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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

6 Best Part Time Jobs for Students in Malaysia

Top Part Time Jobs for Malaysian Students

Guest post by Lim Chuwei (Share your tips with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

By doing a part time job, a student can pay off his or her college fee and other living expenses. But it is important to find the right one which can save him time for study and pay him well. Here are some part time jobs for Malysian students which get the best of the both worlds.
Best Part Time Jobs for Students in Malaysia
Working part time while studying is a great way to fund your college fee and other expenses, especially if you want to be self-dependent.

From waiting tables at a local restaurant to working as a retail store’s sale associate, there are plenty of part time job opportunities for a student to choose from.

But wait a minute!

Being a student, you need the part time job which can go well with your study. Right?

Keep in mind—there is no benefit of doing the job that doesn’t save you couple of hours for your study, exam prep and other commitments. You can balance your study and work with a right part time job.

Don’t worry.

Here I have listed such student part time jobs in Malaysia that not only save you ample of time, but also pay you well.

Home Tutor

I personally think that home tutoring is the best part time job for any student.

The number one reason is that it is done at the comfort of home, meaning that you don’t need to travel to do work. Secondly, you can earn higher hourly wages than other part time jobs. A primary home tutor can earn RM 40 per hour. The list of benefits with home tutoring job hasn’t over yet!

You can enjoy flexible work hours as you can set the schedule according to your availability. As an added bonus, tutoring enhances your personal development, understanding, communication skills, knowledge and sense of services. There are many online tutoring platforms in Malaysia like Student Malaysia Free Ads where you can list yourself as a tutor to get started.

Event Staff

There is always a need of large number of staff to organize an event.

People are required for logistics, supervision, operating the technical systems, ushering in guests, security, booths and other related functions. Most of these jobs require no skills or experience.

Doing such jobs is exhaustive as they usually involve long working hours throughout the event. Then, why I have listed it here?

This is because it can be done on off days like summer holidays or weekends. And you can make good hourly wages. As an added bonus, you will enjoy the event (if it appeals you).


It is another great part time job that offers you both time flexibility and good income. Plus, you can work at your own place. Work may vary greatly, ranging from content writing, designing, tech support, marketing and many more. The rates may vary based on efforts and the capability of finishing the task on time.

Direct Sales

If you are good at marketing, being a salesperson may be the best part time job for you. However, I won’t recommend you door-to-door marketing.

Many companies look for online salesperson to promote their products on e-commerce platforms like e-bay. You will earn from commission coming from the sales. It is pretty simple—the more you sell, the more you earn.


Have you ever been appreciated for capturing nice photographs? It means that your hobby of photography can pay you. Just own a DSLR camera and approach local photographers to see if they need your assistance. This job will save you time as you often have to work at events on nights and weekends. You can also serve as a freelance photographer for many magazines. Besides, you can sell your photos online to many stock sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, SmugMug Pro and iStockPhoto. Some of these sites can pay up to $100 per image! Make sure to check their terms and conditions.

Campus Worker

What can you ask for more than getting a job in your college campus?

For example, you can assist lecturers who look for research assistance among their students to ease their workload. Or you can apply for a library job where you can have plenty of time for study and meeting your classmates. Besides, you can consider a dorm receptionist job which is usually started in evening. But the benefit is that you are allowed to do homework and assignment during your shift. The other jobs available at the campus are data entry, transcription, data collection, and accounting.

Bottom Line

While it is understandable that you are doing job to fund your study and living expenses, don’t prioritize it over your study.

And one more thing….you need to be disciplined and show professionalism even in these part time jobs to balance your work and study.

Go ahead and choose the one that suits your interest. Best of luck!

Lim Chuwei is tutor & director at ChampionTutor Malaysia. Lim Chuwei has been in this industry for the last 15 years and has a vast knowledge of major learning application.
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