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Monday, January 21, 2008

SPM Literature In English (SPM 2008-2010)

Posted by Snow

Due to popular request, I have decided to dedicate a post to Literature in English (SPM 2008-2010). Please note that the previous Literature posts were only applicable for 2005, 2006 and 2007 candidates. You may of course, view them for comparison purposes and such.

Literature in English
Marking Scheme/ Guideline


Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)
Fasting, Feasting (Anita Desai)
Holes (Louis Sachar)

Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare)
The Lion and the Jewel (Wole Soyinka)
An Inspector Calls (J.B. Priestly)

Short Story
Naukar (Anya Sitaram)
Cinderella Girl (Vivien Alcoc)
The Landlady (Roald Dahl)
A Common Story (Kassim Ahmad)
Neighbours (Robert Raymer)
Harrison Bergeren (Kurt Vonnegut Jr. )

Theme: Relationships
Tonight I Can Write (Pablo Neruda)
Ways of Love (Chung Yee Chong)
A Prayer for My Daughter (Yeats)
The Way Things Are (Roger McGough)
For My Old Amah (Wong Phui Nam)
How Do I Love Thee? (Elizabeth Barret Browning)

Theme: Perceptions of Self
Birches (Robert Frost)
I Am (John Clare)
This Is A Photograph of Me (Margaret Atwood)
Waiting to Go On (Hugo Williams)
Daring Tears (Craig Romkema)
The Traveller (Muhammad hj Salleh)

Theme: Conflicts
Dulce et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owe)
The Man He Killed (Thomas Hardy)
Death of A Rainforest (Cecil Rajendra)
The War Against Trees (Stanley Kunitz)
A Quarrel Between Day and Night (Omar Mohd Noor)
"Crabbed age and youth cannot live together "(Shakespeare)

Examination Format
The candidate is asked to choose one question from each component.

Section A:
There are 6 texts to be studied. Only 4 short stories will be selected for testing each year. Each short story will be tested individually. The candidate is required to answer ONE out of the four questions.

Section B:
There are 3 texts to be studied. All 3 novels will be selected for testing each year. Each novel will be tested individually. The candidate is required to answer ONE out of the three questions.

Section C:
There are 3 texts to be studied. All 3 plays will be selected for testing each year. Each play will be tested individually. The candidate is required to answer ONE out of the three questions.

Section D:
There are 3 themes to be studied. All 3 themes will be selected for testing each year. Each theme will be tested individually. The candidate is required to answer ONE out of the three questions.

Extra Answers
  • Candidates are allowed to answer two or more questions from each component.
  • The examiner will chose the highest marks that the candidate has attained for ONE question.
  • A single question comprises of three sub-questions. They are to be considered as a whole and not to be counted as separated questions.
  • No extra marks will be given for any additional answers.
  • No extra marks will be awarded beyond the maximum marks cited.Illogical/irrelevant information may be ignored by the examiner.

Section A: Short Stories [25 marks]

I. Text Comprehension. (Maximum of 5 marks)
  1. First point given.
  2. Appropriate supporting information given.
  3. Second point given.
  4. Appropriate supporting information given.
  5. Third point given.
  6. Appropriate supporting information given.
  7. Overall understanding.
  8. Language. (None of the common mistakes as stated.)

II. Plot Expansion. (Maximum of 8 marks)
  1. Basic description correctly given based on the short story.
  2. First point given.
  3. Appropriate supporting information given.
  4. Second point given.
  5. Appropriate supporting information given.
  6. Third point given.
  7. Appropriate supporting information given.
  8. Fourth point given.
  9. Appropriate supporting information given.
  10. Overall contribution of stated event/incident/occurrence/etc to the plot.
  11. Writing techniques used by author given.
  12. Language. (None of the common mistakes as stated.)

III. Evaluation and Understanding with Reference to the Text. (Maximum of 12 marks)
  1. First point given based on story.
  2. Appropriate supporting information given.
  3. Second point given based on story.
  4. Appropriate supporting information given.
  5. Third point given based on story.
  6. Appropriate supporting information given.
  7. Fourth point given based on personal ideas.
  8. Appropriate supporting information with reference to the text.
  9. Fifth point given based on personal ideas.
  10. Appropriate supporting information with reference to the text.
  11. Sixth point given based on personal ideas.
  12. Appropriate supporting information with reference to the text.
  13. Overall understanding.
  14. Language. (None of the common mistakes as stated.)

Section B: Novel, Section C: Drama, and Section D: Poetry are all worth 25 marks each. The guidelines for answering is the more or less the same as Section A.

All the best.

P/S: Literature in English actually has quite easy texts, contrary to popular belief. It's easier and more interesting than that dry novel some of you have to do for normal English, The Return. Give it a try. = )

Update: SPM Literature in English 2008-2010 (Formatting, or lack thereof)
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  1. I guess you've jumbled up the theme for the poems (the Perceptions of Self is correct though.

    Although the marking scheme says that you may answer up to 2 questions from each component, practically you'll never have the time to do it. So use the exam time wisely, choose the one you have most confidence in.

  2. More information about Kesusasteraan Inggeris SPM can be found on:

  3. I love the Lit class and the texts are all pretty interesting. The only thing I don't get is why there are no textbooks. Or a proper compilation of all the texts. Even the Bible study classes have these Awesome textbooks.

  4. O_o I think I HAVE jumbled it up. Oh dear. Thank you for pointing it out, Boon Kheng. At least the poems themselves are correct. xD

    Literature is not about textbooks. It's a very special subject. ;) Besides, you can always get the texts seperately.

  5. Do I need to search for the text one by one from different bookstores, I am wondering if you have the whole set of it?

  6. To: Everyone asking me for Past Years

    Sorry, I do have a few past year papers, but it won't help you because the SPM syllabus has changed as of 2008. Anyone taking Literature in English this year will be the FIRST BATCH for this syllabus. The syllabus changes every three years.

    I believe you can try to get the texts from the University Bookstore. Or maybe just pre-order them at Kinokuniya. They'll order any book in existence just for you. :)

  7. what about the stpm english literature? could any1 please show me the site to get more information about it please? please.

  8. I want to take English Lit next year for SPM. I don't understand what you mean by saying the candidate is required to choose one question from each component. Does that mean that I answer only one poem, short story, drama and novel? Must I study all the texts?
    Like must I know all the poems and novels... And what do you mean by saying each text will be tested individually? Does that mean that there will be questions about all three novels and I have to answer only one? What about the poems? Must I know all the poems in a certain theme or must I know all the poems from all three themes?
    Please help me...I'm very confused

  9. Petals,
    There will be questions about all three novels and you only have to answer one. As for the poems, you'll have to know all the poems under one theme and questions will be given based on the individual themes.

  10. Hi, I'm Shakti, I was wondering whether there are any model SPM questions available for lit in eng with suggested answers provided, and whether there is a website that has the analyses for our lit texts, especially for THE INSPECTOR CALLS. My teacher has given me the notes for everything but I would find it really helpful if I had more,that way I'll understand the text inside out.

    One more thing, what makes a full-mark answer, it would be fantastic if someone gave me an example, you see I don't want to waste my time writing too long an answer, what more if it is filled with irrelevant points. Somebody help me please.

    To recap
    1.model spm questions with suggested answers
    2.useful websites that contain analyses of lit texts
    3.how to come up with an ideal answer

    PS: is it easy to score full marks for a question, coz I got fullmarks for my 'landlady' question and I'm dubious on whether marks are given THAT easily.(maybe the ques was just easy)

  11. hi there, I'm yu wei. Anybody knows are there any websites about SPM lit? coz I'm d only pupil taking it in my school and none of my teachers know anything about it.

  12. please... i'm really confused. i don't understand what is written above. do you mean that i only have to know the poems from one theme, one short story, one novel and one drama?
    please tell me. and are there any activity books for english lit? if yes, where can i get them?

  13. Dear Shakti and Fishtail, please refer to: Literature in English - Formating, or lack therof

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. :) Feel free to refer to the above link as well.

  14. You guys are lucky to be able to study Fahrenheit 451 and poems by people like Pablo Neruda.

    Lucky twits. Good luck for SPM!

  15. Hi. I'm a form three student this year and I just finished my PMR. My school is doing the streaming now and I'm taking pure science. But, I'm really interested in English Literature and I wonder how can take that subject? Because my school only provides : (sorry for the change of language) sains tulen, sains kejuruteraan , sains IT, sains ikhtisas, Perakaunan)
    I wanted to take English LIterature as an extra subject but I'm not so sure about how hard this subject is. Do I just tell my teacher that I wanted to take English Literature or do I need to find a tuition teacher first? By the way, if you are free, please visit my blog and read my works to see whether I'm 'qualified' to take up English Literature or not. Feel free to visit :
    Please reply as soon as possible because I need to hand in the streaming form.

  16. Hi duds. I will take a small test on this subject tomorrow.

    My first expectations on this subject was..... art. Since I wouldn't want to meddle with art students, I decided I would take a subject that still requires a sense of art, but needs brains as well. Out of the 200-ish studs in my school, only two of us are taking this subject, and unfortunately, we're not enjoying it well.

    One problem is, there is some attitude problem with the teacher. She comes late, she postpones, she forgets about appointments, stuff. I don't hate her though. Disrespect, maybe. That's not the main problem here. Personal difficulties not to be mixed with studies.

    My lessonmate wants to drop out. I don't really care, but the idea of studying alone with the lady whose attributes are described above, I don't feel confident. And the thought in the previous sentence makes me feel not sincere and dedicated to this "art" of a subject. (btw I have 4 personalities)

    Main obstacle. We're not doing good in it. From short stories to poems to a play,(we're doing Holes next year, no novel in tomorrow's paper) we...... suck. It's such an informal word of description of our ability, but yes, we suck. I dunno bout the other moron (sayin' we're BOTH morons), but I know I am not enjoying the texts, when I thought I would. Ok ok ok I'll clear out my weak spots.

    Short Stories :

    *Naukar. Holy molotov laichikang or however I should have spelled that! It's just too crowded. I can't just remember every single point or idea the author was expressing, when there's a ton of words to read through! And frankly, I don't find this interesting.
    *Others. They can be quite simple, thus the problem. Where am I getting the points required? And of all the shorts I study, only Landlady impressed me well enough. But the Neighbours, can it even be considered literature?

    Poems - Conflicts, afaicr?

    *Dulce et Decorum est, the Man He Killed. The former : best of all. Not really that hard. And honestly, I do hate wars. But again, 4 personalities. It's quite long to memorize though. Do I have to actually?
    *Death of a Rainforest, War Against the Trees. The omg part of the poems. Why do we have two almost similar texts that require us to differentiate through almost similar points?
    *Day and Night, Age and Youth. Former : simple at first glance, it's quite hard to derive eventually. Latter : Fun, I liek.

    Play : AIC

    *wtf is the whole point in the investigation? suicide suicide lah! Why would you bother about who led that luck-forsaken girl to her demise? This way, I probably did uncover myself about how fake *Then again, I liek this thing for one the values it emphasizes on, truthfulness, honesty, unconfidentiality, and any new words I would think of placing here. If lies don't exist in life, we would simply have peace. (remember 4P)
    *I generally like this thing, the theme, and the exceptionality(if such word exists), just that the idea of revising it thrice or frice(again) makes it - not fun. Blame aspire for perfect grades, I do.(Is aspire not a noun?)

    *Last but not least, I need to know : is getting all A1's that important for SPM? I am confident I will do brilliantly for Language papers and Maths(both) and Physics. My ambition will have to do with Physics, but not yet decided. I searched everywhere for anything called "law enforcement engineer" and failed. Nearest thing is civil engineer, is that the thing? I personally do not care about perfect grades. Just afraid that people around me does.
    *Yet again, I tend to aspire(again) perfection. If I'm taking SPM, I'm gonna aim for the best I can get for it. It needs talent and hardwork, I know I have better of the former than my classmates, but I'm a lazybum. As a conclusion, I think I need the A1 in English Lit. Help me please :)

    On a side note, I hate having to speak in English. Or write. But I love art. I love the art in languages as well. Therefore, I'd say I love English Lit. I won't leave this sub for now, but I'll depend on my own ability to look for literary products in the future. For now, I'll depend on this examination oriented education of the variation I seek through life.

    Lastly, I remind ya : I have 4 personalities. I'm a pessimist for now.

  17. A-Z and freezing earthling,
    My apologies, I'd sent my computer to be fixed and my Internet connection is temperamental, as usual.
    I suggest a reading of this post to quell some of those fears.
    Literature in English - Formating, or lack therof

    Dear A-Z,
    You have a perfect right to take English Literature for SPM as long as it doesn't clash with the examination times for your other subject (and of course, if you're not taking waaay too many subjects already). You should first consult your teacher.
    It is not that difficult a subject, and your writings show promise. Anyway, there is no such thing as being "qualified" or not - again, please refer to the above link. All that is needed is an eye that perceives the images hidden behind the text. :)

    Dear freezing earthling,
    Much as you might choose to disbelieve it, art and science are technically indivisible, they are merely placed into two different categories for convenience based on a presumption - a Perfect Model of the World that doesn't actually exist. "The Science of Words", "The Science of Speech", "The Science of Self-Expression"... Do they not all refer to Art?
    Consider then, genetic engineering, if you will. Does not the act of removing genes and replacing them, toying around with them, twitching around till they fit your idea of perfection remind you of Art? Is not a scientist as such really an artist in his own way, as he painstakingly forms a masterpiece?

    Everything around us is literature. They are only divided into two - good and bad literature. Those categories even, are rather subjective. Generally speaking, the public think classics like "Oliver Twist" and "Persuasion" are good literature and obscene graffiti upon the walls are bad literature. Verse from music - even our daily speech, EVERYTHING is literature.

    Do forgive me for my rant, but that is what I believe in - you are perfectly entitled to your own opinion. It is merely a suggestion of mine and I might be wrong.
    You seem to detest your teacher and consequently, the subject. I do not blame you of course. I repeat, I do not blame you. I would be furious myself and probably do something drastic. xD

    Well, it's very unfortunate, but there are many inept teachers of English Literature. It's the same even at tertiary level - I had a lecturer who told the class that a "buttonhole" was "eatable" (No, not edible... EATABLE.) The lecturer looked the word up in the dictionary he carries around with him (as he does with many other words) and pronounced his surprise that a "buttonhole" wasn't a dish after all. Said lecturer later discriminated the less...linguistically inclined students by saying "Eh, simple words also dunno. You must study yourrrr Eeeenglish"
    Seriously. I squeeze my pencil-box to prevent myself from slamming my heavy books against the lecturer's ignorant, self-presumptious... I shall end my rant here.

    Anyway, perhaps you might want to take a step back and look at the big picture? (I know it's easy to say, but difficult to do.)If you do not like the subject (Ignore the teacher, I do. I took the subject as a private candidate with no teachers except a two-month workshop by NSTP in Form Four and I got an A for SPM anyway.) If you dislike the subject matter, it would be quite difficult for you to get A though, wouldn't it? Don't let your dislike of the teacher get you down.

    Is it important to get straight As? It seems to me as if you're placing too much importance on what people think of you. It's you that matters - what you want. That is a question you have to answer yourself. :) What do you want from life?

  18. Thanks Snow. I see a clearer view of the meanings of art, literature and life and universe and everything and 42.

    I somehow read it as if I don't just want the subject, but that I need it! And after going through the texts at light speed, I somehow managed to a better perception of em. They are quite helping me in my desire for art whatsoever mentioned myself previously.

    About the teacher, she doesn't suck at teaching. Just the procedures before and after her lessons that matters. I have somehow trained myself not to hate anybody best possible way, and to not let emotions and prejudice rule my life, but somehow this Lit thing got away with it.

    What I want from life :
    Big thing. Absolute peace ftw. For that, I want to research for new stuff that can prohibit any acts that lead to .... non-peace. (sometimes I can't find any words)
    Or probably, change people's mindset so that we help each other and produce that harmony I naively desire. After that, we use art to liven everything up and I dunno how longer I'm gonna blabber aimlessly.
    Simply, the A1 part was for I thought my future depends a lot on the perfect result slip which almost every simple-minded but still brainy guys strive for. But then again, I think I now have no choice. A1 is the best way to prove that I love this subject....

    (btw is my self-forced vocabulary considered art as well? :P)

  19. if you want to know where to find the materials, go to www.patrickosi.blogspot. there are some leads on where to get the materials.

  20. hi snow,
    my name is kristin,i'm currently staying in mersing,i'm in form 4,and i'm in a pure science class.Just like u i'm no good in mathematics,but i'm goog in language...i like english very much.I have a problem,only this year i made my mind to take english literature so that i could be an english literature teacher...i'm all set to learn...but the problem is...i'm the only student who is taking english literature for spm next year,and i'm so scared.My mum is willing to learn with me and teach me.But i still don't know what book 2 study and where to buy them as i'm the only one i'm the only one in mersing district to take this subject for SPM next year...so please please help me...
    here is my email add...kristinanne07.gmail.com

  21. You can check out the link in the post above yours, it helps you to find out the syllabus. Btw you don't need to look for everything listed there. And I remember my friend buying my Inspector Calls book from something-Universiti Bookshop or Kedai Buku, but I hope they don't use bahasa rojak so Kedai Buku Universiti I hope. About the other short materials, I guess you have to use old faithful Google. The short stories would be a pain if you don't have a printer I estimate.

  22. Oh well it's mentioned in the blog. It's University Book Stores and it's in English so that kinda sucks but oh well it sells English books anyway.

    Good luck in your future regarding studies and btw thanks Snow. I got 70% (an A!! 2) and that is actually a 112.1212*% increase in my marks when compared to my mid-year score.
    Sadly the other guy got only 68% and he has himself to blame I guess :P
    I win by gambling on 4 written lines for poem section b (War against Trees, I really hoped I wouldn't see this thing in my paper). 4 marks for that, anyone?

  23. Jawapan sejarah kertas1 SPM2008:

  24. i have completed my PMR this year and will be moving on to Form 4 next year. I am very interested in taking Literature in English as my main stream. Unfortunately this particular subject is unavailable in my school. I am wondering if anyone can help me answer a few questions as to help me shed some light on this matter.

    1)Is there any school in Shah Alam that provide Eng. Lit. classes?

    2)Where can I get the texts as mentioned above?

    3)Where can I go for tuition classes?

    4)Are there any revision books or literary components that I can use like in Kesusasteraan Melayu?

    As the teachers at my school are not trained to teach literature, it is quite difficult for me to obtain information concercing this class. Any help would be much appreciated!

  25. To Anonymous,
    I'm in the same situation as you too. I had completed my PMR this year and I'm yearning to take English Literature as an extra subject next year. Can I know what stream are you applying for? Although I'm in Science stream, my love for writing couldn't stop me from taking this subject. The only thing I'm worried about this subject is the poems and plays. Some were very complex... As I now too are searching for teachers that can guide me throughout the year... What I get to know from a retired English Literature teacher is that some of the plays we going to learn in form four are like Julius Caeser and An Inspector Calls...

  26. No problem, Freezing Earthling. =) I'm glad to hear it.
    Dear anonymous,
    I do not have a specific list of schools in Shah Alam that offer the subject, but there is absolutely no idea why you can't take the subject as a private candidate. However, I might want to warn you that you are not allowed to take Kesusasteraan Melayu and Literature in English at the same - I wanted to do that myself till I found out that the times clashed. DD=

    Dear anonymous and H. M. Hon,
    Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Although I'm taking a break from teaching this year (and half of next), I can perhaps provide the contacts of several decent Lit teachers. =)

  27. Thank you very much for all the advice that you have given. H.M. Han, I'm glad that someone out there is facing the same problem! It makes me feel like there is a kindred spirit out there... At least you had some advice. My old teacher (bless her, we had her for less than a year, but I've learned so much from her in two years) had no idea what texts we nedd to learn for Lit. Don't worry much, though. If you are passionate for writing, surely you must love the beauty of words. Isn't that the essance of English Literature?

    Snow, I think you will be hearing from me soon.. I am still wondering where I can get all the texts, though... I apprieciate your advice (I am not planning to take Kesusateraan Melayu, my teacher despaires of my essays!).

  28. I want to take this subject too but I can't seem to find anyone who teaches it. do u know anyone from ipoh,perak who teaches Eng Lit? If so please email me their names and ways of contacting them. Thankyou.

  29. wow!u guys give me a lot of attention about English literature.
    im defenatly gonna take that subject this year.
    hey guys if i have a question who could i ask?

  30. btw, about the novel, do i need to read all of them?
    or just one of them?

    1. fehrenheit.
    3. holes

    i post to my myspace about your blog.
    so a lot of people can check it out.

  31. Anonymous(es),
    You only need to read one novel out of the three provided. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. =)

  32. Hey I'ma lookin' for teh Holes, but..... couldn't teh freakin' find it!!!

    My teacher says Universiti but don't know just when do I have the chance to get there. Or do they offer home deliveries?

  33. I believe you can try to get the texts from the University Bookstore. Or maybe just pre-order them at Kinokuniya. They'll order any book in existence just for you. :)

  34. Dear Snow,

    I just started Lit in Eng this year and I would like to know it there is a textbook for this particular subject. If there is , could you let me know where I could fing it and what it the book title? If you can plese e-mail it to me as [email protected]

  35. guys u can check this site.
    it is free notes about any novel,poem,short story notes..


    btw,how do i get a sample test for english in literature spm paper? any clues?

  36. hey snow,

    about the DramaShort,Story
    PoetryTheme,Perceptions of SelfTheme and Relationships..
    do i need to read all of them?

    btw, people u can read the novel in internet just google them!
    type "holes by louis sachar pdf" or by using limewire and utorent.
    www.sparknotes.com is good for revision notes for any novel,and short story!.

  37. Im going to resit my spm this year and planning to take english lit. I haven't been in touch for 3 years plus. Im happy i found this. anyone here can tell me where i can get more info about this??

  38. Fahrenheit 451 ... not 45. Thanks for posting this, now the hard part is to actually find the text ._.

  39. hola!!!this site is really useful 4 malaysians students....keep it up!!!

  40. For those schools who are involved in the Scholastic Books Club thing,
    You can order Holes and Cliff's Complete William Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser.
    Holes is around RM10 and the other one is RM13.
    Very, very cheap.
    Not sure about the version or the cover of it,
    But I ordered it anyway.

    My friend told me he had a special Scholastic catalog with a list of books to select from.

  41. hola snow!

    snow i need your help now.
    i am now in form 4.
    i really interested by taking literature in english 4 my
    extra subject in SPM 2010.
    i want to ask u
    where can i get the notes for the new syllabus?

  42. Sorry for the belated replies, people. The study of all the poems in one theme will be sufficient for the Poetry section. Textbooks and past year questions will be difficult to obtain as a set because the texts change every three years. It would therefore be easier to obtain the texts separately as books. Thank y'all for your comments. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at Snow-firefly(at)hotmail(dot)com if you have any questions. =)

  43. Hi,I am currently a form 5 eng lit student and i will be facing my spm eng lit this year. I am wondering if anyone of you could post a link on ways to answer poems n drama?

    May i ask a question my eng lit teacher always ask us to give quotation i cant seems to understand his meaning when he ask us to give quotation to answer our poems is there no extract of the poems given when questions are given and do we need to remember the whole poems line by line?

  44. hi, i'm Jia Jing.

    i wanted to ask whether anyone could provide the complete answer scheme for the 2008 spm literature in english. i attend classes in school. my teacher seldom gives us exercises. there was an exercise where i scored o/12. i am quite shocked as all my teacher wrote there was irelevant. i would really appreacite it if i could get the complete answer to answering the spm 2008 literature in english questions. i have managed to find the questions but it does not come with answers.

    i am rather worried about the way i answer as my teacher says that it is so easy t score.
    is that true?

    thank you in advance. hope to hear good news soon.

  45. Hello,
    I'm currently a lower six student as of the year 2009, which means I will be sitting for my STPM in 2010. I'm currently studying in the Bio stream, therefore I'm taking PA/Maths T/Bio/Chem. I'm thinking of taking up a fifth subject and Further Maths just isn't my cup of tea. English is my favorite subject and I'm delighted when I found out that English Literature is one of the subjects for STPM.

    I've been running a few searches regarding Literature in English for STPM and I came across this site. Do you perhaps have any info for Lit. in English for STPM? I didn't take the subject in my SPM so I'm not too familiar with the subject. Are the question formats the same?

    Anyway, do you use MSN Messenger? 'Cause it would be way easier if you did. =) ( My e-mail is darksephiroth_masamune(at)msn(dot)com )

    Thanks in advance,

  46. Hi Nigel,
    that's great that you're interested in taking up Literature in English for STPM! It will undoubtedly improve your analytical, critical as well as writing skills in the process, and it is always fun when you have discussions in class on a certain text.

    The questions in the stpm paper is similar to that of spm, although it is somewhat harder, and the texts you study are obviously harder to dissect.

    The best site to look into for syllabus is the MELTA site. You will have two Papers, answering 4 questions from each section. It is as follows:

    Paper 1:

    1. Hamlet, or
    2. As You like It

    3. Selected Poems and Letters of Keats, or
    4. Selected Shorter Poems of Thomas Hardy

    5. Jane Eyre, or
    6. Brave New World

    Paper 2:

    1. Spirit of the Keris : A Selection of Malaysian Short Stories and Poetry
    2. Nissim Ezekiel-Collected Poems 1952-1988
    3. Wide Sargasso Sea -Jean Rhys
    4. Kehinde - Buchi Emecheta


    To take it, you MUST have a great interest in literature in general and you will need to have good English to express your points in a coherent argument.

    My advice is to NOT take it because you need an extra subject or because your teacher is egging you to take it just because you have good English. Take it because you WANT to do it. I've had friends who take it to get that extra A, but they end up regretting by the last minute as they couldn't be bothered about Literature.

    You'll have to spend hours reading them, analysing, formulating your own interpretations of the texts as well as study the writing techniques used by the authors/poets.

    But if you think you'll enjoy it (I enjoyed all my texts - save for Jane Eyre, that is - very much!),

    then go for it!

    Just be sure to handle your time well right from the start, and you'll do fine :D

    I'm currently taking my stpm this year, and Literature is one of my fav - no regrets!

  47. Hello.
    I have some inquiries about this subject and I really hope someone can help me.

    First of all, I am the only one out of I think 200 or 300 SPM candidates of 2009 that is taking this paper. Being the first pupil of my school to take this subject, I am having problems about study materials. My teacher had been a great help, but unfortunately, she does not teach this subject. I am 90% on my own.

    I have chosen the novel Fasting & Feasting- which I think is a good choice as it's a simple novel yet holds a deep meaning.
    And the play An Inspector Calls- which I just LOVED.

    I don't have serious problems with these texts but my problems are with the poems and short stories.

    I chose the theme Relationships for the poems.
    The thing is, I can't find 2 poems, Ways of Love and For My Old Amah. I haven't even read these poems yet, bcs of their absence fron the internet.

    And the short stories-
    I haven't even read ONE.
    I want to focus on Cinderella Girl, The Landlady, and Neighbours. But I can't find the texts. My English teacher had tried contacting her friends but it seems like all of them are too busy to help.

    It's September the 24th. I'm scared that there won't be enough time for me to cover these texts. And my teacher informed me that Lit in Eng trials is on the 3rd of October, which is, 9 days away.

    So as you can see, I reallyyyyy need help.
    I'm really interested in this subject and I really want to ace it.


  48. Maya,
    I can send you a copy of my texts thru e-mail...buzz me at [email protected]

  49. Hmmm ...Is a common story part of the syllabus for short stories? ...I remember that there is only five if i'm not mistaken. I just checked the text given to me and there is only 5 . Please verify this. Thank you.

  50. hey i need some notes on 'ways of love' and 'how do i love thee'? is there a way that i can get them online?

  51. Hello i'm an spm candidate for this year and im taking Literature in English, i would like to ask you if the formatting we were thought is good enough/correct for spm.

    12 mark question: Introduction,personal response,point,2 supporting evidence from the text, personal response,tie the point to the question. this repeats itself for the second time for a full 12 mark format. Would you say it is acceptable? because i've only gotten Bs for my exams and i don't really have other schools to refer on their format. I'm worried.


  52. I have been told if i need any information with regards to Literature in English, i can contact this particular teacher from MBSSKL. If i'm not mistaken, her name is MRS. RAMANI ([email protected]) I am also told that she is quite helpful with regards to the texts.

  53. im taking the exam tomorrow and did some last minute googling for the exam format.this blog have some really awesome tips :)

    since im done with this subject soon,im willing to sell ALL my english literature books and notes for a decent price [most of the stuff are photocopy notes and books :(]

    do contact me at [email protected] if any of you is interested :)

  54. To all teenage writers out there, I am one of the finalists of the MPH Short Story Competition 2009. As a result, I have kept in contact with one of the judges and he (god bless him) decided to organise a free few-hours workshop for those teenagers who are serious in writing. We can choose the venue but the date must be one of the days from 18 till 21 of december. If you are interested in attending, please contact me at 013-3990 138 P.S. The workshop is open to a maximum amount of 8 participants.

  55. Holes by Louis Sachar is quite easy. Heck, I read that novel when I was 12. Compared to the Pearl, it's an interesting read. Besides, there's a movie based on the book, so that's a bonus.

  56. I am taking English Literature this year. Nobody can help me so I would like to ask whether anyone here can help me. I am trying to find the texts, and I only found Holes. And the past year questions are inexistent. So I would like to ask you guys to please, if you have a past year paper, to email it to me at the following email:
    [email protected]

    Thanks very much!!!

  57. im new here... i would like to ask here whether anyone can help me? i wanna take english literature diz year.. but dun hav any books.. is da title of da novel,drama,poem n short story same as above? can i have some module paper? email me at: [email protected]


  58. heyy,im a johor kid,probably the only one planning to take Lit next year,and like you guys,i probably feel like a tiny seed trying to grow in some desert in the middle of nowhere,and ironically,we all choose it this way for the love of language,no?=)

    anyway,all ive got are the poems and short stories.im planning to buy the novels in singapore,if available,but now my problem is that i rly need as much help as possible-or basically i need some notes and clear revision to at least give me a clear idea what im in for.i was thinking of putting in some 90% english spontaneity for the exam but wouldnt be rational...

    so glad a blog like this exists anyway.

    this is my email
    [email protected]
    and maybe i can help.i have the poems and short stories,so ask me.but ill need your help too

    any module papers,or tuition notes would rly be appreciated...
    its not about the extra A only...its abt English...

  59. what 'bout the new syllabus 2011-2013?

  60. There's an English literature teacher around Petaling Jaya area.. in Taman Tun, near One Utama.

    Mrs Naidu 0126548255
    She is highly qualified, phd, offered to teach as lecturer. But fees are expensive.

    She gives us lots of questions and assignments, and past year papers.
    I heard last year's class all got at least A-. lol

    Hope it helps.

  61. hey...snow...
    i need a quick reply from you...
    im having exam in 2011... im form 4
    LIT kinda new from me..... i cant find notes in any bookstore...can you send me some emails of notes..
    oh please!!..im having major trouble to elaborate the points....

    i need notes for
    1)Holes (Louis Sachar)
    2)An Inspector Calls (J.B. Priestly)
    3)Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare)
    4)Naukar (Anya Sitaram)
    5)Cinderella Girl (Vivien Alcoc)
    6)The Landlady (Roald Dahl)
    7)A Common Story (Kassim Ahmad)
    8)Neighbours (Robert Raymer)
    9)Harrison Bergeren (Kurt Vonnegut Jr. )
    10)Tonight I Can Write (Pablo Neruda)
    11)Ways of Love (Chung Yee Chong)
    12)A Prayer for My Daughter (Yeats)
    13)The Way Things Are (Roger McGough)
    14)For My Old Amah (Wong Phui Nam)
    15)How Do I Love Thee? (Elizabeth Barret Browning)
    16)Birches (Robert Frost)
    17)I Am (John Clare)
    18)This Is A Photograph of Me (Margaret Atwood)
    19)Waiting to Go On (Hugo Williams)
    20)Daring Tears (Craig Romkema)
    21)The Traveller (Muhammad hj Salleh)
    22)Dulce et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owe)
    23)The Man He Killed (Thomas Hardy)
    24)Death of A Rainforest (Cecil Rajendra)
    25)The War Against Trees (Stanley Kunitz)
    26)A Quarrel Between Day and Night (Omar Mohd Noor)
    27)"Crabbed age and youth cannot live together "(Shakespeare)

    i need your help snow...
    i cant even score a B for LIT...
    im really scared of my spm....
    please....oh please help snow....
    u can even send me some websites where i can find these notes...
    hoping to receive reply from you...urgent!!!


  62. Hello there DiJz,

    I am a student taking English Lit. for SPM this year (2010) and I am also the first student to take the subject in the history of my school... and I have no teachers in school to guide me. In the trial exam I got an A-. Here are a few ways of how I cope:

    1) Borrow notes from students of other schools. Bookstores apparently don't sell literature books at all, unless you are able to order it.

    2) Read the text countless of times. Quotations from the original text are presented as evidence to your points.

    3) Try selecting only one theme for the poetry questions. That would narrow down your focus to a few main poems instead of studying everything. For example, I'm studying the theme: Conflicts at the moment because there are more points that come easily to the mind.

    4) Try getting advice or coaching from the teachers of other schools. This one is harder to accomplish, but do try. Unless you already have an English Literature teacher in your school, which solves most of the difficulty.

    I think the marking scheme for Eng. Lit changes again in 2011 though...I suggest checking the 2005-2007 notes posted by Snow at the link at the top of the page. If you compare, you might find similarities that will be continued even in a newer marking scheme.

    If you are really in despair with the subject, there is still time to discard it because you are in Form 4 and still have a choice.

    Good luck with your exams!

  63. I'm taking the exam this year..
    Literature in English is challenging, but at the same time, quite exciting. Very much different from all the other SPM subjects we study.

    I don't think they're going to change the syllabus next year though... !

    I go to a tuition for this;
    so I am planning to sell off all my NOTES & ASSIGNMENT WORKS for your reference. :)

    Here's what I'm preparing for..
    ( I have all the huge compilation of notes )

    Holes (Louis Sachar)

    The Lion and the Jewel (Wole Soyinka)

    Short Story
    Naukar (Anya Sitaram)
    Cinderella Girl (Vivien Alcoc)
    The Landlady (Roald Dahl)
    A Common Story (Kassim Ahmad)
    Neighbours (Robert Raymer)
    Harrison Bergeren (Kurt Vonnegut Jr. )


    Theme: Relationships
    Tonight I Can Write (Pablo Neruda)
    Ways of Love (Chung Yee Chong)
    A Prayer for My Daughter (Yeats)
    The Way Things Are (Roger McGough)
    For My Old Amah (Wong Phui Nam)
    How Do I Love Thee? (Elizabeth Barret Browning)

    Theme: Perceptions of Self
    Birches (Robert Frost)
    I Am (John Clare)
    This Is A Photograph of Me (Margaret Atwood)
    Waiting to Go On (Hugo Williams)
    Daring Tears (Craig Romkema)
    The Traveller (Muhammad hj Salleh)

    If anyone wants the notes, do drop me an email.
    [email protected]

  64. I doubt this technique listed by the author is correct as it is quite inaccurate

  65. I need some help.I just finished my PMR this year,and while I'm going for the Science stream, I also want to take up Literature in English, purely for the interest factor if nothing else -- regardless of whoever says it's useless or that i might be better off taking I.T.

    But I'm running into some problems:

    While I'm aware that there are now many home tuition teachers out there,I can't seem to find one that suits me.May I have some help in this area?I live in Shah Alam,and my family is mostly a female household most of the time,so the tutor must be female as well.And then there's the problem with the fees; I have a twin who also wishes to study the subject,and between us rm50 per hour per student is stretching the pockets,and that's the cheapest deal I've found so far. My parents are disgruntled, I myself am feeling quite discouraged and the only thing egging me on is sheer willpower.HElp?

    Secondly: even if I cannot find a suitable tutor to guide me through two years,isn't it possible for me to study the texts myself and take up a tutor(leaving me able to disregard exorbitant fees) in the latter half of 2012,that is, my SPM year? Would it significantly affect me?

    And that brings me to the last thing on the list: I'm aware that there is a cycle inwhich the marking scheme and the texts change every year.Where do I find the listing of texts for my cycle(2011-2013)?
    PLease,I really need help,to secure my tutor ands hand in a confirmation letter to my school by the third of January.

  66. I finished my PMR last year (2010) and got into Science stream this year (2011). But in Form 2, I studied with a Form 5 class and finished the whole syllabus (2008-2010) for Literature in English. Of course I was unable to sit for the SPM paper as I was underage and didn't sit for any of the compulsory papers.

    Anyway, if I'm in Form 4 THIS year, does that mean that I now have to do the 2008-2010 syllabus or is there a new syllabus? If a new syllabus exists, could someone please inform me of the list of books?


  67. I'm currently a form 4 student and i'm interested in taking up this subject (Literature in English) for SPM 2012. Is there anyone here who knows the new syllabus for 2011-2013? I also need some form of a tuition for this subject.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could mail me the list of texts,novels,poems,dramas,etc. and also recommend me a tuition centre for this subject around the Johor Bahru area. This is my e-mail : [email protected]

    Thank you.

  68. Dear Blogger,

    I'm sorry but I'm not aware of your name, hence I'll just call you BLOGGER. :)

    I'm a Form 5 student, deeply in love with Literature. English Literature, to be precise.

    Teacher/Student/Friend whatever, lol. I really need help. I'm aiming for the minimum of 8 A's for this year's SPM (2011) And please I beg you, do tell me where I can find a teacher who would coach me through it. I'm the only student taking the subject throughout the whole of Putrajaya and I really need an A. I'd be mortified if I didn't get an A. None of the teachers in Putrajaya can teach Lit in Eng.

    Please, please help me. I'm too desperate. :/

    Thank you, your kind reply to my email would be most appreciated :)

    email : [email protected]
    FB : Darshina Dharmani ([email protected])

  69. errrrrrrrr can anyone tell me how to answer this few 8 marks questions on drama? ( the lion and the jewel )

    1) explain in details the tricks used by baroka to trap sidi.

    2) in what way does the encounter with the 'trader with the one-eyed box' affect sidi.

    so, can anyone help me thanks.

  70. Hello snow, just wanted to know, what is the new syllabus for LIE 2011-2013? Cos I am thinking of taking LIE for SPM 2012 but I have no idea what the prescribed texts are. I would appreciate it if you would email me the texts and the marking scheme(if there is)to me ([email protected]). Much thanks in advance.

  71. To [email protected],

    If I'm not mistaken, the texts for 2011 and 2012 are those designed for 2008-2010. Please browse this site to find the complete list. You should also contact Jabatan Pelajaran of your state to get the latest information on this. Well, if you are to take this subject, it may be too rushing for you to go through all the texts. You can focus on the following selected items:

    1. Short stories: the landlady, neighbours and Harrison
    2. Drama: An inspector's call
    3. Novel: Holes
    4. Poems: Theme: relationship

    By studying these items, you are able to answer at least 1 question in each section.
    All the above texts can be found from the internet except for the drama. MPH has got the drama book and it is about RM59 (not very sure). You should also find other resources to supplement your learning. LIE requires critical thinking as well as strong memories. You must try to understand the implications of the story and memorize the important quotes to support your views. Therefore, LIE is not as simple as many people'd have thought. But you'll enjoy it as you read the stories....I like 'Holes', the main character is very strong.
    By [email protected]

  72. Hey guys! I've just finished my PMR examination this year so um I will be taking Pure Science next year which doesn't include anything to do with 'Literature' or 'Kesusasteraan' in depth. My passion for writing stories in English is just my thing. When I was meddling with my cousin's SPM timetable, i realized that i kind of interested in this subject which is 'Literature in English' ( well, obviously...then otherwise why would i be visiting this blog? lol :P ) i told my parents about it and they encouraged me to take this subject as an additional ( extra ) subject. I was wondering though whether this subject is heavy as the others or the other way round. ( which is a bit easier ) I mean I really do love writing stories like fan fictions, fictional stories but this subject includes dramas and poems too right? So I think it's quite challenging. And can you excel in this subject without a teacher's guidance? ( in other words belajar sendiri lah ) This is my e-mail : [email protected] ( yeah, i know it's a long e-mail id :P ) If you guys have any kind of new informations, formats, latest syllabus or whatever, please do send me an e-mail. Fyi, I hail from Selangor.

    p/s : btw i think i'm the only one in my school who's interested in this subject.

    So yeah, I think that's all for now.

    Massive thank you in advance. :)

  73. Hey guys :) I am also tsking up Literature In English (2205) for my SPM Examination :) So i will appreciate your help if anyone of you can email me or just simply let me know some details that might be helpful to me in future :) I seriously love Literature and i will be more than happy if you are willing to lend me a hand :) These are the elements that i have chosen to be doing :)

    Short Story : Landlady and Cinderella Girl
    Novel : Fahrenheit 451 and Holes
    Poetry: The theme Relationship and Conflicts
    Drama : An Inspector Calls

    Kindly email me if you can help me out :)
    [email protected]

    Thank You So Much :)

  74. Can anyone please tell me the syllabus for spm 2016?? Is it still the same?

  75. Dear Snow,
    Thanks for the info here. Have emailed you with a few questions. Hope you can help answer. <3

  76. Hello. Is the syllabus for year 2019 the same or do anyone know the new syllabus. It would really be great if someone could reply me the syllabus. Thank you coz it's really confusing, everything was only up to 2017 at most

  77. Hello I'm simren
    Can anyone share the syllabus for literature in english as I'll be taking this subject for spm 2020 ��but I don't have any format or notes related I need the new format


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