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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Win RM100 in 30 minutes or less* - here's how

Posted by Chong

Be one of the ten people to win RM100 cash** from us by submitting a post/essay/article on any topics relevant to education or students in Malaysia to our writing contest!

Do you know, Malaysia Students Blog by students for students, the most popular education blog in Malaysia***, is still alive and kicking in our 9th year this year since established in 2006! In fact, our readership has been growing strongly year over year. Over the past eight years, many similar student blogs were started but eventually became inactive or even disappeared completely as the bloggers moved on to focus on other commitments in their lives. To remind you that we are not dead yet and see no sign of dying, we now announce the exciting writing contest!

Okay, that's a lame excuse for a writing contest. The truth is, we did organise one writing contest back in 2008 to reward our talented readers and it went very well even though we had a very small readership then. The 13 entries that we received were insightful and covered a variety of topics. After that successful writing contest, we wanted to organise another one the following years but due to blah~ blah~ haze, water crisis blah~ [insert lame excuses here], finally, we are here to announce our writing contest today!

This writing contest will not be possible without the support from our distinguished sponsors, Hotcourses and EasyUni!

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What we really like about Hotcourses are the helpful student guides on applying to university, visa guides, student finances, career prospects and other relevant topics, offering free and practical advices to those going for undergrad and postgrad studies.

EasyUni, the Asia's largest university and college portal, offers comprehensive info of thousands of courses, from 1959 universities and colleges in 27 countries for FREE. You are really lucky that EasyUni exists today as you can get all education info in one portal. We wish we had EasyUni last time.

What we really like about EasyUni is the info on tuition fee, which is really critical for many of us during the decision making on whether it is the right and affordable university for us or not.

Writing Contest on Education, Examination and Experience

The steps are as simple as 1-2-3 below:
  1. Understand the rules. Deadline for submission is 18th May 2014 (Sunday) 11:59PM. Result announcement: end of May 2014.

    This writing contest is open to all students in Malaysia (including international students) and those who have been students in Malaysia (can be working now or currently further studying abroad).

    Your writing must be original (never published before) and is written for this writing contest. Do not submit your school essay or modify your old blog post and send to us.

    90% on the usefulness/insightfulness/practicalness etc. of your content or idea and 10% on English grammar, spelling, sentence structure etc. Unlike most writing contests, our writing contest is not about your English language or your essay writing skills. The main criteria to win is your contents or ideas add the greatest value to our readers who are mostly SPM, pre-university students and undergraduates in Malaysia.

    Update: No minimum length, no length limit, all writing styles are welcomed (formal, informal, :sarcasm:, emoticons, hashtags...). As long as your writing can convey your message clearly and concisely, any length will do.

    By submitting your post/article/essay, you have given full permission and all rights for us to publish it on Malaysia Students Blog, regardless winning or not. We reserve the rights to edit your submission for clarity, change the title, insert links to other relevant posts on our blog, correct spelling or grammatical errors before we publish.

    You may submit more than one entry but one person can only win maximum one of the ten cash prizes of RM100. Cash will be deposited to your personal account with Malaysia's major banks.

    Malaysia Students Blog will decide the winners based on the criteria we set and we have the final say on who are the winners. Call us dictator or whatever, no questions on why this entry does not win or why that entry wins will be entertained.
  2. Write a post/article/essay on any topics relevant to education or students in Malaysia. Your topic may be general (e.g. 10 simple ways to improve your english) or specific (e.g. how to score MUET). You may write on your insightful and thought-provoking opinions on specific education issues (e.g. who ever said that matrix was easy, don't go to university for the sake of it), share your extraordinary student life or education experiences (e.g. life at matrikulasi, why I regret getting straight A1 in SPM) or offer practical advices and helpful tips to fellow junior students (e.g. how to score straight A+'s in SPM, 5 habits of successful college students).

    Let's share with you 10 examples of topics we managed to brainstorm in less than five minutes:
    1. Apa lagi student mahu? What we really want from our education system
    2. Healthy diet for students - more nutritional than just kangkung and ayam
    3. How Ultraman inspired me to be an ethical student
    4. How I earned RM5,000 a month while I was still a student
    5. How I get Band 9 in IELTS - 10 simple tips and tricks
    6. How to master SPM Additional Mathematics? 10 little-known effective ways
    7. Should students buy SPM exam tips? Why and why not
    8. My amazing internship experience that you won't believe is true
    9. 10 mobile apps that help me tremendously in my study
    10. Save money guide for students - 20 creative ways to save money

    Browse through our blog archives for inspiration or ideas. If you are still in doubt whether your topic is considered relevant or not, feel free to check with us by email before you start writing. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  3. Submit your entries in doc or docx format with creative title to us through email with the subject 'Writing Contest'. If you use photos, pictures in your writing, state the original source of the images. Include a short paragraph of your intro, for example your nickname or real name, age, education background, hobbies etc.

    Example of author's intro (example only, you can be more creative and personal): Linda, 20, has just completed her STPM last year and is currently waiting for enrolment into local public university. During her spare time, she enjoys reading lifestyle magazines and news on business startup. She aspires to be a successful social entrepreneur in the future as she believes the purpose of her life is to make the world a better place through social movement.

    Optionally, include a photo of yourself (selfie is perfect!), a link to your Twitter or blog. Our email address is

    Check our blog often for writing contest updates and winner announcement. Recommended: subscribe to our mailing list to receive latest news on winner announcement and read all great writing contest entries we will publish by email.
Questions? Leave us a comment below and we will get back to you. Good luck!

* It took us on average 30 minutes to write a post on this blog.
** A big thank you to 44 readers who responded to our survey. For this writing contest, we make the decision to award ten winners each with RM100 instead of five winners each with RM200 based on the survey result.
*** Based on our own observation of Malaysian blogs focusing mainly on education. Blogs that cover many different topics other than education such as entertainment news, politics are not included in our definition of education blog. According to our blog statistics, Malaysia Students Blog was visited by more than 100,000 unique visitors in February 2014 and has 19,000 subscribers.
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  1. Wow, this is nice! But the deadline is a bit too long from now... I love to procrastinate :P

  2. Wooooooooow there are so many pupils bigger than me. and im sure i cant win so lel

  3. but i have no idea on what topic should i write


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