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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hepatitis B Vaccination for Lower Sixth Formers

Posted by Chong

Hepatitis B Vaccination for Teenagers Programme is a special programme launched by Malaysian Ministry of Health for teenagers who were born before 1989. Our government has started immunizing all the babies born in 1989 onwards with Hepatitis B vaccination in order to protect them from Hepatitis B. So, babies born before 1989 including me have no Hepatitis B immunization in our bodies, except those who have inoculated through clinic with a pay of more than RM100.

For your general knowledge, hepatitis is a disease of the liver that causes fever and makes your skin yellow. There are several types of hepatitis: Hepatitis A, which is less severe, and Hepatitis B and C which are much more serious. Realising the fatality of this deadly disease, Malaysian government through the Ministry of Health has decided to extend the vaccination to the teenagers born before 1989 for free.

So, all lower sixth formers will take 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine through 3 injections. By the way, I was just injected for my first dose and the second injection is scheduled next month (October 2006). The last or the third dose is scheduled in February 2007. I think we are very lucky to have this vaccination for free. Besides, we have the opportunities to experience the long-forgotten pain during the injection again. Just kidding :P Actually, I did not feel any pain during the injection, maybe my eyes (and mind) were too busy looking my friend who was sitting in front of me to be injected. Suddenly, the nurse beside me told me that I was injected. I could not believe it; the injection was so fast and painless that I thought I was not injected!

Anyway, let me end this post with some information I have gathered from the Hepatitis B Vaccination for Teenagers Programme leaflet.
How does Hepatitis B spread?
  • Touch of the infected one’s blood
  • Blood transfusion or haemodialysis
  • Sharing of needle, razor, earring, toothbrush with the infected one
  • Tattooing, acupuncture and ear piercing
  • Perinatal – from woman to her baby during the time of birth of the baby
  • Sexual intercourse

Hepatitis B does not spread through
  • Physical connection such as hugging or hand-holding
  • Food prepared by the infected one
  • Cheek- or lip-kissing
  • Cough or sneeze
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  1. it's about time actually. this is common practice in the UK. more and more malaysians are traveling abroad (not to mention becoming sexually active). yay to progress!

  2. THanks for that information. I wasnt aware of it. Erm, but it only started in 2006 eh. What about those students who are now in uni who were born prior to 1989? I'm one of them and I havent had Hep B vaccination yet. Wouldnt it be unfair for those of us who have left form 6 and not able to get this vaccination for free? Do you know any more information on this?

  3. You have to pay for Hepatitis B vaccination at clinics or hospitals if you want to be immunized. Paying RM100 to protect yourself from Hepatitis B is quite expensive but it is worthy, isn't it?

  4. Hai, where can I get the data about the Programme? I was born on 1991. So, that means I am already vaccinated when I was still a baby right? I am worried.

    my email: [email protected]

    Hope you can reply to me through this email. Thank you.


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