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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scoring Band 6 in MUET on your first try

I am a Malaysian medical student studying in Russian Federation right now. I am 23 this year. I sat for STPM and MUET in the year 2004. My interests include playing and watching football, blogging and programming.

Scoring Band 6 in MUET on your first try

by Manager for Writing Contest 2008

Scoring Band 6 in MUET on your first try is not that hard. Here are some tips on how to do exactly that.

Listening test
This is one of the tests in MUET which you could possibly get a perfect score. You should get a perfect score here, it is important for you to get a Band 6 because you will lose points in other tests.

Listening does not really indicate your level of English, especially if the speaker is English! So if you do lose points here, don't worry. Just try not to lose too many points here, practise many times with your MUET teachers before the actual test, try to listen to as many tapes as you can get your hands on. During the test, please look to your friends for help if you could not catch the questions or remember the correct answers. I am not encouraging you to be dishonest, but you could always pay attention to your friends gestures, read their lips, spot the blink of an eye, the touch of an ear, etc. Having a system before the actual tests does help.

Speaking test
If you can speak English naturally, please do all you can to convince the examiners that you have a good command of English during you individual presentation. Otherwise, use short sentences, put forward your main ideas in simple grammatically correct sentences. Do not just harp on a single point, try a few points, the positive side and negative side of an issue, etc. to show that you are not a narrow-minded student.

In the group discussion, you would be able to get a good score if you could lead the discussion. Be warned though, do not overdo it. Give others the opportunities to speak too. You should be polite, try to keep the flow of the discussion and help out should any of the fellow students got stuck in mid-sentence or is stammering. Remember, lead the discussion, keep its flow ("What do you think about this issue?") but do not be extravagant! Like it or not, this test is subjective and you will most probably not get a perfect score here.

Reading test
There are not many tips to share in this test, it is similar to Form 5 SPM English exam, just do your best. There are some tricky questions with similar answers. If you are lucky, you could get a perfect score here but usually the better students would be able to get near perfect scores, making a few mistakes here and there.

Writing test
Seriously, I have always told people that the writing test in MUET is even easier than SPM GCE 'O' Level. In this test, it is important to keep to the rules, follow the recommend length of essays and finish them in allocated time.

Even if you are a good English user, do not attempt to write beyond the recommended length. Concentrate instead on presenting your main ideas, this test papers are marked by Malaysian teachers, so don't bother having too many idioms, figurative meanings, etc.

For students who are not too comfortable with English, this may be one of the tests which you would tend to lose many points. To avoid that, keep your sentences short, check your grammars, try to compensate for your lack of flowery language with good ideas, mature arguments and logical explanations.

To be honest, it is not so easy to score a Band 6 in MUET after all. It is not the perfect test, but it is indicative of one's command of English, mainly because it includes listening and speaking tests. Good luck scoring a Band 6 in MUET on your first try, do let me know if my tips are useful.

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  1. MPM make some change on the MUET now.

    as Listening is no longer multiple choice but is structure form so it may be a bit easy to lose out some marks compare to last time not difficult to score 15/15.

    They also lower the marks for reading (which many candidates score in this part) and increases the marks for witting test which ensure only those are good get higher mark.

    Writing test now are 2 essay compare to last time 1 summary & 1 essay

  2. I did my MUET back in the 2006 for the mid-year paper. I'd say, it wasn't easy. We had 10 Band 6 scorers in my school. Hahaha.

    The most important thing about scoring Band 6 is practice. As a saying goes, Practice makes Perfect. If you use the language in your everyday life, it shouldn't be any problem for you to score Band 6. However, you have to be very careful especially in your writing and speaking exams.

    In writing, in my honest opinion, as long as you read newspapers or follow the current issues, you will be able to answer them perfectly, set aside the objectivity and technical writing. Do not compare the writing paper with your Form 5 SPM English essay, I'd say, it's very very different. It is in fact, more academically inclined and technical writing. Most students are not able to comprehend to this style of writing. Therefore, they lose marks in this criteria.

    As for speaking, always make time for practice in your group. Show your cohesiveness in your group discussion as well as your task A. Ok, for Task A, when you are preparing for that, write out all your points and choose some, I'd say about 3 points for Task A. Leave others for Task B. When you have 3 minutes, use them wisely. Talk in a moderate speed, don't rush through your ideas. Arrange your points and elaboration nicely, put them in a nice flow of ideas. Same goes with Task B.

  3. yeah, i must admit that MUET is not really easy.i might be proficient in the language but I have lost my chance in getting a band 6....WELL i have another year to go.so thank u for the advice....

  4. I got band3 T_T

    Hate essay!!

  5. hye,... do you have the example of MUET question..? can you give it to me... i'll took MUET in the future for entering unuversity.. is it the same as SPM questions..? how can i practice..?

  6. yeah...MUET is really though....easy to learn, but hard to score....anyway, practices make perfects.....good luck for the student who sitting for STPM this year....sayornara....

  7. i got band 3 too... T T
    i did my speaking and writing badly as compared with the other two sections...
    i scored 17 out of 45 for my speaking whereas 46 out of 90 for my writing..poor result..

  8. i am very nervous because tomorrow will be muet exam..it seems will become my doomsday.i hope i can score at least band 5 in future,as for this time,i think quite impossible for me to score a band 5 just because of my poor grammarr and language.haiz

  9. Im feel like a idiot when attend my muet class..

  10. I got band 5 for the first try in 09 so even I was astonished by that....

  11. i was 2 damn marks away from band 5! and my teachers were shocked bcoz i was suppose to be better. i'm a disappointment. to myself and my teachers. i hate muet~ ><

  12. My turn next to sit on muet exam. Hopefully, a Band 6 for my first try.

  13. Me too... i also going to take MUET in this year April... I scare i cant even get an band 3 result... because my brother english suppose better than me... but he juz got band 3... =.=" now i have to read more reader digest....

  14. ur tips r very helpful..but,can u give me some tips how to overcome my nervous n anxiety in exam..i'm quite worry if it will negatively influence my performance in MUET soon

  15. I am going to have my MUET test this Saturday....i really hope i can get at least Band 5....let's us pray together for good luck...i am so nervous !!!! help me please

    1. how can i pray for u if ur name are anonymous~

  16. Gonna have my MUET exam..this Saturday!!just a few days..
    oh my god..i wish i can do my best..i hope to get at least band 3..or more..

  17. i really scared cause this is the first time i take muet.luckily my most of my classmates also take muet at this sem2. luckily we are science students...huhu..

  18. oh my god..! 1 more day only.. hope i could be able to score band 5..... by god's grace... i dont feel nervous or anything,,.. im just wondering whether i can do or not.... lets pray to god.. AUM..

  19. fuhh... 2morrow is my muet exam..kinda shock bcoz it happens suddenly...now,,i'm struggling for my final exam .... hope dat i can face tis muet calmly and relax..... wish me luck..

  20. tomorrow is my speaking test in muet... i hope i can do better...well, muet is not easy to get at least band 3..

  21. It is very easy to score a band 4 and above in MUET if u practice constant reading and put more interest into the language..u guys should read more and speak more as reading not only improves your english but also gives u an advantage in writing..;)

  22. i'll be taking MUET Speaking on this coming 18th and the rest on Nov 13th. hoping to get at least band 4 . but wish to get band 5 at my first try . gambateh!

  23. tomorrow is muet speaking test,kinda nervous . I am lack of practice, just hope tomorrow i can speak fluently =(

  24. ya..tomorrow is muet listening, reading and writing test..the most important is scoring at listening test..that is the easier than other test. don't forget to sleep early..so, we can focus to our test..

  25. i think that you are absolutely right. i think i can get band 5 for my muet although this is going to be my first time to sit for this exam....i hope so ...your points are really encouraging..thank you..

  26. may god bless us..
    during test, i just feel so nervous...
    wanna get permission to stand during present..baru masyok...hehehe...n comfort...

  27. Muet is coming soon for me.
    God bless me^^

  28. gonna sit for my speaking exam dis tuesday..huhu.. quiet nervous..however, i did rememberd some1 told me, English is all about ur confidence..for those waiting 4 ur turn taking muet, cheer up urself..practice makes perfect

  29. can u recommend any website where i can find MUET sample essays? tq vry much :)

  30. Jealous for those who are taking STPM. They have enough time to prepare for their MUET test. As for foundation student like me, the time is not that enough. We don't have much time to practise. Huhuhu

  31. Tmrw is my first time muet!!! Im so excited!!!

  32. Saya dapat Band 5 tahun 2010. Itu pun guru Bahasa Inggeris saya seakan tidak percaya.
    Aahhh haven't lost my midas on BM
    Good luck to all and have fun in MUET.
    Fazrina - Northwestern

  33. ahhhhhh im nervous right now

  34. i got a band 6 on my first try

  35. my speaking test is tommorow, thank you for the tips !


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