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Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPM Results: 214 Straight A+ Scorers from 7,987 Straight As

Posted by Chong

The SPM 2009 results are out. A total of 465,853 students took Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM or Malaysian Certificate of Education) examination last year. Education director-general, Tan Sri Alimuddin Mohd Dom, announced to the press that 7,987 students obtained all As in all the subjects they took. On top of that, 214 of these straight As scorers scored all A+ in all their subjects. In other words, there is a total of 214 straight A+ scorers.

For those who do not who what are these A+ all about, please read the following excerpt taken from wikipedia.
Because the SPM examination is the final nationally standardised examination taken by the majority of Malaysians, a lot of scholarships are awarded based on results. Generally, it is considered that the more A+'s (previously 1A's) you achieve, the better you are. Thus, there is pressure to take as many subjects as possible in order to secure a scholarship. This is especially true of non-bumiputera students, since the government allocates a certain amount of scholarships to bumiputera students. However, things are expected to change as the government decided to take action by limiting the number of subjects, which means students can only take maximum 12 subjects for free in SPM, which has now been put into effect. If a student wish to take more than 12 subjects, he/she has to pay for it and he/she cannot take more than 21 subjects in total.

Starting from 2010, a subject limit of 10 will be imposed on every SPM candidate. The minimum of 8 subjects are lowered to 6 subjects. Students will be able to take 2 additional subjects (comprising Arab, Chinese, Tamil, Iban, Kada­zandusun and Bible Knowledge) that will not be counted in the consideration for federal scholarships if the 10-subject limit is reached.[8] By 2009, SPM will use a new grading system, the grades ranging from A+(which is a grade higher than previous 1A) to G(Gagal or 'Fail' in English'. The table below shows the comparison between previous grade system and the latest one.

Previous Grade System Latest Grade System (2009)

1A A
2A A-
3B B+
4B B
5C C+
6C C
7D D
8E E
9G G
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  1. congratulation to all of the students who got the flying colours results.....the grading system nowadays are better because we can find more excellent students!!

  2. hi,
    which grade considered credit..
    whats the difference between D lulus atas and D lulus..
    its that D lulus atas is considered credit..
    hoping a reply..

  3. hi. u are study in mass comm, right?
    actually, i attracted to Mass Communication, and it is my first choice for UPU. It is because i love to participate in writing industries.

    Will you help me to explain more about this study field?
    and how will i go through the interview?

  4. actually, the number you posted is not technically true. 214 is the number of straight A+s in government schools. There is also a total of 44 other students in private or international schools that scored straight A+s.. So, the grand total is 255 just to inform you :)

  5. There's just too much hype about our national exams. Every year results are announced in the papers and on TV. I wonder how the other students (those 'non-achievers) feel. Imagine the hysteria over the A-Star students. Does it mean the others are failures? I have certainly met many 'under achievers' who are happier and doing better in life than those who are celebrated annually in the papers. Sure, it's good to get A's, but that's not everything; it's certainly not the only measure of success.

  6. Students who failed to ace in the 2009 exam should not be disheartened. I'm not a straight-A student, but I don't feel inadequate when I'm in the presence of those with straight-A's at all the places I have worked at. On the contrary, I was on par if not better than those with straight-A's. Remember this: "The True End of Knowledge is Action"-Aldous Huxley.

  7. I have seen A+ student in Maths struggle at pre-university level.


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