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Friday, September 14, 2012

2012 STPM SPM PMR Tips/Notes/Forecast/Leaked Question (Kena Tepat 100% Tip/Nota/Ramalan/Soalan Bocor) Found on Facebook

Editor's Notes: A little bit digging reveals the now-deactivated 2012 SPM Tips/Notes/Ramalan (Official) Facebook page with 23,596 likes.
2012 SPM Tips/Notes/Ramalan (Official)
SPM Selangor Chemistry and Ekonomi Asas 100% Kena Tepat Trial Paper Tips
Chemistry and Ekonomi Asas SPM Selangor Trial Tips

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Forget books, answers are on Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR: A Facebook page has become the toast of students sitting for the SPM trial exams it has “Tips/Notes/Forecast” which have been found to be identical, or almost identical, to the actual exam questions.

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said the ongoing SPM trial exams had been devalued as students had been converging on the page for tips.

He said that since the first day of the exams on Aug 29, students found the tips for the Bahasa Melayu papers for Selangor schools to be accurate.

At press time, the page had a recorded 23,626 “likes” compared to the 2,000 before the trials began.

Lim visited the page yesterday and found eight photos stamped “Kena Tepat 100%” .

“It is obvious that the photos are proclamations of reliability of the tips provided by the Admin', a term used by the account holder to address itself,” he said, while promising to raise the issue of leaked trial exam questions in Parliament.

The Star checked the page and found two other notable photos.

One was a post announcing purported payment from a fan while the other was a shot of a leaked question.

The question posted was identical to the actual one, with some rephrasing on the points to guide the candidates.

A few students vouched for the tips accuracy.

According to a KL student, who identified herself as LMH, the accuracy of the tips was “beyond belief”.

“The page has appeared on my Facebook as friends of mine like' and share' it,” she said.

Another student, who identified herself as CWJ, said everyone at her school was talking about it.

A Federal Territory Education Department source said the distribution of the leaked trial exam papers was not illegal as the papers and the administration of trial exams did not fall under the ambit of the Official Secret Acts (OSA) or contravene any other Acts.

“The papers are distributed to the schools and it is up to the schools to ensure they are not leaked,” he said.

The Star found that several schools had been preparing their own exam questions to counter the problem.

National Union of Teaching Profession deputy president Tey Meng Seng said he was aware of the leaks and had heard about such cases in the past, but added that with the new School-Based Assessment system this issue would no longer be a cause for concern.

The Facebook page has since been deactivated.

Source: The Star Online

Education ministry to probe SPM trial examination paper leak

SHAH ALAM: The Ministry of Education will investigate alleged leaks of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) trial examination papers alleged by various online postings.

Its Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said he will instruct his officers to investigate the allegations, which were spread through social sites such as facebook.

"I have not received any report on the matter. I will direct my officers to investigate this immediately. However, the public need not panic as the trials did not measure students' success.

"The students' achievements are tested through the real examinations in the end," he said after presenting prizes Toyota Eco Youth Challenge yesterday.

Wee said his ministry had a high level security system that ensured examination papers did not leak out.
"We have a vault to store the papers and it cannot be broken easily," he said.

Meanwhile, Wee encouraged SPM leavers with good results to apply to be teachers.

"I urge those who had scored more than seven As or more to apply for teachers training programme," he adviced.

On teachers who had only diplomas, Wee encouraged them to take up degree studies.

Source: New Straits Times
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