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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Score Straight A's for SPM 2019 in 50 Days

Guest post by Camille Fan, SPM 2016 Straight A's Scorer (Share your secret exam scoring tips with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Hello! I am here today to guide you how to achieve straight As in just 50 days. THIS IS NOT A CLICKBAIT!! I'm not going to lie but don't expect all rainbows and sunshine. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WAR RIGHT HERE, SPM!! (Just kidding, SPM is nothing okay? please don't stress yourself out) Most students procrastinate every chance they get. I mean why finish my homework when I can re-watch every season of 'Friends'? Right? *rolls eyes*

However, time ticks and the last thing you know you're only 50 days away from SPM. Hence, I’ve compiled a list of ways I found effective that helped me!

Stop hogging the revision books and start doing your past years!!

First, to test your understanding and memories on what you have learnt, read your revision book for an hour to revise what you learnt throughout the year. For example, read your textbook and revision books for Biology for an hour or two and that's it; no more reading. Then, get your trial papers out and do it as if you're in the exam. You're also only allowed to check the answers after you completed everything. It's okay if you get a lot of wrong answers at first, nobody's perfect. You will then gradually remember your mistakes and not repeat it the next time! Fast and effective.

Reward yourself!!

Everyone gets stressed and that's ok because it's our body's natural reaction. I had a few acquaintances that cried when they couldn't understand a specific add maths question or couldn't memorize all the facts for Sejarah and NEWSFLASH! Time waits for no man. Oh boy, the stress when you have so much to do but so little time. HORRIFYING!! Hence, watch your favourite drama or movie to broaden your mind. I used to write narrative essays for my continuous writing so movies and dramas help me in planning my plot. You really need your story to stand out and be unpredictable to impress your teachers and examiners. Ditch reading novels when you can watch movies and write amazing stories!

Talk to your family!!

At this moment so near to SPM, friends can get a little sensitive and selfish I might say. Some become conscious and starts studying every second they get up until the point where they neglect their health and friends. Besides, some also gets protective and would not share their knowledge with you. Let's be honest, it gets pretty annoying but it's okay focus on yourself and family. Now, always talk to your family members because they'll always be there for you and will not trigger stress.

Ask for your teachers help and go for tuition classes and seminar!!

You can always seek other professionals for help whenever you find trouble in your studies. Teachers always want the best for their students and they'll appreciate it if their students ask them for tips; in terms of life advices or just academically questions in general. Seminars are meant to help you absorb as much knowledge and tips for SPM in a short matter of time. However, do not go for overly expensive seminars, instead you can actually go for tuition centers that also hold seminars that are affordable and worth it.

Time yourself!!

A lot of students including myself find it hard occasionally to cope with the given time during examinations. For example, subjects like Mathematics do not provide a lot of time. Hence, plan it well before the big day. Time yourself when you're doing past year papers or trial papers with no distractions. Always skip the questions that are taking up too much time. To avoid catastrophes such as not being able to complete the other questions or getting too stressed out, skip the harder questions and come back to them later. When you've nothing else to worry about, you can then focus on the harder questions and try your best!


This is really important. Never tire yourself as this will affect your health! Don't let a few papers ruin your body. If you have too much tuition classes, quit some (if possible) and self study instead. Seminars and tuition classes are very different. Seminars are usually only a few days right before your SPM but tuitions are from the start of the year. I used to have three tuition classes, all of it on Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. They were Chemistry, Physics and Additional Mathematics but I decided to just go only for Physics because the teacher is cool and I can never study physics on my own HAHAHA. I quitted the other two subjects around June because I wanted more free time. You can't strain your brain and body anymore at this point, do self-study and have more time to yourself. Saving money and time at the same time!

So, this is it! Sorry it's been quite boring but I hope this helps! If you're reading this now, you probably still have more than 50 days but you can always start early. I wish the best for you and hope you score flying colors for your SPM!

Fan Kye Wen Camille Profile Picture
Kye Wen Camille is the usual girl that's enjoying life and has an undying love for chicken nuggets and writing. A part time low-key blogger and a student. She is a minimalist and you can occasionally find her bare foot on the couch with a bag of chips watching korean dramas. She hopes her doable and practical content can help others. Craziness runs in her blood!
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