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Monday, February 17, 2014

1Malaysia Book Voucher (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia, BB1M) 2014 Promotions at Major Bookstores

1Malaysia Book Voucher (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia, BB1M) 2014
1Malaysia Book Voucher (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia, BB1M) 2014
Have you received your Baucar Buku BB1M 2014? Some tertiary education institutions (aka colleges and universities) have started distributing 1Malaysia Book Voucher (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia, BB1M) 2014 to tertiary students. You should get these RM250 (5 X RM50) BB1M book vouchers from your respective higher learning institutions starting from this month as these BB1M book vouchers are valid from February 1st till July 31st, 2014.

Advertisement banners of latest BB1M promotions start popping up everywhere on social media, email inboxes and even the physical stores to attract these tertiary students to spend their book vouchers at their respective book stores, stationery stores, book fair, university PC fair, in-campus phone and telco stores including DiGi, Hotlink, Celcom or even supermarket like Mydin! Here we try to list down all promotions so that you can make better and informed decision on where to spend your BB1M book vouchers.

Get FREE Exclusive Report: Do you know where you can get discounts and offers using your 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia, KADS1M)? We have an updated list of merchants accepting Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia in 2014 and their respective discounts. On top of that, you will get save money guide for students (panduan jimat cermat untuk pelajar) for FREE through email.

Check out the frequently-asked questions (FAQs) on 1Malaysia Book Voucher (Baucar Buku 1Malaysia, BB1M). Gentle reminder that you should not sell your book vouchers for cash even though it is tempting as you might regret later when getting caught doing so.

Update 3: Good news, you can now spend your BB1M book voucher at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2014 (Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur, PBAKL) from April 24th to May 4th at PWTC, KL.
Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur PBAKL

Spend BB1M book vouchers at POPULAR bookstores nationwide to get free RM10/RM50 gift voucher, POPULAR member card and stand a chance to win one of the 200 prizes worth RM70,000.
BB1M 1Malaysia Book Voucher Popular Bookstore Promotion

MPH Online Bookstore launches promotions to those who spend the BB1M vouchers at their online store. How to use your Baucar Buku 1Malaysia at mphonline.com? spend RM150 BB1M and receive free My Little Red Book of Offers. Promotion valids until 20 July 2014.
BB1M 2014 MPH Online Bookstore Promotion

The Big Bad Wolf Fireball Book Sale accepts the new BB1M 2014 vouchers on all purchases. Don't miss your HOTTEST EVER savings on books, only at MIECC (Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre @ MINES)!
Big Bad Wolf Fireball Book Sale accepts the new BB1M 2014 vouchers

BookXcess does not have any special promotion for BB1M 2014 vouchers but do accept them. Nonetheless, most of their books are already on bargain price so not really much to complain.
BookXcess now accepts BB1M

Other popular big bookstore chains such as Times bookstores, Borders bookstores, Kinokuniya KLCC etc have not launched their special promotions yet and have not announced officially when they start to accept BB1M vouchers.

Update: All Borders Malaysia bookstores accept BB1M from February 21st onwards but do not have any special or exclusive promotions for those who spend with their BB1M book vouchers. Nonetheless, you can get the 2-year Borders Membership BCARD for free instead of paying RM20 if you spend RM150 and above in one transaction. Benefits include 10% off purchase of books and stationery all year, 5% off purchase of magazines, gifts and collectibles all year.

Update 2: Borders Malaysia finally launched their special BB1M promotions in March. Spend RM150 with BB1M book vouchers to get free earphone, 2-year BRC-BCard Membership and BCard Voucher Pack; Spend RM250 using baucar buku BB1M to get free pocket power bank, mini notebook, 2-year BRC-BCard Membership and BCard Voucher Pack.
Borders Malaysia special BB1M promotions
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  1. When is the official date for the distribution of BB1M book vouchers?

    I like Borders promotion, last time can get free Starbucks vouchers, Radioshack vouchers, Borders member card for 3 years...

  2. Shame on my school for not distributing them yet :( they were pretty efficient when distributing them last year, and now the Big Bad Wolf sale has ended... Oh well :/

  3. should i spend all 250 on books?

  4. can we use book voucher to purchase books in book fest 2014?


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