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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

How to Finish a School Group Project on Time?

How to finish a school group project on time?

Guest post by Alexandra Arnold (Share you education tips with 40,000+ Malaysian students)

In order to complete a group project fast, understand its requirements, divide the work, discuss problems, stay in touch and work together.

Group projects are a compulsory part of almost every academic course. Students are required to work on a single task together. It helps them in developing coordination, communication skills and being a good team player. However, group projects are beneficial for students, but due to the presence of individuals with different behavior, it sometimes becomes difficult for members to complete their project on time. Follow the guide below to know how to complete a group project fast:

How to Finish a School Group Project on Time?

Understand the requirements:

Every school project, be it a writing assignment or a presentation has some requirements that need to be followed while doing the project. Know what those requirements are and then do your project accordingly. For example, if your project is to write a historical essay, then you need to know what kind of historical topic you must choose. Whether it should be any historical event, place or thing, etc. What is the word count? What are the structural and format requirements that you need to follow in writing your paper? Etc. Understanding the requirements, not just makes the task easy for you, but also provides you ideas and guidelines for completing your task easily and fast as you get a clear idea about what you have to do and how.

Divide the work:

The best way to complete a group project fast is to divide the work equally to the group members by keeping in view their interest. It is very important to assign tasks according to one’s interest and abilities. Suppose if someone is good at calculations or has interest in it, then he or she can do it more easily and happily as compared to the one who doesn’t have any interest in it and doesn’t even know how to do it. So, if you are the group leader then divide the work and assign tasks to every member. First,ask them about what they are good at and what they want to do and then assign accordingly. In this way, you can complete your task in an effective manner and on time.

Discuss problems:

Discussion helps in finding out more ways to counter a problem and solve it easily. Stay in touch with all the group members and ask them to discuss their problems with one another. You can also take help from your advisor or course instructor in case if you find something really difficult and don’t know how to deal with it. Getting an instructor or advisor’s suggestions is considered beneficial for students as they are experienced and can give a more accurate solution for the problem.

Why it is necessary?

Finding out one’s learning style is necessary in this day and age. That is because if one is not aware of the learning style that is well suited for them, they can waste a lot of their time. And students know this better than anyone that time is a luxury that they don’t have much of. So if you want to find out your learning style, then just read on.

What remains in your memory?

The best way to do this is to try to remember the details of a meeting or other event that happened a little while ago. This will help you determine your learning style by using the information as to what do you remember the most. Is it something you saw? Is it something you heard? Or is it something you did?

Try each style

If the above method doesn’t work then you can still try each of the styles to find out which style works for you. But make sure the selected style should be match with your theme otherwise your overall project look will be awful. The thing to remember is that you give each style sufficient research and time before you move to the next. You have to learn all aspects about the selected style then implement.

Stick with it

Once you have found your learning style, you should stick with it if you want to complete your project quickly and efficiently. After selection of style you have to adopt it completely and learn about style from all available sources. A main issue faced by students that they do not stick with adopted style with confidence and west a lot time in rapidly switched styles. So make sure you have to stay on your decision confidently.

Get feedback:

Get feedback from group members from time to time regarding the completion of the project. Don’t leave things to the last minute. It is seen that in groups, there are students who don’t do their work on time and as a result lead the whole groups towards facing problem. If you have any such member in your group who is laid back and doesn’t complete work on time, then keep a constant contact with them and ask them to complete their task fast. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our fast paced life leaves little time for anything else. We have a set routine which has to be followed and if we deviate from it, our whole world can come crashing down. This is doubly true for students who have no choice but to study all the time if they want to keep their grades up. While spending most of one’s time studying isn’t a bad thing, but spending all the time doing nothing else, is. But the high competition environment leaves students with no choice. All this can be changed to a great extent if one can find out one’s learning style.

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