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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Score A+ in SPM English for Science and Technology (EST)

Editor's Note: A Malaysia Students Blog reader (Anonymous), who has benefited from reading our post on SPM English for Science and Technology (EST), just left a comment sharing helpful tips on how to score A+ in SPM EST. The post was reposted here with some minor edits on spellings and a few relevant links added. We sincerely thank him for sharing these insightful tips with the upcoming SPM candidates. It reminds us why does this blog exist in the first place: Malaysian students helping Malaysian students - we help/guide each others because sharing is caring! For those who did well in your past STPM, MUET or SPM exams, please consider writing a post to share your informative tips and educational experiences with us!

Score A+ SPM EST (English for Science and Technology)

Greetings, I'm writing this on 31st March of 2012. I have received my results on 21 March and scored straight A's. A+ for EST. Alhamdulilah :)

Now I can't tell how to get A+ for this subject because the way to obtain it varies which include the ''strictness'' of the marker, maybe format, the difficulty or English usage. I can only help by sharing what I have gone through.

Some may ask ''should I take EST? ''. It's okay to be doubtful and at the same time careful as well. In my school, only 2 people took EST. In other words, in the exam hall there were only 2 lads sitting for EST (the other person got an A). What surprises me is that his command of English is obscenely ridiculously superior to mine. In addition, he is the top 5 scrabble champion in Asia and Melaka state champion of ''Spell It Right''. On EST day, he forgot to follow report format, which in all probability cost him an A instead of A+. I do not know if format alone that gave him an A. He wrote 5 pages. I wrote 2 and a quarter :D. The point is EST is a ''fragile'' subject. In other words, it’s like standing on a fence. You may fall onto lush green field of grass or a hard concrete floor on the other side. Essay influences marks the most. Most say essay alone determines your EST grade. So be twice careful with essay yeah! That's the best I can describe about EST.

My experience:
My school do not offer EST thus no EST textbook. Maybe it never existed at all. I searched for EST and i can only find exercise books for practise and past years. Combine them all together it may equal the thickness of a SUCCESS book. I’ve tried online but to no avail :(

Since my school do not offer EST in class thus I only have class for 9 subjects. (EST is the 10th subject). Only in form 5 when it is time to submit ''slip mata pelajaran SPM'' then I realised EST is available. Yes, I had a lot of questions in mind. I went online and finally found this website in early 2011. No recent posts at that time :(

Since my school does not offer EST, We had to study on our own. We never studied together because we were too busy with other subjects and co-curriculum. We had no time to do EST practises. All we did is read the question (essay), answer concisely in our mind, then have a look at the sample answer. We answered objective questions in the same manner. So... our EST books were really clean (no writing at all XD) Since he has superior command in English to me, I consulted him which happened rarely :P. We had no training and no guidance from teachers at all. Even teachers recommend we do not take EST. We had our respective reasons actually.

What I did during SPM EST paper is I calmed myself. I find that when I’m calm I do not doubt my answers and I can think clearly. Secondly, I answered my ''information transfer'' questions directly from the passage. Its like cut the answer from the passage and paste it into the answer table. Nothing is added. I answered my essay question according to the points given. I neither write nor think of additional points. I only focus on my English and format to avoid carelessness. I only managed 2 and a quarter pages =.= (shameful). The other guy taking EST did 5 pages. Simple concept. Only point and elaboration. No additional points. Well, I think that’s about it. 2 years in one post. haha. Of course a lot of students do well in EST but each have their own story to a glorious end. I guess my story have come to a glorious end as well.

What I would like to say to students taking EST is best of luck! I understand your doubts and concerns about this subject but the decision is only yours to make since you alone know your capability. Do not underestimate this subject like the seniors up there do. Do not burden your thoughts with this subject. Yes, miracle happens.

Congratulations in advance to the future SPM students. I'm not a spiritual type of person but since I passed SPM with flying colours, yes, there is god.

Peace be upon you.
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  1. haha, congrats on your results :) i got an A for EST in 2011 SPM, only guidance from a teacher, no actual classes, most of our practices are from old exercise books and past year questions. But i think we were lucky that the title was easy :D

    1. Thanks! Congratulations to you too. Haha, we were on the same boat. Yes, we should be very appreciative for that :)

    2. Can somebody please help me? I'm taking est this year and I'm hoping to get some more pointers from you lovely seniors. I'm an LK student so basically I don't know a thing that revolves around biology. Yeah god knows how scared I am. Help?

  2. I enjoy reading this blog and your English is awesome(I feel more motivated!). I'm taking EST this year without any actual guidance from the teachers. I hope I get an A+ like you did and as you said, you're not a spiritual kind of guy, but I am,so I'm hoping that with God's interference(plus,my efforts), I can also achieve more than just a piece of paper next year but an outstanding achivement. Congratulations, though! =)

    1. Thank you very much. Congratulations in advance to you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again :)

    2. Hi! I'm here for my heartbreaking news. LOL! Not exactly. I got an A- and I'm quite glad. haha. I was hoping to get an A+ for EST like I stated before but God's plan for me differs with mine. Anyhow, thank you so much for sharing your experience about EST stuff and more importantly, thank you God for answering all my prayers.

      To all SPM candidates (especially EST's lads and lasses), I wish you all the best for the upcoming SPM exam.
      To all SPM leavers, I also wish you guys the best for your future undertakings!
      God bless!

      Much love,
      vea <3

  3. Great!!! I'm green of envy with your results dude.. You give me confidence and morale boosts after reading your great story. Well I took EST too this year and dont have any class also guider to teach me about this subject. I'm taking 12 subjects including EST and I really hope I can make it to straight A's... well, pray for me and would you mind giving some extra tips for us about the EST paper? Keep in touch with your reply..

    1. Greetings and thank you for your time to read this blog.

      In my opinion, EST paper is unique and cannot be mastered completely (maybe some students can). In order to guarantee a grade above credit in EST, one should master English as well as all three science subjects to the letter. To have an idea of how much reading,understanding and memorizing that needs to be done, stack all three SUCCESS books and it would take a lifetime to master them. From my experience, the chance of doing so are minimal to nonexistent.

      Referring to EST paper in SPM 2007,
      The essay question was about synthetic fiber and this topic can only be found in chemistry subject(I think it is a subtopic of a subtopic).Even with reference to the chemistry SUCCESS book, I couldn't think much of additional points.(shameful -.-) So, it is highly likely to go blank and wonder beyond the hall :). I believe this situation is very dangerous since we have prepared two years for this one hour (++?). So, make every second count yeah!

      However,there is a trick to this paper or so i believe. EST paper is usually the last paper (I do not know for this year and the following.) Hence, the advantage is on our side because the knowledge of physic, biology and chemistry are still fresh since we have sat for the paper. Hence, the only thing left to do is to improve our command in English.

      How to improve English? (I think I am inadequate to answer this. Hehe).From my experience, Its kinda hard to find articles which describes a science topic in a simplified manner(or maybe because I was lazy :D). But the point is to be very familiar with English. This is crucial since carelessness happens unconsciously all the time and we usually notice it after the paper is submitted. What we can do with the time we have left is to read a lot.(maybe i should capitalize ''a lot'' to stress the importance to its meaning?). :)

      Well, I may have a little bit more experience to share, its just that I couldn't recall them >.<
      (Maybe all of that was my experience?).

      Do not worry much about this subject because when we are studying English, Physic, Chemistry, and Biology for respective papers, we are actually studying for the EST paper as well (I think this situation should match the proverb 'kill two birds with one stone'? Maybe it does :)

      Thank you for your time to read this.Will keep in touch soon.

      Peace be upon you,

  4. Thanks very much for the tips for EST.Next week would be my EST exam. I scored 84 for my trial exam. Pray for me to get A+ in SPM. :)

  5. 4 more days towards the war between me and EST..quite tricky subject..surely got butterfly in my stomach coz only got B+ for my trial..hope can score very well on this tuesday..pray for me..

  6. i don't know how to study est, but i always get A or B+ in my recent exams. i'm really nervous for my est's paper this tuesday. i really need a tips on how to study this subject in a right way.

  7. Thank you for sharing this, and yes most students, including I myself have to study this subject on our own. The teachers always say that it is quite difficult to score an A for est, but I want to prove them wrong. Congrats in your result and hopefully I will score just as well, because this post alone just raises my hope. haha

  8. Hey, your situtation is just like how mine's going to be in about 2 days, except for the English part ;3.
    But seriously, this is very freaking much appreciated and I couldn't thank you enough ^^.
    I'm the ONLY PERSON doin EST in my ENTIRE SCHOOL this year so I kinda rly needed the heads up on things so yea, thank you~! >w<v

  9. Can anyone recommend a EST tuition teacher around PJ Subang or Puchong area.

  10. Hey I'm taking EST for this year..first I think I can't score in this subject but after I read this blog I'm sure I can score EST

    1. Hey me too. I'm not aiming for an A+ though. Just the typical A or A- . (I'm sorry for my foul language) but I am scared shitless. Help?

  11. Hello! I really need advice. I'm 15 this year and I have just finished my PMR. I have been selected to be in the Science stream next year based on my Trial 1 and 2 results. I have decided to take one additional subject so in total I would be taking 10 subjects and I am deciding whether or not I should take EST. Worse come to worse, I'll have to take English Literature. The problem is that my school doesn't offer lessons for both the subjects. My real question is: Should I take EST or? I have to say that my studies are above average and I've always been in the advanced class. I'll probably be the only person in my form taking EST if I do. I'm a lazy person by the way. I thought if I do take this subject, I could start searching for tuition centers and get a head start or something. My other option is to change to another school which teaches EST. What should I do? This is bugging me and I'm getting really stressed up about this and I honestly can't enjoy my freedom right now :/

    1. hey well technically i'm your age and taking pure science this year.Happened to go through the same problem as you.difference is my school offers est.if you think you can cope with EST go ahead if not it's better you dont take it and go for a subject you can do.I really wanted to take eng lit but my school doesnt offer it unless if i'm gonna take it in spm then during next year somewhere in june they will have block teaching where i can have a teacher in school teaching me eng lit.i'll be the only one taking eng lit then. but EST isnt that bad if you are willing to work hard and do your best.so if you wish to continue with EST give it a try first this year.if you cant carry on or understand then you can drop it before next year.hope this helped :)

  12. hey congrates for you . can i ask you how to get the est book for practice? because i have my exam spm in this year and i tke EST subject . i tke the private spm so i have to study alone , humm i search it everywhere but still not founded abd could you teach me how to get pass in that subject ? please help me .

  13. Aww man... I'm taking EST this year for SPM and there isn't much information about it I can find online and my school doesn't have an EST teacher. Is there any 1 month crash course offered anywhere? - Worried -

  14. I was wondering is it okay for me , an Art stream student to take EST as an extra subject for SPM ? Since EST is more likely to English i often get A's for my English in exams . Please reply thanks !

  15. in our school also only 2 pupils take EST this year... my friend and I... huu~ i'm very nervous about it.. because there's no teacher teach this lesson..

  16. How do I get the past years for est?

  17. im a pure science student sitting for my spm this year. i take 9 subjects and im interested in taking est even though it's already june! it seems quite easy, with the exception being the essay question. does anyone know where i can get the format for the essay/report that the author of this post was talking about? thanks!

  18. Here I am, currently stressing out on my SPM examinations with less than 30 days to go and I've just started revision. I'll be taking EST this year too and I have no guidance, no EST teachers in school, no books, nothing. It would help alot if anyone would be willing to lend a helping hand and guide me through EST :( Thanks alot! Much appreciated :) misterhaoyu@gmail.com

  19. Hello there. Anyone could provide me the essay questions of EST from 2009 to 2014 ? Thanks a lot.


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