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Monday, November 12, 2007

How to score well in essay

Posted by Alphonso Tan

OK, I'll go through this very fast. When I said fast, I mean, really fast.

I have a friend, one of the 4 students who scored A1 for his G'CEO Level 1119. This is what he told me:

Read a poem, and choose a topic related to that poem. Recite it at any part of your essay, and elaborate. Remember, don't elaborate too much. A poem must consist of some artificial secret in it. It will give the examiner a good impression towards your work.

Besides, you can praise God in your essay, no matter what religion are you. Just use 'God'. Try not to use other words. And may His force be with you.

Ah hah... And he roughly told he about the synopsis of the essay he worked on. A very bored, dragging, complaining, and long-winded essay, but with his 2 tips given above, and he obtained an A! But do remember do proofread the piece of your babe when you've finished! All the best for 1119 tomorrow!
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  1. Quite impressed by the article.
    Anyway, thanks for the advice.

  2. When I was still in college I used to score high in essays. And yes, some of the tips mentioned on this post are effective. What I do is that I discuss things briefly and efficiently and prevent "redundant" ideas in the whole essay.

  3. can you give me more detail about essay?

  4. studying hard 08 candidateMonday, October 27, 2008 3:35:00 pm

    The friend of yours still rmb the poem he/she wrote? Or you have any great poem to share?

    Btw,can you elabortae abit more about the 'elaboration for poem'? U meant starting a new paragraph for a poem and elaborate about it below the poem?

  5. Dont forget to praise the government! :P


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