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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Things To Check Before Submitting Your Assignment

Things To Check Before Submitting Your Assignment

Guest post by Mary Jones (Share your favourite tips with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Student life is a blessing, but assignment writing does not quite count as one. Along with giving you sleepless nights, it takes the students to come out of their comfort zones and to work hard and put in the best of their skills to  put together a good assignment. While most students make a last minute move, there are a few wise ones who work in a planned way and get their assignments right. Last minute or the early movers, there are a few things that each student must check before submitting their assignments, so as to avoid losing grades to small careless mistakes. Sometimes, students may miss out on some of these very important points which can lead to a total discard of their hard word. Thus, here are few things to look out for before submitting your assignment.
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Before submitting an assignment, it is important to go through it more than once with the aim to sort out big and small issues that might have an impact on your grades or little details that might help in making a better impression. Here are a few things to look out for:

1. Format

The first and foremost thing to check before submitting an assignment is its format. Whether you are submitting a report or an article or an essay – the format and basic guidelines specific to each one of them must be in place. Check for other guidelines as well, such as the spacing, font size, etc.

2. Content

This is the most important part of your assignment. Look out for all the important points and information that had to be included. Make sure your information is well presented and makes sense when being read.

3. Structure

Each assignment, whether a report or an essay has a basic structure to follow. Make sure you have a proper opening introduction, good and appropriate paragraphs and a conclusion. All your content should have a proper flow and should make sense when read by your grader.

4. Paragraphs

The paragraphs are where you give arguments/evidences in support of your topic. Thus, make sure each paragraph is a decent size with each covering a single point/argument. Talking of more than one argument at the same point may be misleading or confusing to the reader.

5. Referencing

Make sure you understand the referencing system properly and you must give references for every piece of material used in your work that has another source than your own original thoughts or research.

6. Grammar and Punctuation

This is one of the most important factors that will contribute to making a good impression on the reader. The grammar and punctuations must be absolutely correct and thoroughly checked. The commas and semi-colons must be in their correct places and the flow of the sentences must be maintained. Grammatical errors are a huge turn-off to the readers while they also make your work less credible.

Finally, you should check for anything that might add any bit of extra touch to your work and make it more presentable and interesting. Proper illustrations, graphs and diagrams add to the visual appeal of your assignment, while making it attractive to the reader. A student’s life experience of going through transition from grade D to A reinforces the necessity of approaching the coursework with a structured approach popular with all academicians.

10 Steps to Check Your Assignment Before Submission

To sum it up, a student should follow these 10 steps below before submitting an assignment.
  1. Go through the assignment marking rubric and check if you have covered all the sections.
  2. Check for necessary sub headings to map the solution against the marking rubric or with the suggested structure, if any. Take note of the requirement if the marker expects a format with or without sub headings.
  3. Read through the whole solution to make sure the thought flow of points is smooth and add a few sentences here and there to aid the flow.
  4. Check for grammatical mistakes, especially those which are highlighted by MS word.
  5. Reduce too long sentences and break them down in to smaller sentences.
  6. Find sentences in your solution which state a fact but have no references. Add necessary in-text reference at the end of the these sentences. Do fill in all the fields of information in a specific citation. Missing information must be filled up with information about the source by looking them up over the internet.
  7. Reconfirm if the referencing style is as per assignment guidelines or not and add the bibliography at the end of the solution. One must strictly follow the university referencing guidelines as required in your coursework. Check the number of references in the bibliography and reconfirm if it’s sufficient for your assignment.
  8. Include the prescribed cover page along with the Table of Contents (TOC), if needed.
  9. There should be proper referencing done for outsourced materials.
  10. Before you submit check the Turn it in report if possible and make changes to remove plagiarized sections (if any) before the final submission.
This last minute effort will save you from making little mistakes that often take away those top-up marks that could have made a huge difference in your overall grades. Thus, check, read through and make sure that there is nothing that might steal the show from all the hard work that you have put into your assignment.

Mary Jones has written articles and papers which have been selected by many reputed academic journals and paper publishing platforms. She is also a private tutor at AssignmentEssayHelp and provides assignment help to students. Mary Jones is known for her academic prowess in subjects like Human Resources & Sociology / Psychology. Mary Jones uses her extensive knowledge in these subjects to help students and is a firm believer in the fact that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. In her spare time, Mary is a lively soul making the most of every moment of life.
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