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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Do You Identify With These 8 Excuses For Not Studying Abroad?

Do You Identify With These 8 Excuses For Not Studying Abroad?

Guest post by Anna Marsh (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

In today’s academic culture, a big chunk of the proportion of students chooses to study abroad. But when it comes to studying abroad, dozens of questions start surfacing in the minds of students. There is no denying that studying abroad is a challenging thing but that’s what makes it worth your time and efforts. Nonetheless, a portion of students finds excuses when it comes to studying abroad. Some of the excuses are as follows:
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1. It Is Too Costly

No doubt students who wish to study in a foreign country need to manage a hefty amount of finance to cover all expenses. This is because you will need to pay semester fees, accommodation charges, traveling cost and etc.

In addition, many international colleges offer a scholarship opportunity to international students but they set very tough criteria. In case you’re willing to take a financial aid then you will need to pay it as per your agreement. So make your mind for study abroad program if you’re in a sound financial position else you mind end up without achieving a foreign degree.

2. I Will Miss My Family

Of course, it’s in human nature. When you will move to a new place for study purpose you will genuinely miss your friends and family. It will take a lot of time to come closer to anyone. This is why when you will move to a new country, you can’t make get attached to new friends instantly.
Additionally, the chances are high that you will feel homesickness. If these things are challenging for you then considering study abroad program is not the right choice for you.

3. I Can’t Speak Foreign Language

It is true to say that not everyone can speak a foreign language. Some students find it hard to learn a new language, while some hesitate to speak in a different way. Every student needs to buy stuff, get on the train, and need to communicate with their academic counselors.

These necessities of life will force you to learn and speak a new language. If you find speaking in a foreign language a daunting task, then you should give up your decision of study abroad.

4. Admission Procedure Is Complex

In order to secure admission in an international college or university students need to go through an entire admission process. Different colleges have different admission criteria which students need to follow appropriately to grow their career.

At first, you will need to figure out each and every admission requirement of the foreign admission you desire to pursue your career. Afterwards, you will be required to accomplish them in the prescribed way to please the admission counselor.

5. I Love My Country

The majority of students are so much attached to their living environment that they’re not mentally prepared to live in a new place. This is because they grow up in the same culture from childhood so it’s hard for them to adjust to a new lifestyle. If your country environment fascinates you more than any other country, then it’s hard for you to settle in a new country for study purpose.

Thus it’s better to research about the lifestyle of the country you’re planning to study abroad than to fail to adjust to it.

6. I Don’t Know Anyone 

Many students don’t have connections in a foreign country. And this is why they give up the decision of study abroad. According to research, the biggest fear of studying abroad is the strange environment. Normally when someone moves to another country for the purpose of study, he faces a tough time to cope with the new people.

However, if you think you can’t interact with new people so easily then you should withdraw the decision of study abroad.

7. I’m Afraid Of Travelling

Traveling is a scary experience for many people especially when it comes to travel abroad. And this is why when students think about studying abroad too many questions pop up in their mind that stops them to travel.

When students move to a new country they explore new things on a daily basis. Some people easily adjust to the new culture while some take ample amount of time. Therefore it’s essential to make a wise decision when it comes to studying in a new place.

8. It Won’t Benefit Me

A large proportion of students ignores the opportunity of studying abroad because of the less demand for foreign qualification in their country. Many employers underestimate the value of a foreign degree while recruiting new staff.

This is why a lot of students are not interested in pursuing higher education in a foreign country. If you’re also living in a country where foreign qualification fails to impress the employer, then it’s useless for you to study abroad.

Anna Marsh is the writer of this post. She is a veteran UK Essays Academic Counselor and Career Analyst. Personally, she is fond of listening to music, watching movies, and playing sports. Her favorite sports include parasailing, rafting, and boating.
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