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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Education Nation Conference 2011 "Paving the Educational Roadmap for Malaysia & Asia"

Posted by Chong

Education is an important catalyst in developing talented, relevant, skilful and sufficient manpower to a nation. The future of a nation depends greatly on their education. The most advanced nations in the world have always prioritized and understood the importance of education as a panacea for competitive advantage to strengthen competitiveness, employment and social cohesion and mobility in their nation. Education has played a vital role in developing and transforming Malaysia into a key player in the global economy. It has always been a vital component of Malaysia’s development agenda and even more so now as the nation’s deadline to become a high-income developed nation by 2020 approaches.

Today, however, Malaysia’s growth is stunted by the departure of its people, in particular the highly skilled workforce bracket that are leaving to neighbouring and far off nations for better opportunities, compensation and relief from the sense of social injustice lingering back home. An estimate of one million Malaysian has migrated to other nations since 2000, a third of them are ‘Brain Drain’ –the migration of talent to other nations.

Asian World Summit Sdn Bhd (AWS) is organizing a 2 day premier conference namely EDUCATION NATION CONFERENCE 2011 with the theme "Paving the Educational Roadmap for Malaysia and Asia" which is held on the on the 13th and 14th September 2011 at Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

The summit is supported by the following organizations:
1. Ministry of Education, Malaysia
2. University of Nottingham
3. Institute of Chartered Accountants if England and Wales
4. Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology
5. Statworks (M) Sdn Bhd
6. Parent Action Group on Education (PAGE)
7. Teach for Malaysia
8. National Association of Private Educational Institutions

The 2-day program comprises of 32 local and international speakers. The topics that will be covered in depth are:-
  • Where has Malaysia’s Talents Gone?
  • Education NKEA and KPIs: Transforming Education as an Engine of Growth
  • Upgrading Malaysia to a World-Class Education Hub.
  • Technologically Enhanced 21st Century Learning
  • Voices of Our Future Generation
  • Employers Debate: Quantity vs Quality of Graduates Moving into the Workforce
  • World Class Education Institutions – Where do Mlaysia’s Schools and Universities stand?
  • Affordable Education: Lower Quality?

The program is structured to be interactive via dialogues sessions, moderator discussants, panel discussions and Q&A sessions with delegates.

Malaysia Students Blog is attending this conference and will be covering some of the topics. Read www.Malaysia-Students.com for more updates.
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