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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Study in Malaysia

Top 5 Reasons to Study in Malaysia

Guest post by Sophia Jones (Share your tips with 60,000+ Malaysian students)

Malaysia is fast becoming a flourishing hub for domestic and international students. The booming economy, political stability, dazzling landscapes and a matchless brand of multiculturalism, the repute of Malaysian domestic universities is ever increasing. But what actually makes the country more distinctive is its affiliation with leading universities around the globe. There are many international universities that have their branch campuses in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of Asia's top education destinations and not only local Malaysians take the benefit of low-cost international education but also the international students as well who come here from around the globe for education purposes. Along with the quality of education, here are top 5 reasons that why you should study in Malaysia:
top reasons study malaysia students

1. Receive US and UK degree

Malaysian state has hugely invested in higher education and one of them is its increasing affiliations with global universities. There are over 600 private higher education institutions and Universities in Malaysia. There are many foreign universities, especially UK and Australian that have their branch campuses in Malaysia. For example, UK’s University of Nottingham and Australia’s Monash University have branch campuses in Malaysia and both are one of the top universities in the world. So as a student, it gives you the much stronger reason to study in Malaysia.

2. Save cost

In Malaysia, you will get a quality education but with affordability as well. The undergraduate course at the Malaysian campus would cost approximately £6,000 while the same course at the University of Nottingham would cost around £12,000.You can see a huge difference in the cost of the same courses. Also, keep in mind that the course has the similar module, similar marking scheme and the similar evaluation criteria, that provide the exact degree with the equal status, but at a considerably lesser cost. Moreover, in comparison to that of the UK, the cost of living in Malaysia is significantly lesser too, so your maintenance costs will also not put any burden on you as well.

3. Multiculturalism

If you like to mingle and meet people with diverse culture and backgrounds, Malaysia is the top destination for you. If you decide to study in Malaysia, you will have the time of your life by meeting people of different cultures. The population in Malaysia consists of Malay, Chinese and Indian and Malay is their official language. The language of English is widely spoken and well recognized in Malaysia. This wide recognition of English provides a great basis for worldwide students to make them feel at home apart from having a sense of belonging and fitting in with people. The Malaysian global community allows for cultural and social recognition and is an indication of the fact that Malaysia is home to thousands of international students. Remember that studying at university campus should not solely be an academic experience. You must have the chance to explore the diverse facets and cultures that blends the Malaysian character and that itself is a learning curve as well.

4. Opportunities for skilled people

Malaysia is in need of expert workers with a growing economy and certain industries on the rise. The Malaysian industry contributes to a major part of the GDP with oil, gas, and manufacturing of palm oil. Their export markets are on leaps and bounds as well. Moreover, there is a specific need for top graduates in many different fields such as accounting, computer science, and telecom. Since there is a huge demand for skilled graduates and professionals forced by Malaysia’s booming economy, the doors of success regarding your career are always open. So when you decide to study in Malaysia, you bound to meet and explore opportunities that will set your life for good.

5. Beautiful landscapes

Every now and then, a break is definitely well deserved when you are a full-time student. So when you decide to study in Malaysia, top class education is not the only thing you will receive as the beautiful landscape awaits you. You can always get some time to set off and discover the stunning and varied landscape Malaysia offers. From the jungle in Taman Negara National Park to the rainforest in Malaysian Borneo, everything you see is simply superb. To receiving peace and calm by routing up to the Cameron Highlands or walk through George Town, Penang before relishing the culinary delights there, every location is worth watching. Wherever you wish to explore, Malaysia has somewhere that will accommodate to your likings. So if you plan to study in Malaysia, you find and discover beautiful landscapes that will certainly amaze you and that will surely become the experience of a lifetime.

Sophia Jones is a senior academic writer at Assignment Help. She is a regular blogger, article writer and loves to write about the development in education field around the world.
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  2. Thank you for the article. I changed my opinion about Malaysia, but I don’t want to study there as before. I would like to come there and live for some time, but not study.


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