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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Different Kind of Treasure: It's Okay to Feel Lost

A Different Kind of Treasure

Guest post by Danisyah Dalily (Share your thoughts with 60,000+ Malaysian students)
Malaysia Student Fresh Graduates
I am a fresh graduate student. I still can't believe it myself. Even though I am 21 and people expect me to have a lay out plan of my whole life, I don't. After I graduated high school, to be honest I was scared. Of what the future will bring, of where I will go then that I was leaving my comfort zone. At the age of 21 I finished my diploma in communication and media studies. However, I am still scared even though not as much as before but the feeling is still there. The changes, the uncertainty in life do that to people. One of my friends once started to freak out after the realization hits her. She asked me, "What if things get so hard and I can't do it? What if my plan didn't work out which force me to give up and stop halfway through? What if I didn't even get to do what I dream of all this while?"

Somehow, I keep thinking about those questions for weeks. When I think it back, actually the "what if" questions have always following and bothering each and every one of us throughout our life journey. Our choices define who we are and as we grow, we get the answers to the questions that no one else can answer because they are meant for us, to find out by ourselves. When you did, you will finally feel content and understand more about the meaning of life.

Sometimes, what you plan doesn't always work out. Your map doesn't always lead you to the treasure. Your dreams won't always come true. However, you have to keep dreaming because I believe dream gives you wings. It can fly you higher.

Do not worry too much and overthink of what is in front. No one knows. Live your life fully everyday as if you will never see tomorrow. Live the kind of life you want. Be the kind of person that you will be proud of looking. A person with spirit.

At times, the map that is in your hand doesn't lead you to the physical treasure that you imagine will be gold, shiny and beautiful. You might get to the end of the map which was said to be under a huge tree up a hill and find nothing, only darkness. However, try to turn around and see how beautiful the scenery is in front of you where the sky is full of stars and the sea reflects back the lights. You don't know where it starts and where it ends. The sky and earth become one. At that moment, you feel calm and the feelings you have warm you from the inside and bloom all through your vein. Then, you realize that this is the gem. The journey itself is precious enough. It is not like what you imagine it will be because it is beyond that.

Therefore, do not be afraid to try and follow the road ahead of you. Especially to the students and fresh graduates like me who are still confused and have to live through this new life of modernisation. Don't be afraid to try out new things or choose to walk on a road that is unfamiliar to you. You might get lost but, by getting lost is how you find the right paths and realize that actually there are a few roads that will lead you to the same destination. Some might be longer and tougher than the other but you will get there eventually.

Danisyah Dalily Binti Akmal Shahian just finished her Diploma in Communication and Media Studies at University Teknologi Mara (UiTM). She is a fresh graduate with a passion for writing.
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