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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

SPM 2019 Tips: How to Score A+ in SPM Additional Mathematics (Add Math)

Zero to 100: How to “Slay” Add Maths

Guest post by Reshgi Vaishali (Share your exam preparation tips with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Every SPM student who takes Add Maths will understand the amount of stress that comes with the subject. Some students shudder when the subject is spoken about and we all know how scary some Add Maths teachers can be. If you’re sitting for SPM anytime soon and want to gain some tips on how to go from “0 to 100” for this “scary” and mind boggling subject people refer to as Additional Mathematics then I’ve got your back!
tips how to score spm add maths

1. Get Help

The most obvious action to take when you’re stuck and can’t decipher a topic or a concept is to get help, don’t be afraid of your teacher and please feel free to approach them if you need assistance. Most teachers would be glad to lend a hand if they are not busy. If you’re more of the shy type, ask your friends. There are many Add Maths wizards around who you might be more comfortable with to seek help from. Furthermore, we should all take advantage of this thing called TECHNOLOGY. There are an abundance of online tutorials and lessons you can check out by just a simple search on Google. On the topic of friends and technology, creating a Whatsapp Group Chat specifically for Add Maths with your friends is a great way to share questions, methods and explanations. You could also help your friends at the same time with your knowledge and work together to get through the exam.

2. Self-Revision

When talking about what you can do to help yourself master this subject, revision books are not something foreign but there is a reason why they are in demand because it actually works! When dealing with SPM your best friends are the Past Year Questions. They provide you with the level of difficulty and feel of the actual paper. If you’re up for a challenge, purchasing the SBP and MRSM papers are also a good choice that explores the more “KBAT” questions. If you’re on a budget, there are tons of papers online by other schools and states that you can find from the internet that is easily accessible.

3. Analyse

The best way to ace any paper is to understand the structure and format well before sitting for it. This can be done by looking at Past Year Questions or asking your teachers. Identifying patterns is also a good way to understand what you’re going to be tested on since most exams deal with repetition. Analysing how many marks allocated per topic also may give you a general idea on what you need to focus on because acing isn’t answering all the questions, its collecting as many marks as possible.

4. Answering the paper

When I sat for SPM Additional Mathematics 2016, I had a system on how I was going to answer the paper. Many students start from Q1 until the end but for Add Maths that does not make the cut all the time. Here are a few tips.
  • SPM Add Maths Paper 1
    • Start from Q1-Q11/Q12
    • Then Q22/23-Q25
    • Then the rest
  • SPM Add Maths Paper 2
    • Start from Section C (answer the 2 easiest questions)
    • Move to Section B (answer the easiest 4 questions)
    • Continue with Section A
    • If you have time go back to Section B & C to answer additional questions as back up

5. Determination

Many students view Add Maths as some sort of monster that’s going to swallow them whole and this causes fear and anxiety build up that interferes with their desire to learn and push forward. If you think you’re hopeless at Add Maths and passing seems like a distant dream then fear not because I went from failing to getting As in Add Maths. All you need is a positive mindset and a source of motivation especially from within, a voice in your head chanting I CAN DO IT! In addition, I would like to touch on something called The 3Cs which are Control, Challenge and Commit.
    • understand what you can and cannot control
    • acknowledge what you can control and act on it
    • accept what you can’t and learn to let go
    • challenging yourself is all based on attitude and perspective
    • action follows feelings and feelings follow actions
    • know what you need, is available and needs to be updated
    • set a goal and persevere to achieve it
    • planning is important because if you don’t plan, you plan to fail
I hope these tips were helpful to you, feel free to leave a comment on any more tips and tricks you have for  SPM Add Maths. Thank you for your time!

Reshgi Vaishali is an SPM leaver from Johor Bahru, currently waiting for SPM 2016 results to be released in early March 2017.
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  1. thank you for the tips,but what is yr addmath n spm result

  2. Thanks for the tip. I've been passing with just a 40 every exam and I've failed during f4

  3. Thank you! Will try your tips in my upcoming trial.


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