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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Valuable Suggestions For Malaysian Students Studying In UK

Valuable Suggestions For Malaysian Students In UK

Guest post by Andrew Davies (Share your insight with 57,000+ Malaysian students)

A foreign student is always facing difficulties this way or the other no matter if we live in a world that is called global village. Theoretically we may be living in such a world where a new country may not be strange or different for someone but being a student my experience was completely different. UK is a country of education, profession and future. This is why hundreds of thousands of students comet to UK from Malaysia and other countries every year. The cultural difference is everywhere and it matters a lot on a great scale. The tough economic environment in UK is also a problem for Malaysian students as most of the students in Malaysia are dependent on their families for economic survival.
Valuable Suggestions For Malaysian Students In UK
In UK this economic survival’s burden shifts on to your shoulders and you have got to work hard to make both the ends meet as in a tough economy you don’t have relatives to rely on. A Malaysian student is normally not very good at speaking English. Listening, comprehending and understanding becomes another difficulty. Doing part time jobs and adjusting with people no matter if you like them or not in a shared accommodation are the very fundamental and common problems that Malaysian students will face in UK. This article will not only mention such fundamental problems but also suggest you the right step to take at times of problems.

1. Accommodation.

When you have an accommodation already booked before flying from Malaysia you should make sure that place is under the use of other students similar to you. Malaysian students in UK are considered to be shy and innocent and that is why they are subjected to a lot of violations and bullying. When the natives in the UK know that you are a new comer and unaware of a lot of things they will do their best to fetch money out of your pockets by hook or crook.

So before you make your move about the accommodation somewhere privately we would suggest you to prefer a university or college hostel to stay. On the contrary you can choose to live in a house and share the rent with other students but this can be done later on when you are aware of the situation yourself in UK.

2. Finding a part time job.

You got to work no matter what and sometimes probably a double part time job. With all this you got to send back some money to home for financial reasons probably. A lot of students from Malaysia are apparently on a student visa but their basic aim to be in UK is nothing but earning money. If that is one of your primary objectives and education is the secondary then remember that you will only be able to coherently stick to your target if you work hard.

Earning money on a student visa more than you are allowed for can cause severe and serious risks to your stay in the UK. This means if you work for hours exceeding your permitted hours limit then you may get caught and consequently be deported for this.

3. Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Malaysian students are not as spoiled as kids in the USA or UK are. That is why we as Malaysians need to be vigilant about indulging in such gatherings or activities. Recently a Malaysian Mathematic genius was jailed in the UK for child pornography. He wasn’t a criminal when he landed in UK but his temptations towards drugs and alcohol took him to where he is today.

4. Get to know the vicinity.

When you reach your residence in the UK first of all get to know the places nearby. Make sure you are able to get to this place from anywhere in the city. Make sure you know the names of the nearest landmarks etc. Today you have google map and many other apps that can help you to trace your location no matter where you are. Specific apps have specially been designed for targeted cities etc. While there was a time when all of this never existed and even today I would suggest you not to use these apps right in the beginning and instead only use your eyes, memory and idea to get to your residence from an unknown location.

5. You academic life.

Never neglect your academic life so much so that your student visa may get rejected or cancelled. From the day one strive hard to be a good students and learner no matter how tough the circumstances are. Don’t excuse your academic progress for the reason of English, new location or new environment. Malaysians are famous for being genius all around the world and every one expect of you to uphold that pride in a foreign country.

Andrew Davies is an experienced educationist and a responsible students’ counselor. He has assisted many students in their journey from academic to professional life and that why is known as a mentor by students in the category of dissertation help.
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