classes. Not interesting, not free, not happy. You can enjoy planning your study time without having tuition classes because you have plenty of time! Just understand what you are good at and what you are not, you can study whatever you want based on your mood and progress. Most of the students are able to study hard, but lazy to think. The style which tuition teachers say and teach may not suit you. Think about what really suit you. Some people need to speak out so they can remember, some have to write down, some can just read and some have to do lots of practices and discussions. How about you? Study in your own way and don’t rely on tuition classes.

3. Keep away from tips, learn truly.

Keep away from tips, learn truly.
Tips from tuition teachers may give you a shortcut, but watch out, there is no real shortcut in learning. You always have to pay the price, sometimes $$$, sometimes it is more than that. You may lose your abilities to learn, to understand and to master. And these are extremely important in your future study and career. Maybe you will say ‘I just refer to the tips but not count on them’. However, trust your laziness, if you get an easier way, you will not choose the harder one. Studying on your own brings the most knowledge. True knowledge will help you get good results in a consistent way. Exam tips are not always accurate and even when they are accurate, they can’t give you what you really need.

4. Be less stressful and more confident.

Be less stressful and more confident.
Tutoring yourself will make you more independent and know about yourself better. This is why you will feel less stressful and more confident on exam days. People will be nervous when they have less knowledge and preparation. Maybe, you will be nervous about whether the tips are accurate, or whether the questions are familiar to you. However, for people who study on their own, they really understand the knowledge they study and know very well what questions they can’t do. I always could predict my score quite accurately as I finished my paper. So, if everything goes as your prediction, there is nothing to be afraid of. If there is nothing to be afraid of, you will perform more excellently and get better results. There is a rule, 20% of your exam result depends on what you study before and 80% depends on how your performance when sitting for the exam.

To study on your own with no tuition classes, there are a few advices you need to remember. First, you must be highly self-disciplined. If you just watch TV and go online instead of going to tuition classes, sorry, you are not suitable to be your own tutor. Second, concentrate in class, especially if you have a good teacher. When you meet academic difficulties, please ask your teachers, friends or search the internet.

Lastly, this is the most important, if you just can’t score in any subject even though you already worked very hard, try to have a tuition class because you may study in a wrong way. However, not just follow what tuition teacher says, but learn how they prepare their notes and give guidance to students. Once you find the right way to learn that subject, then you can try to study on your own. Good luck!

Eassie, 18, have graduated from Jit Sin High School with the result of 8A+’s and 2As in SPM examination. While waiting for the enrolment of Cambridge A-Level course, she took part in this writing contest because she was bored at home. She was very courageous as she still tried to write an ENGLISH essay although her English was average. She believes that there are three things she needs to live a wonderful life: love, laughter, and money.
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