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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

STPM Practical Biology – Assessment and Summary of Experiments

Posted by Chong

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to Ru7h for sharing the assessment and summary of experiments of STPM Practical Biology with Malaysia Students’ readers. Thank you. ;-)

The Assessment of Biology Practical Work Report
Aspects to be assessed by the teacher are as follows:
*m = marks

Microscope and Slide
1. Skills in handling microscope and displaying specimens [10 m – Skill A]
2. Product (drawing/accuracy, labels, scale and identification) [10 m – Product B]

Biochemistry and Physiology
1. Preparation of materials, procedures, including preparation of solution and experimental substances [2 m – Skill A]
2. Manipulative skill [4 m – Skill A]
3. Planning and execution (structuring, planning and managing, neatness, efficiency, observation and following instructions) [6 m – Skill A]
4. Product (observation and drawing) [8 m – Product B]

i. Flower
1. Manipulative skills (cutting flower into two equal halves) [10 m – Skill A]
2. Product (observation and drawing) [10 m – Product B]

ii. Animal (one of 5 systems)
1. Ability to follow instructions on how to dissect and display system [6 m – Skill A]
2. Accuracy and completeness of display [6 m – Skill A]
3. Neatness [2 m – Product B]
4. Product (drawing, labels and scale) [6 m – Product B]

Collection of insect and plant specimens, and ecological projects
i. Collection of the insect and plant specimens
1. Achieving target (number and accuracy of identification) [4 m – Product B]
2. Quality of specimen and preservation [6 m – Product B]
3. Presentation [6 m – Product B]
4. Diversity (family and order) [4 m – Product B]

ii. Ecology
1. Project planning [4 m – Product B]
2. Collecting data and keeping records [8 m – Product B]
3. Product (through assessment of report) [8 m – Product B]
  • Data, presentation, analysis, and others
  • Summary
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Overall quality of report

Summary of Experiment of STPM Practical Biology
Read the table of summary of experiments.
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  1. Well, I have this great fear for frogs. I really really am very afraid of amphibians. But we do have to dissect frogs right for the biology practical? So, is this carried out individually or in a group? Oh my god, So, i am going to fail huh?

  2. hi..em last practcl,we done individually on hamster..dnt skip that practical,u cn do that..it is only for about an hour...all the best!chayo2 fighting!!hehe

  3. where can i find readily preserved insects?

  4. well u can find ppreserve insect in Batu Caves. There are few shops which presere insects. Hope this info help you :D

  5. Just a matter of asking.

    May I know whether should STPM Biology consists of hypothesis, variables and problem statement? If we put this into the report, what will happen?


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