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Thursday, February 16, 2017

5 Online Education Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Five online education trends to look out for in 2017

Guest post by Mike Jason (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

The era of internet technology has given rise to various innovative trends for the users across the globe such as conducting online research studies, seeking online job opportunities, looking for suitable partners online and above all the most beneficial trend of online education. With the rapid increase in the enrollment of students in online degree programs and courses every day, the online education system will become more developed, advanced, sophisticated and modern in the coming years. The experts and scholars believe that the year 2017 will mark the beginning of a new era of online education and learning providing easy access to the students, learners and professionals to learn and study online all across the globe.
Latest Global Online Education Trends
The institutes, instructors and campuses providing online education to the students believe that by the end of 2017 the online education system will be used as an essential mode of study around the world. They are of the view that the world will witness these five online education trends in the coming months of 2017 changing the dimensions and paradigms of our educational modes, methods, ways and techniques:

1. Use of computerized digital data for online education

Since the students enrolled in online education programs use virtual means for studying their coursework and taking their exams, the institutes and instructors have started using digital data on large scale to keep track of students’ attendance, scores and grades in the course. The virtual universities believe that using computerized systems on such a large scale will help them to assess their students’ performance, improvements and drawbacks effectively without involving them physically. This trend has made the lives of students and teachers easier and more comfortable by opening digital avenues of education for them.

2. Popularity of unusual disciplines

Gone are the days when one wants to become a graduate in the field of medicine, engineering or literature. The online education trend has completely revolutionized the field of education by introducing novice and innovative disciplines such as cyber security, digital forensics, nursing and digital statistical analytics. The experts are of the view that in 2017 these unusual disciplines will top the educational ladder by attracting the students to enroll in these disciplines for staying abreast with the current developments taking place in the world. The virtual education in unusual disciplines will create ways for the students to get acquainted with the new areas of education and information.

3. Provision of unconventional credentials

The paper degree and university card will soon become a dream for the students because the online education system is looking forward to issue digitalized cards and award online degrees to the students in 2017. The institutes facilitating the students and learners with online education are planning to provide nontraditional credentials to their students including digital certificates, computerized badges and online showcasing platforms where students can launch their products and gadgets and can also share their skills and achievements with the world. This trend will provide the students with more opportunities and chances to lead more successful lives as learned beings.

4. Induction of automated systems in online classes

Online education system has given rise to the usage of virtual teaching staff along with virtual aids in the classes. The year 2017 will see a significant rise in the induction of automated systems to teach students virtually. This trend will allow the students to study and learn from more learned and highly advanced robots and virtual staff in the absence of their instructors due to any emergency. Thus, in this way students will never miss their online classes or lag behind in their virtual courses even if their teacher is on leave. The use of computer technologies and robotics will play a vital role in providing quality online education to the people.

5. Rapid increase in online degree programs and courses

The students and employees who cannot manage to physically attend the institutes due to their busy and hectic routine can get more benefit from the online education system in 2017. Due to the fast growth in online education systems across the globe, the institutes and universities are planning to launch more virtual programs and degree courses in 2017. The universities and institutes have prepared a proper plan and reserve the revenues for introducing more online degree courses in the coming months. The initiation of new online programs will make the online education trend more accessible and popular in the world.

Online education system benefits the students, learners, instructors and institutes to a great extent by providing them useful opportunities to improve their educational life while sitting at their homes. The year 2017 will bring new, innovative and novice trends in online education supporting the people to reach the top rungs of the academic ladder in a simpler, easier and more accessible way. Do not wait for the year to end; get enrolled in your favorite online degree program or course and embark upon the journey of enlightenment, awareness and education via virtual means.

Mike Jason is an MBA from a Canadian university and is busy working for BestAssignmentService.com. In leisure time, he feels good to share his experiences to others by writing valuable blog posts.
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