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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

STPM and SPM-leavers: Your Questions Answered

Posted by Chong (Last updated: 6 March 2010)

Since STPM 2009 results released last Thursday, some of popular education forums and websites are currently down due to high server load. So, Malaysia Students Blog will be answering all your questions regarding tertiary education (what to do after SPM and STPM). We believe SPM 2009 results will be released in next week.

Director general of education announced that SPM 2009 result will be released on 11 March 2010 (Thursday).
A total of 165,853 sat for the SPM written examination at 3,569 centres in the country between Nov 18 and Dec 16 last year while 6,920 candidates took the STAM examination at 98 centres between Oct 19 and 27, the statement said. - Bernama

Post your questions on this post and we will try to answer them on a daily basis. Do check back often. If you're undergraduates or are knowledgeable in post SPM and STPM, please help us to help our fellow juniors. Do post your answer to the question if you're able to answer any of the questions posted. We appreciate your help. Very much ;-)

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Ask us any questions regarding tertiary education, from application of colleges, universities, scholarships to specific courses!

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  1. How to apply for NUS in Singapore?
    What is ADMIN pin and how can I get it?

  2. i sat for stpm in 2008...and obviously got my result in 2009...i just wanna share my experience with stpm leavers. here goes nothing...

    my result isn't excellent (by this i mean i didn't get 4 flat)...though i did get 4A's...i was an art stream student when i did my 6th form...i almost quit 6th form coz i thought this is lame whatsoever (but luckily i didn't!)

    for those who get at least 3A's 1B...do apply for scholarship! (bank negara specifically)...it will get you to places...like me NOW! hehehe...i applied for bank negara scholarship (and thank God i got it!) and i even get to choose which ever university that i want...but i choose to further my studies in australia =)...my life could have never been better...so to others out there who always think that by sitting for stpm it won't get u anywhere unlike A Level or SAM or AUSMAT...think again coz...hey, im in sydney! n im a proud bank negara scholar =)...sooo good luck in your studies x x x

    add me on skype if you have any queries =) i'll be glad to help =)

  3. First of all, many thanks to Chong for this extremely needed post. I'm currently waiting anxiously for my SPM results (no use to be nervous since the results are most likely printed on the slips already). =)

    I guess I'll have more questions when I have my results! :D

    Chia Yi, Pahang, Bentong

  4. hi...i just want to ask DARK PRINCE...i'm stpm 2009 leaver and i recently got my stpm result...we arr same actually because i'm art stream and have 4A's but not 4 flat... i plan to further my study in Australia....can you or anyone here suggest few scholarship that i can apply??

  5. For nus entrance,for spm holders you need to do either A level/STPM. IF u are rich enough,you may also do ausmat or other foundation prog. Then just apply online through NUS online. But requirement quite high as NUS was the top 30 university in the world. Unlucky candidates may also apply for polytecnics in Singapore such as Nanyang Poli or Ngee Ann Poly.Both of this poly was very good and do offer wide variety of courses.

  6. i wan to appeal my biology(STPM),will my grade fall? or at least maintain?

  7. Reply: If you appeal for your result to be rechecked, there is always a possibility that your result for that particular subject to remain the same, improve or degrade.

  8. Hello.
    Sorry for posting this here, but the Student's forum section cannot be accessed.
    I want to request for a post regarding the East Asian Studies course - I can't seem to find it anywhere here. Please include the career options, if possible. I'm interested in this course, and because the SPM result will be out in 2 days, I hope the administrator can reply to my request soon so I can decide the pros and cons of taking this course.

    Also, good luck to everyone - 11.02.2010. :)

  9. Hello=)
    Thanks for this useful and up-to-date post...
    I took SPM last year(and results is out tomorrow...can't wait..anyone to share nervousness with here?=))and am interested in studying law. I'm not sure if I'm pursuing it as a career or study pre-u to see if that's what I want to do and then go into consultancy, HR etc...which are (i think)related.Anyway, is it better if I took law in a levels or go straight to foundation? Form 6 is also good, but i kind of want to study the subject of law specifically, that f6 doesn't offer, and see if this is what i like. If yes than i continue degree, and if not i venture into related fields with law pre-u.
    I'm from middle class family, and not planning to study overseas at least for now, but I'm not sure about local u also...
    Anyone can enlighten me with valuable insight?
    Thanks a million=)=)=)

  10. celine: 1 was spm leavers, almost 14years ago. this is my opinion 4 u 2 think about, 4 me d beginning of d course taken in d university is d stepping of urself 4 ur future career... if u are interested 2 study law so set in ur mind that u will become a very good lawyer in the future..or u can find n check a few courses that suitable 4 u 2 be a very good consultance....gud luck 4 ur future...

  11. celine: If you plan to become a lawyer in Malaysia, taking STPM and then graduating with law degree (LLB) at local public university might seem like a good choice. It is easier to get Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP, which is needed to practice law in Malaysia) compared to studying at private institution and passing the CLP exam. However, do study the pros and cons of all choices / different paths before making your decision. It is your future, it is your responsibility!

  12. hi. ive just gotten my spm results tday. i got c+ for bm , pendidikan islam and pendidikan seni, A for english and Science, E for sejarah, maths, and perdagangan. I passed my spm but i know i didnt try hard enough.

    I really dont know where to go from here. I cant afford paying for colleges, and i know i cant enter a university because of my results. can i make it to form 6?

  13. Hi, just got my spm results today. there's something i don't quite understand. i got B+ for my english and at the bottom of my slip its written 1119(GCE-O)-6C. what does this mean. thank you.

  14. i'm a science stream student n want to study form 6, if i want to change to art stream, is that possible? And how do we count the points for our SPM results, coz the requirement for those who want to apply for form 6 is their resutls must at least a pass for BM n other subject not more then 18 points, whats that mean? Thanks

  15. Jasmine: Since the new grading system is implemented in the SPM for the first time, we are still unclear on the minimum requirement to enroll into form six. Previously we add the points (for example 1 point for A1 and 3 points for b3) for selected subjects to see if it meets the minimum requirement. So we suggest you to research on other education options while waiting for the form six offering to be announced.

    gouri: Actually SPM English 1119 is assessed twice, once by local English teacher for the Malaysia's SPM English 1119 and assessed again by British examiner for the British GCE O'level. Hence you will get two grades for English, one for SPM and another for GCE O'level. Normally, your SPM grade for English is better than your GCE O'level as our local English standard is considered much lower than British English. It is possible, however, that you get A for both local SPM English and British GCE O'level for English, which means you are really good!

    Reply: Yes, it is possible to change to Art streams from Science stream in form six. The change from science to arts is possible only if the students have strong reasons to do so. Read this post for more info.

  16. hey chong,,
    i saw u hav help a lot of ppl here,,
    my i ask u somethin??
    i just got my result 2day,,
    n it really disappoint me very much,,
    even every1 around me was very shock of my result,,
    i just wondering,,
    with my result(3a,6b,1c)
    do u think i'll get a spot in matrix??
    or do u think i should go 4 form6??
    isn't form6 tough??

  17. yea i guess i should. i do think i will be able to go to form 6 tho. thanks for the info. :)

  18. hai!!i've just received my spm result(obviously)so do u mind if u could answer the most vital question:
    1-i 'm confused because i don't know what course should i choose..i mean i like courses that involves interacting to others and meeting new faces.is public relation(media) is the right thing for me to do in the future.what is your point of view?

  19. Hey, Chong! I just got my result yesterday! (coincidentally, on my 18th birthday!) I got straight As but I only had 6A+, 3A, and 2A-
    My teachers said I don't stand a chance to get a scholarship for medicine, and I was quite sad...
    Do you think I have the chance to even ask for medicine?

  20. Izit C+ in BM can go Form 6 ? C+ consider as Credit or not ?

    From , Apple.

  21. Hi,
    I just got me spm results but do know how to fill the plkn section for marks. Please help

  22. the student who apply for matriculation still don't know whether they are approved or not.

  23. is it gce-o level will be considered if i want to take the foundation tesl studies?

  24. How many marks above is A+?

  25. Hi! I just recieved my SPM results. I obtained 7A+,3As and 1B+ (for my Moral). I'm interested in doing Med,but because of my Moral, I'm not eligible to apply for the JPA scholarship. What do you recommend I do next? My family suggested I apply for whatever scholarship that is available,like Petronas,Shell,Bank Negara,etc. But these cover non-medical fields.I will of course apply,but what suggestions do you lot have? I also am waiting to see if I'm accepted into matrix.Matrix will be likea straight road for doing med locally,but what are the other options?

  26. Hello=)
    Thanks Anonymous(march 10) and Chong for answering my question. I'll be going to F6 Arts, Law combination(Sejarah etc.)to do it at pre-u and see if it's for me degreewise, but I'm from science stream so need to apply 4 change stream..and my previous school only offer F6 science so need to change school too. People tell me that since I did well enough to qualify for science(5a+,5a and 1b in chinese)then I should go for science since more options later, more prestigious etc., but I know that my interests, even if I don't end up doing Law, is in the arts--and it dosen't mean that i'm any less smarter than science students.. So f6 arts it is..=)

  27. hai..im just get my spm 2009 result..i got 7A...i want enter matriculation(sains Hayat)..i got b+ in my addmat and bio....can i get matric???

  28. hey guys, mind me to ask a question..
    i just got my spm results, it wasnt dat bad 9a+ and I planned to go for a student exchanged programmed for a year in the australia..do u think i can still apply for any scholarship to study overseas next year?

  29. actually ... how many credit is needed to continue form 6 ??any 1 can answer me ?

  30. can any1 help me how to be a good speaker in Muet?

  31. @ Anunymous
    You can try lip sync British movies to improve English speaking.

    SPM leavers either take up Fundation/A-levels/Matrix/Form 6, right?

    What about Post-STPM students? Do they take up Diploma?

  32. Hai i'm stpm leaver 2009 and my result is bad, thus i x enter degree in pharm..if i take dip. i will take long years for me 2 graduate. what should i do? any suggestion?

  33. hye..i am a 2009 SPM candidate and will walk in interview JPA scholarship 2010. my question is, do we have to do research for our course only or others too? do we have to choose country we would like to go?

  34. Hi, i'm a recent spm school leaver(2009) and is uncertain with my future.I plan to do form 6 but i'm not sure of the recognisation of form 6 in international level.But now it seems according to madbunny182, form 6 seems ok and not bad compare to private unis who claim that form 6 is a waste of time and a levels is better.I'm a science stream student too.I always wanted to be a doctor since young but i'm weak in my science subjects.I tend to do better in non science retter schools or it's just the same everywhere provided you studelated subjects, such as languages and history.I's still considering whether to take science or arts in form 6 level.I'm quite interested in law too, but since i'm a science student, i have no idea how arts stream is.I'm quite worried about the sudden change from science to arts.If i going for arts stream, is there any specific by hard? I want to ask madbunny182, did you take arts stream in normal smk schools? And what do you mean by you get 4as but not 4flat?
    Another thing, referring to celine,on Monday, March 15, since you too are science student and interested in doing law, if you dont mind, can you email me or add me in msn so we can interact? My email in [email protected]. If I'm really interested in doing law, what subject should i take? Must i take sejarah and sorts? I really love sejarah but is it useless? I mean, sejarah wont do you any good compare to subjects like perdagangan and ekonomi right? However at the same time, if i really fail in doing law, i can always go for business and ekonomi isnt it? Is accounts a must? but i dont take accounts during form 4 and 5 so can i cope in form 6?
    I'm sorry for the long post and nonsense:)
    Sincerely hope someone can help me with this?
    Thank you.

  35. i wanna know...except the way of matrikulasi and form 6,,still have any way can get in to local universiti ??
    becuse i need pursue the course of quantity surveying in suitable school..
    thanks for any suggestion....

  36. hi,i just take the spm result.....
    i want to do pre-medicine........
    but i scored c in bio.....
    how can i do?
    thank 4 help.........

  37. Im 2009 SPM graduate students,and now im facing an crisis which is to choose to enter singapore polytechnic study architect or continue form 6 ,and my only worry of entering singapore poly is that my parents may not afford me to study for 3 yrs. Now im begging to know that is that any loans for malaysian students to enter singapore poly.

  38. Hai,Dark prince. i want to ask you a few question about your message on March 3. You say that you are a Bank negara scholarship recipient.Actually,i don't know that Bank Negara do offer scholarship for stpm leavers. So, are u studying accountancy because you take up art stream in stpm? Are you a science stream in form 4 and form 5?
    Because i am a science stream student too, i plan to do form 6 if i didn't receive any scholarship. But i am very confuse which stream to choose.Can you help me? I don't have any foundation knowledge in art stream and very afraid that i can't cope it.But i took accounts as an additional subject in my spm. What are the subjects in art stream? We must take a minimum of how many subjects? 4 or 5? But can i possible continue stpm with my result. i receive 4A+,3A,1A- and 2B+ in spm.i heard that to continue stpm,you must also have 18 aggregate. what is that? One more thing, i don't understand,what do you mean that you didn't get 4 flat though you get 4As One more question,how do Bank negara notified you that you are shortlisted. You check through internet or they call to inform you?

  39. Hi, I'm STPM 2009 leavers..my results are worst, so I will resit the exam once again this year. My problem is I can't get any clue or sample question for STPM Paper 4 (Biology & Chemistry). I've search it everywhere but it turned out to nothing. Can someone provide me some info about it? (how the question format look like or etc...)I heard it hard to score marks on it.

  40. i reealy wntd 2 pursue my tertiary ed in medical fields.
    hwever...shocking as it is...i got all c+ in physics,chemistry,add math and biology
    my parents r determine 2 send me off 2 do a level or evn pre uni in college..bt all of em requires at least b4 in any of those subjects...ireally dunno wut 2do...and have 2 do take up law

  41. hey I got 8As in my SPM 2009. I'm really interested to do dentistry and wanting to do foundation in science. Due to financial constrains, I don't think my parents could afford my pre-uni studies and degree as well. I know that there's PTPTN loan but I don't think it can cover my whole cost for degree which costs about RM200+. There are loans too but my dad doesn't want me to refinance the house. So is there any other way to do foundation and being able to take loan without refinancing the house? Or else the only solution will be Form 6 and I don't think I'm academically-inclined. Help and thanks amillion!=]

  42. I AM NOT DARK PRINCE!!!hahaha
    you can call me Z
    or add me on msn : [email protected]
    sorry i do not come here often. it is my busiest time of the year

    hey everyone!!!
    and to answer your question...YES i was a science stream student back in form 4 & form 5...i was a science stream in lower 6 as well but i changed to art stream when i was in upper 6 because i realize i don't like biology that much hehe. anyway, nooo i am not doing accountancy. i am doing economics. honestly regarding the BANK NEGARA scholarship, yes, they do allocates scholarship for STPM leavers. you have to show them that you've worked as hard as the A-Level, SAM and AUSMAT students. If you are shortlisted for the interview they will call you. Normally around June or July.

    What i meant by 4A's is i didn't get A+ for all. I have A- as well. To score in stpm, you just have to study and have fun at the same time. Well, it worked for me =) I have no basic in economics when i first enter the art stream class and most of them seems to know heaps...i felt pretty dumb at that time but i have a friend who never ceased to help me with economics and i could not be thankful enough!

    Oh and if you want to further you studies in Australia...you do not have to do IELTS or TOEFL if you got A+ for your O-Level English...you'll save $500++ hehe. Same thing happened to me =)


  43. Hi. I have been given science stream in my school. But i want to change to art. How should i change ? How long do i have to wait? Do i have to study science while i'm waiting to change to art ?

    Can anyone teach me how to change school too ? Thanks. :D

  44. Hi..im now taking way to form six.....
    i have so many question in my mind now....
    coze this is my second days in form 6 and im not so sure wit that....
    juz now the teacher has explain...which subject has offered in form six this year...
    i wan to ask anyone....???
    is that got other combination subject??i mean geografi...and ...what....???or .....??

    and lastly i wan to ask what subject should i take in stpm if i wan to go to university to take tourism management????

    please give some suggestion....
    IM LOST.....

  45. what subject should be taken in stpm to become lawyer?sejarah, and wat more?

  46. I'm stpm leaver too...i managed to get 4 flat in art stream(taking Acc,Eco,Pa,Buisness)in year 2009 STPM but until now i haven't apply for any scholarships yet because i'm not really know how..Is it to late for my to apply nw?If yes,any suggestion on which scholarships?
    As i can see here,many students actually afraid to change their stream(most probably science to art) because there is no basic on them.basically I'm science stream student back in form 4&5(year 2007),In the end,i did not score well in my SPM...i only managed to get 1A1 2A2 3B3 1B4 15C 27D(i'm still remember tat pain).I realized tat science is not cup of my tea,hence i had make a decision to change to art stream after a long thinking.
    After entered art stream i felt that i'm making the right decision ever.I'm used to understand better in class n get in track just in few weeks time although without much foundation.All this because i'm found tat study on what we're interested is much more easier than the subjects we unlike.As time past,i'm actually d top scorer in account and economy in my school even for the stream.(i'm not attending for any Acc tuition, just paid attention to my teacher n done all the homework) It's pretty exciting study in form 6 as there are many activities carried on. Even if i couldn't score well in exam i'm also won't feel regret spending my half and a year in form six cause it's build up all the skills tat we need in order to think maturely n wider vision.At last i had make the way through and became best student's in my school,Anyway just can't put all the excitement through my words,one should try it and in order to experience it.I'm here to share my experience and hope it will be useful for anyone here.
    my words lastly,if someone here feel like he/she would like to go for form six, just make sure urself to be prepared!good luck :)

  47. hi im new hre?????? i need help frm u guys......im too complicated wif my frm6 subjects...i wna knw wat r d careers in future for d package we could take in arts stream such as (pa,eco,acc,business) n (pa,eco,bm,sej)????? ned help guys.....!!!

  48. Hi all. Hoping everyone is in good condition.
    I will be sitting for STPM this year and I am pretty much VERY interested to study overseas esp. Australia.
    First of all, I need to know, what do I do after my STPM? Do I sit for IELTS? Which study loan can I apply? I'm not a bright student tho but then again, I'm just hoping for the best. (=
    Thanks for constructive and helpful reply.


  49. if i did not yet get my result SPM, can i further my study? if can, how is it?

  50. Hello. I was hoping to find a site like this, to have my questions answered, thank you very much. :)

    I have a few questions. I believe I'm one of many students who are still uncertain on what course to take up. At the end of the day, I still have to opt for a course.

    My questions are as follows :

    If I want to study law, and further my studies abroad, which is in the United Kingdom, what should I do? (That is if I study very very very very hard and get a scholarship). I wish to apply for everything that needs to be applied. Every interview. So that i would have numerous options later. May you please let me know where I can find these advertisements? I always miss these adverds in the newspapers.

    For my pre-u, should I go for matrikulasi? IPTA? Or study in Uitm? I really don't know. And after my pre-u, where should I go? And what marks should I get during my pre-u to be qualified to be shipped off to UK?

    Thank you so very much in advance.


  51. Hi there^^
    Just a simple question here ^^
    Im taking stpm 2011, Do i apply for NUS after my real stpm result is out?Or apply before the result is out? =D

    Another thing,Im quite lost.Was thinking what to do after stpm.Any scholarships and universities application to apply other than NUS?

    -A Milion Thanks-
    -lostgirl- ^^

  52. Hello, i was just wondering :)

    i'm interested in taking Veterinary Science in polytechnic, singapore and was wondering if they would accept A- levels more or STPM.

    Is it possible to get into polytechnic straight after SPM if my SPM results are good?

  53. Hi, I just completed my STPM this year (2011) and will be getting my results in a few months time. I'm very interested to further my studies overseas (Australia) and to be a language lecturer. I'm afraid I won't be getting good results fr STPM because it was really tough :| . So please, can anyone help me out over here? Or probably share with me some of the other options that I may choose to further my studies in Language and ways that can lead me to Lecturing.

    p/s : MUET Band 4.

    So please please PLEASE anyone please help me out over here. I will really appreciate your help so much!


  54. Dear Cecilia,

    You wish to become an English teacher? Band 4 is rather hard for you to get a positive outcome. Would you like to try a second time for MUET this March? I would recommend you to own at least a band 5 so that it is more convincing. Anyway, I don't see the merit of studying abroad just for a degree that can be done in your home country. An English teacher does not have to be from Australia, the US or the UK. A local degree will suffice to boost your future career. You may consider Australia for your Master's studies perhaps. Anyway, do you have a good grade for your SPM English? Any suppmentary subject such as Literature in English that can support your application? I don't mean these subjects are critical but they could be good evidence of your language proficiency. By the way, are you interested in language & linguistic or teaching? You may consider BEd in Science or BEd in Mathematics or BEd in primary education etc instead of jus BEd in TESL. If your personal finance permits an extra of RM1200, you can try to take an online diploma in TEFL at www.teflonline.com, that will tell if you truly like Teaching English. The course is done online and I think you can finish it within 1-2 months. Finally, a diploma will be given to you. This is only accredited by the US government. Alternatively, spare about 4 months to take up the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers offered by Cambridgelanguage, Erican, Brickfields college, Taylor's etc. This is a recognized diploma and it costs about RM6-7k. This is an assignment-based course anyway.

    By [email protected]

  55. Is it possible to take A-levels and continue to study for Medicine although i obtained 3C's for my physics , chemistry and biology in Spm?

    1. I dont think so.to take up medicine i think you need to score A's..not C's..why not take up some other course like Law,Anthropology,TESL,Quantity Surveying,Accountacy..etc

  56. hi my name is Clare..im currently in lower form 6..we were given a chance to take up economics,history,visual arts or geography,i opt for history because i love history..another reason is also because i want to take up criminology in the future..but to do so,i need to have a degree in Law or anything course associated with social sciences.i am more interested in Law than any other courses associated with social sciences like sociology or psychology.the thing is my friend loves history too..but she wants to take up maybe accounting or finance after STPM.she's very good in math..she got an A+ but she also loves history..she didnt want to take up economics because she prefers history.do you think she's eligible ?thank you :)

    1. sorry for the typo. *or any course* not anything course

      *do you think she's eligible to take up accounting?*

  57. Hello, I'm a SPM 2013 leaver, I scored 7A+,2A,1A-, which I didn't get matriculation and end up getting F6 instead. I'm a science student, but I always love history,english n bio. I want to study Law and i don't think F6 is a good way to fight for local u as we'll have fierce competition with matric, asasi, uitm students. And i've asked my friend who is studying in UM for Law, he said tat if i want to open a law firm/serve in private legal field then i should study private law school. Only if i want to serve government then local u seem to be a better choice. But, most of my family members including my mother, they r worry tat I'll have a hard time finding job and even if i did, i'll get underpay and face with a lot of ugly sides of people. Can u please give me some opinion? Thank you!


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