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Monday, February 21, 2011

What should I do next after STPM? Post-STPM Options

Posted by Chong

STPM 2010 results out today with 46,780 students (92.49 percent compared to previous year 92.55 percent) obtained a full pass in at least one subject in last year's Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination and eight candidates scored 5As (previous year 15). Results asides; the million-dollar question that popped in the minds of most STPM results holders is “what can I do next after STPM?” So here is a quick post on the endless possible options you can choose.

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Know your options
  1. Apply local public universities (IPTA) – this is the most common choice given most of the STPM result holders do plan to further their studies at local public universities ever since they decided to go form six.

    Do visit http://upu.mohe.gov.my for the IPTA application (Deadline: 4th April 2011) or https://pohon.usm.my for USM application (Deadline: 28th March 2011) and carefully read the comprehensive IPTA infos and useful guides provided.

    List of 20 IPTA you can choose:

  2. Go to local private colleges or universities

  3. Further your study oversea

  4. Apply scholarships – Do you know they are actually plenty of scholarships available for STPM result holders?

  5. Visit upcoming education fairs – This is especially helpful if you plan to do your degree at local private education institutions as the respective representatives from most private universities and colleges will show up at education fairs

  6. Ask for help at education related websites, forums - Among the best are SPM Student Malaysia, ReCom.org and QuanSheng.org [Chinese]
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  1. hi, i have just taken my stpm results with cgpa of 2.8 ,
    and i have actually chosen some courses but still not sure about them
    i want to know about uthm electronik perubatan this course and i was also confuse about the requirements because in the uthm website it said it need physics for stpm but in upu website it said if u took physics in spm with at least gred 4B then can apply already. because i only took biology in stpm.....hmm i want to know about the job oportunities in this course...thx

  2. hi, if iwant to be a lawyer,which universiti is the best??

    1. hiiii....im a stpm student...well i wana study for a law....
      im in arts strm nw...and my opts are sejarah , bm, p.perniagaan,pengajian am and muet....
      is sejarah is enough for me to study for a law.... :( ???
      please help me..

  3. As i know, STPM result holders really have many options! I would like to talk about studying overseas. I believe that all of you already decided which course to take. If you've decided, you can actually do research on the universities which are well-known for the course you want. Then go to the university website and look for the scholarship provided. Don't ever worry that your result will affect your application. I have to admit that result is kinda important but nowadays co-curiculum activities play an vital role too! If you're active in clubs and societies, you stand a higher chance to enroll into Uni as compared to those bookworms though they have better result. Besides applying scholarship from the Uni itself, you can try to apply from those big companies but the course you apply must be related to the career of the company. Of course, after you graduate you are bonded to the company for few years. Some may dislike to be bonded but in my opinion, it's rather better to be bonded than you have nothing to do after graduation, isn't it? At least you have a job and most importantly, INCOME, too!

    if you want to know more about scholarship, either local or overseas, you can check from http://doctorjob.com.my/scholarships-watch. It's quite a useful website.

  4. Hi..i m new here. but i also STPM student. i want to know if i take chem and bio sub , is it mean i must go science field d? cant choose other courses? like doing degree in comp , business and designing.....

  5. No, taking bio does not necessary mean you will end up in science fields. It all really depends on the requirements for the courses, most health related courses require students to take Bio during STPM. So please check the requirements of your favourite course before you decide which subjects you want to take during your form six / stpm.

  6. hi, i m taking stpm this year... and i m still cannot decide what course should i take after my stpm. for your information, i m taking arts stream,and i want to choose course about business, so, what is my option? and what ipta is suitable for business student? thz!

  7. hi,i have been given a course at local u sarawak,but due to some private reason i must come back to johor or kl further my studies.Thus,i would like to know is there any way to transfer back to johor or kl or.. local u?thanks a lot

  8. Can i know is good doing medicine in UNIMAS and UMS?

  9. Hi! what if I want to take courses such as Mass Com, is taking STPM a good idea?

  10. hi i am an stpm student..im still thinking on wht course to take if my ambition is to be an orthodentist...and whichi s the best uni for dentistry course...

  11. why my stpm get cgpa2.99 still cannot get any upu..
    so disappointed

  12. hiiii....im a stpm student...well i wana study for a law....
    im in arts strm nw...and my opts are sejarah , bm, p.perniagaan,pengajian am and muet....
    is sejarah is enough for me to study for a law.... :( ???
    please help me..

  13. I'm going to take teaching course but stpm result will be aaccepted or they will chooose my spm result?

  14. Hyee... actually I just finished my spm n got my results this month. . I'm a science stream student n onli get 4A's in spm out of 11 subjects. . I wanna continue my next step wit stpm in arts stream. . Now my problem is I dunno whether if I do stpm in arts stream means wat field/course that I cn do after that. . Once again my question is wat courses I cn study if I do stpm in arts besides business n accounting. ..?? Hopefully I get reply as soon as possible. .. tq


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