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Monday, July 04, 2016

Matriculation College Life: Grow Up. Grow Strong.

Matriculation College Life: Grow Up. Grow Strong.

Guest post by Winna Low (Share your education experiences with 50,000+ Malaysian students)

Time flies and it had come to the last paper in my first year of degree. Out of a sudden, I opened the browser and typed www.kml.matrik.edu.my subconsciously. Then, only I came to realise it has been the second year since I left Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan (KML). How are all juniors doing? Memories within ten months played back like flashbacks across my mind and one question doesn’t disappear from my brain: How on earth did I survive through the ten months when it seemed to be like ten years to walk through when I was there.

1. Go flexible. Adapt. Embrace

My previous post was regarding the preparation before going to the Matriculation college. After the excitements, tiredness and homesickness, time for you to really face the reality and understand you are now officially a Matriculation student, ready for the ten-month battle. Thus, the best thing you can do is wipe tears of homesick, pack up your bags as you used to do for the past 17 years, you are now ready for the study journey.
Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan (KML)

Check which class you are in, download the timetable, plan your day. Make life more meaningful and contented while counting days to go home. Those were basically how I embraced my Matriculation life and survived the days, majority did, I bet. So, be realistic and have a clear image of how your ten-month days will be.  Be flexible and adapt to everything.

2. Aim high. Set goals.

You need to know one fact: you excelled your SPM. You passed with flying colours than anyone else for you to be where you are right now. You have got the opportunity which one may have longed for just because they did not get it. You opt to accept the opportunity that God has given to you. The very next thing, continue to aim high and set your goals to achieve after the ten-month. Frankly speaking, there were only two things which I had been thinking during my matriculation days: Get a flat FOUR and GO HOME. That’s it. Your parents sent you there, and just bring them a 4.00 when you go home. That will make all their efforts and worries of valued, that is the best reward to them. Of course, it is not necessary for everyone to target for 4.00, but always aim high, go for a result that will impress everyone, including you yourself.

3. Make new friends. Learn together.

Make new friends in the college. Not just your classmates but go and meet new people. Find the right bunch of people, start off with a study group if that works for you. If you feel study group does not suit you, it is fine to study alone but always SPEAK UP and ASK. Do not go nerdy way or role play yourself as a genius in the college with 2000 and more students. Everyone has their strengths and weakness in different subjects, Speaking from experience, it is either you ask help from your lecturers or friends to solve a Mathematics problem or you cooped up in your own room whole night trying to get the solution. Burdens shared are burdens halved. Lecturers in matriculation are nice, I mean it. Make a way, make your life easier.

4. Have faith.

What I believed in and what I hold on to, until now, up to my degree life. I believe that God is there, always there. I have my faith in Him who is in control and He will walk me through ups and downs. During the matriculation days, there are times where you are really fragile, you are weak, you feel lonely, helpless, directionless, worn out, and all sorts of obstacles come into your way. It is totally understandable and do not feel you are not strong enough. You are, no matter how strong a person is, we all have weaknesses, this is where you need to have your FAITH. Have your faith and He will work everything out for you. God has the best plan for you, and all He needs is our faith and trust. Thus, at times you feel lost and giving up in your Matriculation, have faith, hold on a little more longer, and you know God is always there for you, strengthening you throughout the journey.

Last but not least, ten-month will be a blink of eyes. Just be strong, embrace life, and do not forget to countdown for homebound! Matriculation is more than growing up, it is growing strong.

Winna Low, a Malaysian student, currently doing Bachelor of Pharmacy in USM. I believe in faith, and having that means hard work always pays, be it either way. Do not lose faith in education, for it is what makes you who you are in your life. Keep going, as the tough gets going, the going gets tough.

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  1. "as the tough gets going, the going gets tough" ???
    Only know "When the going get tough, the tough get going"

  2. Well said, we can't forget the time we spend during our matriculation, time flies. Matriculation is more than growing up. Students who are doing their matriculation and have to submit assignments.


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