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Thursday, November 09, 2017

4 Common University Admission Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

4 Common College Admission Interview Questions And How To Answer Them!

Guest post by Jaelyn Arias (Share your tips with 60,000+ Malaysian students)

College interviews are pretty scary, even if you have given one before. Potential students are wondering what the question would be, what the best answers are, and whether there would be a test. Sometimes, the nerves can even make you perform worse than you would have otherwise.
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However, there is no real reason to get scared of college admission interviews. If you do A bit of research, it would go a long way in preparing you for the task ahead. Remember that preparation would not only help you with the interview itself but also soothe your nerves. So read on for a more fulfilling experience at your next interview. We’ll be looking at some of the most expected questions asked by college interview panels so that you can brush up on your answers:

1. The Reason For Applying

If you have applied to a certain school, the interview panel wants to know just why you think this is the best fit for you. The best answer, obviously, is not ‘everyone was doing it’. Interviewers are looking for individuals who would match their own criteria.

Hence, you should sit down and try to answer this question for yourself first. This may open up quite a few insights into yourself. Are you applying more for the sports program than the studies? What do you think this school has to offer to you? It is also best to talk more about when answering this question. That way, the interviewers can tell whether you have the potential to be happy at that college.

2. Favorite Books

This is quite a common question in many college interviews. They're not just trying to judge whether you read but also what makes an impact on you. The answers to this question can tell us a lot about people. Hence, college admission interviews almost always have this question in some form or other. They may ask you what books you have recently read that made an impact on you, or the ones you remember most vividly.

If you’re a reader of any sort, you would find it easy to prepare for this part. Be sure to go a bit beyond just giving the name of the book and its author. Try to remember just what it was about the book that struck you. If it taught you any life lesson or helped you get over a tough part of life, note this down. You never know what would impress the interviewers. Above all, be honest and truthfully speak about the books that you love. If they aren’t impressed, the place may not be a good fit for you after all.

Talking about books would not only showcase your interests but also aspects of your personality that may otherwise remain hidden. Of course, you would want to avoid books that everyone was assigned to read in high school. Even if you have no other choice, try to say something unique about it that would make you stand out from the other candidates.

3. Your Assumed Contribution

College admission interviews don’t just want to know what you think of the school. They also want to gauge how precious an asset you are. There have probably been applications from all over the country, maybe even the world. You need to stand out from the rest of them.

The interviewers would probably not ask this question outright. It may come in the form of ‘How did you stand out at your high school?’ or ‘What would you bring to this college/university?’

In a nutshell, they want to see both how confident you are and how you can already shape the world around you for the better. Take out a little time to prepare for this question as you may regret leaving out something important afterward. Make a list of all your extracurricular activities to date. Include volunteer work, internships, and your general activities. You may also think of some ways to describe yourself. Jot down some positive adjectives and see how and where they apply to yourself.

4. Your Own Questions

The question about whether you would like to know anything is probably one of the most difficult to answer. This usually comes in at the end of the interview. At this point, you probably just want to wrap things up. However, this question is also very important to ascertain your potential as a student.
Don’t simply say that all your questions were answered in the interview, or that you have none. You need to show that you value yourself and have something to offer.

Hence, chalk out your interest before you leave for the interview. Make sure to ask if there is a place for them at that specific college. When you show the interviewers that you have thought about their institution with relation to yourself, they would probably feel more kindly towards you.


Being nervous in an interview would only shut down your thinking process. Help yourself along by preparing for the questions above. This way, you would feel far more relaxed and be ready to dazzle that interview panel!

Jaelyn Arias is an Educator, and a Blogger. As an educator, she works for an academic writing firm where she renders her services for coursework help uk. In her blogs, she writes about the different topics that educate students about their life, education, and career.
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