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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Going to College in Malaysia? Here Are the 10 Things You Should Know

Going to College in Malaysia? Here Are the Things You Should Know

Guest post by Raymond Stokes (Share your views with 50,000+ Malaysian students)

When it comes to preparing to study at college in Malaysia, you need to know a number of things. These include: information on top courses offered, the culture of the country, key attractions, job opportunities and even what to eat. When we think about studying in countries like the USA or Australia, we express our desire for the numerous facets of these countries, for instance, the excellent infrastructure, movies and many other trending issues and topics. Here are some of the things you should know if you are considering Malaysia as your study destination.

What to Do and What Not to Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is predominantly an Islamic country, but it is far more liberal and multi-cultural in nature. Just like any country, Malaysia has its own internal rules, likewise it is an idealistic nation with diverse communities, including Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists who carry out different traditional rites with strong enthusiasm. Here are some things you must consider when moving to Malaysia to study.
  1. Pay attention to gender issues
    Though men and women can engage in virtually all social issues in the country, that should not give you the right to get intimate with the opposite sex in the public. Physical contact is forbidden in Islam, therefore, a woman may not reciprocate a handshake.

  2. Bikini is not allowed at beaches in Malaysia
    Malaysia has beautiful sprawling beaches but don’t be tempted to wear a bikini, most tourist destinations don’t allow it, and most women often swim in full clothing.

  3. Touching the head of an individual may trigger a brawl
    Most people believe that the soul lies in the head, in Malaysian culture, and unless you are familiar with an individual, never touch his or her head.

  4. Want more opportunities? Simply wear a conservative clothing
    Exposing a little skin may be acceptable when you reside in larger cities like Kuala Lumpur, but you will have to dress moderately when visiting places like mosque and the temple. Make sure your dresses cover your legs and arms.

  5. Malaysia is not lenient with alcohol
    No alcohol in Malaysia
    Malaysian conservative Muslims do not like drunkards, however, you can find alcohol in many cities as well as tourist destinations, but moderate drinking should be your watchword.

  6. Hide your alternate sexuality in Malaysia
    Conforming to the natural norm of sexuality is very important, but if you belong to the LGBT community, you must not flaunt it in Malaysia, if you do, you may bring misery upon yourself.

  7. Malaysia is a country you can get inspired to be adventurous
    If you want to add some pleasure to your studying experience in Malaysia, then you should be prepared to visit numerous stunning places in different cities around the country. There are both school holidays and public holidays in Malaysia that can be a perfect time to travel.  You can learn about the imperial pasts through the colonial architectures, as well as the rolling tea plantations in places like Darjeeling and Assam. Malaysia’s stunning beaches will always give you the feeling of the freshness of the country, and you can learn more history from the remote tribes of the country. Visit the wild jungles of Borneo to see the wild orangutans. Malaysia is a culturally diverse country comprising of 50% Malay, 24% Chinese, and 7% Indians.

  8. Getting accommodation
    Getting Accommodation in Malaysia
    You need to plan your accommodation when moving to Malaysia to study, the on- and off-campus accommodation are the main options you have. As an international student, the on-campus residence may be the most suitable for you, as it has modern facilities, including telephone ports and the Internet. The issue with on-campus arrangement can be limited, therefore you may switch to off-campus variant at one time during your study. Other facilities at on-campus accommodation include tennis courts, cafeterias, multi-purpose hall.

    You don’t have to panic if you can’t find on-campus accommodation as there are a number of off-campus variants advertised regularly. When looking for an off-campus accommodation, you must pay attention to the price, facilities offered and distance from your college or university campus.

  9. Work opportunities in Malaysia
    Part-time jobs are becoming more popular among international students. Though, tuition and costs of living are modest in Malaysia, they are higher than in India, for example. You can work for about 20 hours a week as a student during festive holidays, semester breaks, and holidays that extend beyond 7 days. Some of the best places to work part-time as a student include hotels, petrol stations, mini-markets and kiosks, but international students are banned from working as singers, cashiers, and masseurs. Learn more about work opportunities here.

  10. Food habits
    Malaysia Variety of Food Hawker
    Sudden change in food habits may be a source of concern for most students studying in Malaysia. If you are from India, it is very easy to find Indian delicacies in Malaysia, likewise there are lots of Chinese and Thai cuisines.

Malaysia is an amazing study destination. You'll get great experience and unforgettable impressions if you are familiar with lifestyle features and traditions in this fascinating country!

Raymond Stokes is a digital marketer who worked in Malaysia in 2013 as a Head of Digital Marketing Department. Also he is a happy husband and a passionate music lover. A lot of time Raymond spends creating articles for his blog.
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