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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

UNSW International Competitions Reward You In More Ways Than One

Written by Michelle Tam

Want to pit your academic skills against tens of thousands of students? "Hmm, don't we do that every time there's a government exam like PMR, SPM and STPM?" you ask. Well, want to have fun while you're at it, possibly win an internationally recognised gold medal, and gets loads of co-curricular marks? Then read on!

I'll elaborate on the competition before I explain how it helps boost your co-curricular points.

Being a bit of a competition junkie, I love looking out for language based or essay writing competitions to join. One competition in particular that I have never failed to participate in for the past 5 years is the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia's International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS). Whew, what a mouthful!

The competition is open to students of various age groups - students from Standard 3 to Upper 6 can participate, with differing levels of difficulty for each age group. You can choose to compete in English, Science, Mathematics or Computer Skills. You're not restricted to only 1 subject - you can compete in all 4 if you want to! I've only competed in English so far, and I have to say that the standards of this exam are very high and quite unlike the English exams we take at school. I'll even go so far as to say that it is harder than MUET, which makes it an excellent exam to take in preparation for MUET. Friends who have competed in Maths and Science tell me that it's quite challenging as well! Nothing good comes easy after all.

You need to pay RM 20 per subject, but don't let the exam fee discourage you from joining this competition! Trust me when I say it's worth it. For RM 20, you get a thick, fully coloured exam question booklet, and when your results come back, you'll get a detailed explanation of where you went wrong, what the correct answers actually are, how you fared compared to all the other students of your age group, as well as an internationally recognised certificate. The detailed analysis of your answers really shows you where your strengths and weaknesses are, which helps highlight where you need to make improvements in!

You will get either of the following :
  • High Distinction (to the top 1% of entrants in each year level in Malaysia)
  • Distinction (to the next 10% of entrants in each year level in Malaysia)
  • Credit (to the next 20% of entrants in each year level in Malaysia)
  • Participation (to all students who did not qualify for one of the above certificates.)

What about that gold medal I mentioned earlier? Well, the Gold Medal is only awarded to the top scorer of each age group for each subject, which means you have to first get a High Distinction, and then be the highest among the other students who got a High Distinction, before you qualify for a Gold Medal.

Out of 34, 603 students who participated in the competition last year, only 97 got Gold Medals in various subjects. This means competition is stiff, but hey, you never know how you'll do till you try it for yourself!

I got a Gold Medal myself, for English, and trust me, it's worth the money and effort. All you have to do is sign up for the competition, race against time for 1 hour, and hand it in. Simple enough, isn't it? I'm not sure of what preparations can be done, because the paper tests you in all manner of fields such as grammar and literary interpretation, to name a few. It's a fully objective paper, meaning no essays. If you really want to prepare for it, you can purchase past year booklets from the website, the link of which I will provide at the end of this entry. Personally, I recommend reading up on the rules of grammar and reading more, as they do test you on your vocabulary and it helps to have a large vocab bank.

Alright, now I'll highlight how it helps you with your co-curricular marks. Those in Form 5 and Upper 6 will probably find this useful =)

My memory's a bit rusty, so this is more or less correct kay. I used this competition in my 'Clubs and Society' section to great effect. First off, the 'Kehadiran' or 'Attendance' part, I used from another activity I was in, which gave me 50%. Then, I also used a post from another club, which gave me 10%. Now, for 'Level of Participation', the ICAS is on an international level, so it was the full 20%! As for 'Pencapaian' or 'Achievement', since I got the Gold Medal, it was 1st on a national level - I got to put 17%!

Which summed up to an astounding...97%! Isn't it amazing? If you have can combine attendance from another club, and a high post from another, and participate in this competition, you already have around 80%, which gets you an A, even if you don't win the medal! Bear in mind that High Distinction and below is not counted as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing - which is quite unfortunate.

This is why I highly recommend joining this competition. Not only will you benefit academically, you will also gain plus points co-curricular wise! For those who are interested to join, please talk to your English teachers or the Head of the English Panel in your school or, for those in college doing pre-uni/something equivalent to Upper 6, try talking to your English lecturer or dean. You have to join this competition through your school as even the form which you fill in will require you to state which school you're from.

Here are some dates to mark on your calendar if you're interested in joining :

  • Competition date: Tuesday, April 29th 2008
  • Entries close: Tuesday, April 1st 2008
  • Entry fee: MYR 20.00 per student

Computer Skills
  • Competition date: Tuesday, September 2nd 2008
  • Entries close: Tuesday, July 22th 2008
  • Entry fee: MYR 20.00 per student

  • Assessment date: Tuesday, July 22th 2008
  • Entries close: Tuesday, June 24th 2008
  • Entry fee: MYR 20.00 per student

  • Competition date: Tuesday, August 5th 2008
  • Entries close: Wednesday, July 9th 2008
  • Entry fee: MYR 20.00 per student

For more information, visit www.eats.com.my. I hope this article proved informative - all the best and good luck!

Updated on May 14, 2008: Dear readers, please bear in mind that mark allocations may vary from school to school. My previous schools gave out 20/20, which is the best case scenario. The 'worst case' scenario would be 17/20. Do confirm with your head of co-curricular activities - but do join the competition for the many other benefits it offers, not just for the marks kay! :)
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  1. Yupe...UNSW international quizzes are worth it! Never regret in participating in it!

    Gained experiences and get to know how New South Wales exams was.I only get the chance when I was Form 5. My school started to join these quizzes on my last year of secondary.

    Luckily,I did managed to get credits for some of the subjects and which made me proud of it!RM20 is reasonable and it's definitely worth it!

    You can get back your exam papers,cert and answer analysing. You have nothing to lose~Give it a try!

  2. You can elaborate it into a fascinating examination that awards you with a lot of marks. However, let us see the calculations again.
    First, how can you say it is an international participation when you are only awarded based on national performance? That gives you only 17 marks for participation as it is a national level competition.
    Second, how can you say you won first when the Gold medal is shared by at least 19 students? 17 marks is only awarded to the first prize winner, not a gold medalist that shares prizes with so many people. That leaves you 0/20 for achievement.
    When we sum it up, you only get 77% which must then be divided by two, giving only 38.5/50 to be contributed to the overall. Am I not right?

  3. pyngx2 : glad you had a good experience! :)

    bryant : i'll address your questions. bear in mind that the marks i stated were not awarded by myself - i consulted the penolong kanan kokurikulum, and he advised me on the proper mark distribution.

    first off - you are right. i compete nationally/here (why fly to aus just to sit for a paper?) - but the quiz is held on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. it isn't a national performance, but an internationally ranked one. the same papers are taken everywhere. a year 12 student in australia takes the exact same paper as a year 12/form 6 student in malaysia.

    thus, it's internationally recognised, leading to international participation marks - a gold medallist in malaysia is on par with a gold medallist in australia (in the same subject and age band).

    secondly - i can say i won first place on a national level because i'm the only upper sixer who won a gold medal in english in the whole of malaysia. it's a first prize, because i beat the other 1000 or so upper sixers who participated to earn the gold medal.

    thus, i didn't 'share' my medal with 'so many people'. i beat nearly 1,000 fair and square to earn it.

    do remember that each of the 97 gold medallists had to beat, in their respective age bands, hundreds or thousands of other students to earn their medal. thus, we are first in our subject and age band, as not all 35k students got a medal. only 97 who beat the rest got them.

    we had to be the best of around 35k competitors - and that is, quite obviously, an achievement.

    therefore, your presumed accurate calculations are wrong.

    hope that answers your questions - do feel free to ask again if this hasn't cleared it up.

  4. Quoting from EATS website:
    [Quote] Medals are awarded to the top student(s) in each school year in Malaysia at the discretion of EAA. [Unquote]
    This means that there are different standard for different countries and medal are awarded the same way. Now you assume you are on par with a medal winner from Australia?
    Besides that, why fly to Australia to sit for a paper? Of course you have to group all participants in a place of the same conditions to enable fair judgment. I doubt that the conditions here in Malaysia is 100% the same as that of Australia.
    Thirdly, you claim the figures of 1k and 35k respectively for English and overall. This are just a small sample out of so many Malaysian Students. By charging a fee of MYR 20 means that there might be students who are better but can't afford the fees. Agree? Then, can you now claim that you are the best? If it is a free for all exam that any poor people can participate, then, the result might differ.

  5. bryant : referring to your quote - 'at the discretion of EAA'. there are times where medals do not get awarded even to the highest ranking person in that year/subject - because the mark is high enough comparatively on an international standard. i've heard that EAA can choose not to award the medal if the mark of the person does not reflect the similar high standards that top scorers in other countries have achieved. i doubt the standards of excellence differ much.

    i do not assume i am on par with a medallist in australia - i state and know that i am.

    *laughs* the 'fly to australia to sit for paper line' was sarcasm. conditions are subjective, and not under my control. i merely compete in the competition, not dictate how it should be held. what's your issue here, again?

    i also do not claim the figures - i know them. i never claimed i was the best - do read my previous reply in full before shooting off one of your own. i quote myself : 'i beat nearly 1,000 fair and square to earn it' and 'we had to be the best of around 35k competitors'. not once did i mention i was, or that we were, the absolute best compared to every single student in malaysia. i said we were the best of the 35k. don't put words in my mouth, and try to ask questions in as professional a manner as i am answering them.

    why bring up the issue of 'if students who are better join etc'? point is, even if there were better students who could have joined, they didn't. to make a statement like that, you'd have to question the results of EVERY competition, because clearly not everyone joins everything. and that's why i wrote this - to promote the competition. it would be nice if more could enter and try it out.

    i agree that not everyone can afford the rm 20, but the matter of the fees or how expensive they may be is, once again, not an issue under my control. i merely wrote about something i find good and useful that i hope to see more participate in as it tests your academic mettle and also boosts your co-curricular points.

    once again, feel free to ask questions relevant to the post, and not referring to extenuous circumstances like 'what if more entered' or 'if it were free this and that' and 'the conditions are different therefore...'.

  6. I just feel you do not deserve the marks... That all... Why? Because I still feel it is just a national competition... What is the purpose of people struggling hard to qualify themselves to represent the country then? Do you think this is funny? Sarcastic? Fine, then Olympic will not need to be held in Beijing or any other place anymore. It can be held in every country, then the results are compiled and medals are awarded to the winners? Haha... Don't make me laugh... If you think this is not relevant, then you are just hiding from my criticisms...

  7. bryant : haha! i don't care about making you or anyone else laugh :D many penolong kanan ko-ku's, headmasters etc have believed that it IS fair and awarded the marks accordingly. if you want to persist in whining that it's 'not fair', that's your prerogative - i've done my best to explain things to you.

    i'm just helping to highlight a competition that will help boost the marks of other people who may be trying to scrape that A in their co-curricular marks. if other people want to struggle hard for other competitions, bravo to them! however, this is absolutely no basis to shoot down another competition. it really is comparing apples to oranges. you can 'feel' this and 'think' that - whatever you like - but truth is, this is the way it's done.

    just because 'only 35k join', it's not easy. the questions themselves are very challenging, and who's to say the less you compete against, the easier it is? the exact opposite! the curve is rigged AGAINST your favour - let me put it this way. for example, in form 5, only an 80 is considered the minimum mark for an A, because only a few hundred in your school take it. on a nationwide average, that mark for an A is definitely lower when you take differing averages into account - the actual mark for an A might be only 70. therefore, the less people that compete, the higher the benchmark is - to ensure that only the deserving ones get awarded, and not just because they happen to join it.

    you have the right to agree or disagree with the article, but you certainly have no right whatsoever to be rude, especially when people try to treat you with respect.

    you keep on dragging in other competitions! you want to quote the olympics? in no way is that competition even related to this! you're merely using circumstantial 'what ifs' and other baseless rhetoric to compare an apple to an orange.

    that's what i mean by irrelevant...in no way does it support your argument, yet you insist on quoting it. if indeed something you say strengthens your case, then by all means mention it! if it doesn't, don't.

    haih if you continue being so bitter, i guess you can go harass an ESUM public speaking competitor (the one where the top two go to london) for not 'struggling' through the zone, district, and state level in the standard public speaking competition to get to national levels.

    please be logical. people can choose to compete in what they like and it really isn't your place to question the merits of the competition they enter - or the marks they get.

    they're all different competitions, and each competition has a different set of entrants, different rules etc - but in no way is it any particular entrant's fault for entering a competition someone else thinks is easy.

    i have repeatedly trounced your claims and assumptions by replying in as polite and professional a manner as i can, but you have the cheek to say that by disagreeing with you, i am 'hiding from your criticisms'? just because i don't support your outlandish assumptions doesn't mean i'm avoiding you in any way. in fact, i have thoroughly and completely addressed every question you put forth, and i believe i've proved me right and you wrong.

    difference is, i don't add 'am i right' to my sentences the way you do, because i need no approval or assertion from others - the facts speak for themselves :)

    have a good day!

  8. If your are laughing at yourself, continue... You said many, not all, so it is considered baseless as it is not applicable for some people who had been tricked to participate.
    First of all, there are no "what ifs" in my points. Yeah, you got my point. You can see that it is not apple to apple but apple to orange, then why they deserve equal marks?
    Secondly, I am not rude. Who started those laughs and sarcasm? It is not me for your information. It is the one who claimed to be polite and professional. Clear ya? No speculation needed.
    Thirdly, the ESUM public speaking competitor deserve the merit as they are officially representing the country after a nationwide competition. In your case, you are not honoured to represent the country as you did not go through any selection whatsoever.
    Sorry but I have to tell you that your last argument is totally not true. I put in the am I right phrase because I am on the right side. However, people, who are giving wrong information are uncertain about their points and cannot seek for confirmation as no body will agree with them.
    Lastly, I hope that I had enlightened you on some points that you are unclear about previously and therefore would like you to restate your points to conform to the truth.
    Nice getting you to listen to me. Thank you very much.

  9. bryant : no, i'm not laughing at myself :) i just find this very amusing. tricked to participate? i don't know where you get that idea from - how can you assume people were tricked? for one thing, this competition requires a signed agreement form by the parents (that was how it was done in my school) and why would parents agree to something that would lead to their children being tricked?

    perhaps you know someone who was unhappy with this competition. once again, that is beyond my control.

    i may have got it, but you certainly haven't. when i say you are comparing apples to oranges, it means that you are setting up a comparison that is illogical. different competitions assess different things. however, they both recognise something or another to be an achievement, and thus award their prizes accordingly. try not to place an international sports competition next to an international academic skills competition.

    and i disagree - you are definitely rude. the sarcasm was put forth after you started your sentences with 'how can you say' and 'how can you claim' and by blatantly assuming it's a 0/20 for achievement. questioning in such an aggressive and antagonistic manner is definitely impolite. no speculation needed :)

    bryant, i wasn't representing malaysia - i represented myself in an international competition. i didn't have to be 'honoured' to represent the country. when the best are compiled in malaysia, you see the overall standing in the world. there's no 1st 2nd or 3rd here. there's a gold medallist - and the rest of them. i never said i had to be selected. no one had to be selected, or forced to participate, or 'tricked' to participate.

    you haven't enlightened me on anything, because i wasn't unclear about anything. i will do no such thing as 'restating my points to conform to the (supposed) truth', because regardless of your contention, schools will view winning the competition as winning an international competition, so regardless of how it is put, it is to my understanding that people get 20 marks for entering it.

    if you want to challenge the validity of the score, you can do so through other channels e.g. the school board, the education ministry, EAA, or EATS malaysia.

    this discussion is evidently going nowhere. you are obviously adamant about your own points, as i am about mine. since it seems important to you that you find out how much this international - or national as you say - competition weighs, then i suggest you take it up with the testing board.

    however, thanks for your views. it's good to see someone being so passionate about their point of view.

    if indeed i am proven wrong by official representatives from aforementioned bodies, then i will be happy to amend the article. but as far as i'm concerned, my article is in no manner inaccurate, misleading, or false.

    that is all.

  10. Because this is a publicly viewed article, I have to insert facts that are direct such as 0/20 so that all readers understand my point. I can go on narrating this point using the indirect way and guess what? There might be some students who do not get my point.

    Secondly, do you mean that by just participating, I earn the involvement mark of 20/20? Then I can pay RM 20 and get 20/20?

    Lastly, your are the writer of this article. It is your responsibility to get clear answers from say, the Ministry of Education to prove that you are right. If not, anyone can write misleading articles and ask other people to find out the fact for them and correct them. That serve no purpose for the writer to write that article. Also, it is not the way for people to write articles with tonnes of assumptions including assuming that all schools mark the same way, assuming a person is on par while there are possibility of the otherwise and e.t.c.

    I will be grateful if you can prove yourself right and not challenge me to find the fact for you as you are the writer of this article. Thank you.

  11. Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts. The fact is, participants in the UNSW competitions are better off than those who haven't.

    For a mere RM 20, you are able to compete against your peers nationwide and participate in an international event that will evaluate your standing among them in various subjects.

    You gain recognition for doing well. You are awarded with certificates that will aid in future studies.

    You gain satisfaction for a job well done.

    You are exposed to different testing methods not used locally.

    You learn from your mistakes, but know that it doesn't matter because the next test will be totally different, unless you understand the principles and inner workings of what is being tested.

    It doesn't really matter how they award the medals and certificates, the board is allowed their own discretion and we should not question it. What remains is, is the RM 20 totally justified for the experiences you gain from the competition? You do the math.I'm going to bed.

  12. Ya. I totally agree with Zach with the part saying "Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts."

    However, the subject matter here is the co-curriculum marks, not other gains. Of course I agree with all others that we can gain a lot but I still totally disagree with the marks part. I don't think so all schools mark the same way. This will only cause tendency for students to think that they have enough marks and neglect other events.

  13. zachary : thanks dear, finally a comment that makes sense :) i agree that rm 20 may be too low a fee for the benefits you reap from this competition, and that we really are lucky that they have kept it at the same rate for so many years.

    bryant : so THAT'S your main issue - the marks. let me make this clear once and for all.

    my marks were verified by teachers, authority figures, and those in charge of co-curriculum. i trust and believe that they know what they were doing, and they did it in accordance to the education ministry's guidelines. case closed.

    and yes, by paying rm 20 and joining this competition, you get 20/20 for participation! it's as simple as that. thank you for finally getting it :D

    how schools consider the papers to be worth is no longer an issue of contention. marks are awarded from school to school according to how they interpret the competition, but from my experience and the schools i've been to and know of, they give it international marks. even the very name makes it clear - international competitions and assessments for schools (ICAS).

    there's a very simple solution to this problem - before or after students take the exam, they can ask their co-curriculum head if they get international or national marks for it. problem solved! you don't have to worry your little head about them anymore.

    i never asked students to neglect other events. plus if they choose to neglect other things, that is their mistake - not mine. i have been proven right by those in power - all the answers you need can be gleaned from reading the article and my answers.

    that is (truly) all.

  14. I hate repeating myself, but every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts. The subject clearly states that "UNSW International Competitions Reward You In More Ways Than One" That is the subject, that is the subject matter.

    I have already stated some of the benefits to be reaped from participating in this competition. Co-curricular marks are but one of the rewards gained from this experience. To me, it is ranked among the lowest benefits, and is one of the more insignificant ones.

    Co-curricular marks are made such a big deal only in Malaysia. Anywhere else, it's not held in such high esteem. It's the experiences gained, the job well done, those are the things that affect you most, and I say we focus on the myriad of good things that can come from participating in this competition and leave the minor issues alone like benign cysts.
    And I'm going to have my lunch now. Please don't reply to this comment if you don't agree with me totally.

  15. michelle: Now you got my point. How many schools have you been to? Besides, just think clearly, just paying RM 20 for 20/20, totally ridiculous. But I agree that students should ask their respective senior assistants before making their decision. So, I hope the article can be amended so that a sentence regarding the variations are pointed out. This is to benefit the readers so that they know this best allocation of marks is subject to the authority of the school and will not mislead them further.

    Zachary Wu aka Goh Cheng Fai: I agree with your view on co-curriculum. However, my argument is to benefit the readers so that desperate-for-co-curriculur-mark students can clearly know the marks awarded to them that might deviate from what mentioned above. Anyway, it is true that participating co-curricular activities to learn is far better than merely aiming for the marks yield. However, in this country, we have a lot of students who do it for the latter. So, for the benefits of those students, the calculation part must be clear enough.
    Finally, enjoy your lunch.

  16. TAKE A CHILL PILL, Mr Bryant.

    All due respect but there's absolutely no need to argue over how mark allocations are done. D'oh!

    And besides, each student should be responsible for their own actions. Whether they want to be involved in further extra curricular activities or not, that's THEIR problem. If they want to perceive what michelle said was true, then so be it. They can either bum around and assume everything will be alright with just that, or they can reconfirm with the authorities concerned, WHICH i think they will be glad to help him. (or her, if you really care about that).

    And, BE A MAN! If you are one. I've a feeling you're gonna comment on that too. Then let me presume you're a XX, or for that case, XXY. Oh well, time for gym.

    Oh yeah, congrats to Mich for scoring 99.8% just for koku marks alone. Gosh, can't imagine that. Congrats once again!

  17. Dear jon wong,

    Thank you for attention given. However, I totally disagree that it is the full responsibility of the student for the query. It is the full responsibility of the blogger to make sure all information posted are totally true and fair.

    Oh. I don't care whether you are insulting or not for making that statement of yours. I know myself and I am proud of myself. Besides, do not think you learn Biology, and you can used it to insult people, please, use it for the benefit of mankind. Thats all I can say.

    Finally, I don't see scoring 99.8% as unimaginable. There are a lot scoring 100% and not even bragging about that.

    Anyway, it seems like most people here are after STPM. So, I wish all of you good luck and hope all of you get the course you wanted if you applied for local university.

  18. wow! quite a few replies since i last posted...well, i hope this will be the last.

    bryant : see how easy this could have been? if you had asked politely earlier for a sentence to clear up the 17/20 vs 20/20 issue instead of making assumptions and claims left right and centre, i would have complied.

    instead, you called my article misleading etc etc when you could have handled it so much better. do you not realise that the 20/20 is a best case scenario and the 17/20 just a 'worst case' scenario?

    and rm 20 for a possible 20/20 @ 17/20 isn't ridiculous - it's fantastic :)

    indeed, i have always advocated students taking the initiative to confirm things with their teachers/senior assistants.

    i shall ask chong to add the following to my post : 'dear readers, please bear in mind that mark allocations may vary from school to school. my previous schools gave out 20/20, which is the best case scenario. the 'worst case' scenario would be 17/20. do confirm with your head of co-curricular activities - but do join the competition for the many other benefits it offers, not just for the marks kay! :)'

    jon : hey jon, what a pleasant surprise! thanks a lot - i agree that students should always reconfirm with their respective school authorities. indeed, if this article hadn't been written, some of them may not even know of this great opportunity to improve themselves, as well as earn marks!

    haih why you go announce my marks here *shy* :P take care, and thanks for dropping by!

    house : hands down the funniest comment! you must be a dr. house fan - what a succint diagnosis :) yes, one should remember the fact that a lot of people benefit in this test in more ways than one...that was the true message of my article.

    some teachers may not be generous with marks, but others may be more understanding...with a little explanation (for example, by highlighting the fact the same papers are used worldwide), i'm sure that teachers will award the appropriate marks.

    i do i feel like i have been made a target by bryant, but it's alright. perhaps, through these comments, readers will have a clearer view of the competition. anything that benefits the readers is fine by me.

    thanks for all the feedback people! i hope this matter can be laid to rest now. stay tuned to malaysia-students! :D

  19. zachary : lol, so many comments that i didn't see your reply to mine! my apologies.

    i agree that one has no right to be wrong with his facts. my facts in my sphere of my understanding is right - teachers, to my knowledge and experience, have always awarded 20/20, which is why i am adamant about my opinion.

    however, as bryant has proven a clear example of, some people might get terribly muddled, which is why i hope with my reminding readers to reconfirm the marks awarded (after all, it's at the discretion of the school and truly isn't in my power) will solve this.

    thanks for following this comment thread - yes, i agree that co-curricular marks are the least of the benefits - that's why i talk about it last in my article, not first :)

    indeed, this whole thing is a mountain out of a molehill. and the benefits that you reap are indeed many - after all, it's not the destination that counts (the marks), but the journey you take towards getting there (the actual process - and thrill - of competing).

    take care!

  20. hi michelle,
    i noticed that you mentioned we could purchase past year booklets from the website, but i couldn't find anything related on the site. was wondering if you could help me out?

    gosh i hope someone replies...this post is quite old...

  21. hello andrea,

    past year booklets are up for purchase at the main website, not the malaysian branch - here's the link :)


    i'm not sure if they deliver to malaysia, but your safest bet would be to try the one available in singapore as they're the closest and probably the most affordable option available.


    hope this helps!


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