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Sunday, July 31, 2016

How Can You Decorate the School Library to Get the Kids Excited

How Can You Decorate the School Library to Get the Kids Excited

Guest post by Justin Goh (Share your secret tips with 50,000+ Malaysian students)

Things are changing today and the students are significantly more dependent on the ebooks, apps and the web today. In this turbulent time, it is crucial to design the library space efficiently since otherwise, you will face a really tough time to get the students visit them on a regular basis.

Though libraries were earlier associated with the dingy and quiet spaces ruled by pin drop silence, the scenario has changed a lot today and we have realized the value of creating a welcoming and warm ambiance to make the students love the visit to the library.
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Do you intend to design a library that gets the students excited in paying a visit to it? To design a library that interests the children, you need to understand the ways the students engage with learning socially as well as individually. School libraries occupy a significant part of learning and a proper design is central when it comes to creation of an effective learning environment. Even a small change in the library can cast an impact on the mood of the kids. Certainly, too much decoration can distract the students but just the right dose can work real wonders. Here are a few tricks you can consider when it comes to decorating your school library.

Come with a Flexible Space

You need to structure a library that comes with adequate space. The students need to learn the ways of formulating meaningful queries, appreciate different viewpoints as well as use up an array of resources in the research. Moreover, the 21st-century learners are required to demonstrate their understanding in multiple ways, like producing videos as well as multimedia presentations.

It is better to go for the open spaces that come with reconfigurable materials and furniture, shelves and furniture on wheels as well as opt for the easy setup and breakdown of room arrangements. Ensure flexibility in the structure of the building. It is better to keep the area free from the structural columns as much as possible since they are considered an impediment to sight lines. Even if they are essential structurally, get the design team to manage the spacing, arrangement and the sizing. The columns and the walls certainly can’t be moved but keep the flexibility quotient in mind while you select the shelves, furniture and the carpets.

Change Often

You know pretty well that children prefer changes. In fact, we all love changes. You can try to change the look of the library every now and then. If you change the color of the library, it certainly looks great but it may not be always possible to change the color of the library. In such a case, you can consider shifting the book racks and the other paraphernalia. Changing the layout of the library helps really a lot in altering the look thereby keeping the children engaged.

Decorate the Library

If you want the young kids use the library as well, you need to make your library as inviting as possible. There are several ways you can add beauty to your school library. Consider adding stickers, school logo or mascot, color using bright colors, include bean bags and colorful chairs, a few toys and of course, bulletin boards. This would add up to the beauty of school library substantially.

Arrange the Books Properly

You need to arrange the books properly. Arrange books in a way so that the covers are visible and not the sides. This will help the children choose a book of their choice. Placing books this way would take up significant amount of space but this would be helpful in adding a dash of color to the library.

Stock books belonging to different genre to meet the varying requirement of the students.

There is a rise of electronic collections presently and thus, it is time to think of digital resources now. The printed books are still significant, chiefly for the beginners but, you can’t shy away from the digital reading devices and the ebooks today. You can place a few computers and ebook readers in the library so that the students can browse various websites, read books and gather resources online as well.

Keep Libraries Organized

Organization occupies a significant part of everything. Libraries are not an exception either. It is crucial to keep the school library clutter-free. Install signage so that the students know where they can find their favorite books. You can also separate the different sections by using different colors. These signs can be in different colors and shapes. You can consider hanging them from the walls or place them on the stands. You can also have the shelves colored in different hues or consider using the terms that are associated with specific subjects.

With all the students today carrying global library in pocket, it is crucial to impress on the value of the physical or the traditional libraries. Make sure that you design the school library in a way that encourages exploration, creation as well as collaboration between the teachers, students as well as the broader community. Bring together the best of the physical and the digital world to promote your learning hub.

Justin Goh
Justin Goh is a former teacher and prolific writer, penning blogs to help the parents, students and the educators alike. Regularly contributing articles for MyPrivateTutor Malaysia, he prefers to write on varying aspects of education ranging from learning strategies and preparation tips to the ways to reach out to the students better.
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