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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

How Malaysian Students Can Befriend English To Get Better At Writing Essays

How Malaysian Students Can Befriend English To Get Better At Writing Essays

Guest post by Mallory Zoe (Share your insight with 56,000+ Malaysian students)

Writing to express yourself clearly could be a challenge if you are not a writer. This could make the situation worse if you have trouble connecting your thoughts. And if you are required to write in a language that is not your mother tongue, you can only imagine your condition. Add the pressure of time to it and it makes you want to quit instantly.
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Writing in English is no different. English is a beautiful language with appropriate words for almost all situations. Writing in proper, coherent English is always a challenge for ESL students. Students from Malaysia are ambitious and go abroad for higher studies; but without a proper command over the English language, most students find themselves struggling. Whether it is the UK, US or Australia, students are required to submit essays as part of their curriculum. This is where many students approach model essay writing services to help them learn the art of writing essays.

A part of the problem lies in the way students are taught a foreign language like English. Malaysia has seen a drastic change with regards to English as a medium of teaching. The education system which primarily used English until 1980’s, saw a change only to adapt Malay as a medium of teaching. This was briefly changed to English medium only for Maths and Science, which was rolled back in 2012 to Malay medium. Besides, while the US, UK, Australia, and Canada allocate undergraduate degrees to students based on their research skills demonstrated through many small essays and research papers, this is not the case with Malaysia.

How Can Students Overcome Limitations To Get Comfortable With English?

The obvious question that comes to mind is, how can you overcome these shortfalls and still get comfortable with English and essay writing without using essay writing services if you are a Malaysian student looking to study abroad? The simple answer to this is to plan your way ahead. If you know your aim is to study abroad or if you are a parent who is interested in sending their children abroad, you must plan ahead.
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Steps You Can Take to Make Your Children Comfortable With English and Essay Writing

  1. Send your children to English coaching centers - Yes, sending your children to a good coaching center for English can help you advance their skills. Not only would they get to learn the language, they would also make a bunch of friends with common goals. 
  2. Ask them to converse in English - If you are not very comfortable with English, ask your children to practice the language with someone who can speak good English. There is nothing like practicing a language. 
  3. Practice by writing sentences - Once your child has reached a stage where they are comfortable with spoken English, ask them to start writing in English. For most students, the only writing practice they get in English is when they mug up for exams and write word by word what they had memorized. While they can still get good grades by doing so, but their actual language skills would remain hidden from you. 
  4. Practice essay writing - If you child has successfully achieved the above stages, which may take several months, it is time to expose them to essays. Give them a simple topic (preferably something of interest) and ask them to research the topic using Google books and other scholarly sources. Check their essay for language, sources, and the depth of research. You can also take the help of an online examiner from the UK who would mark the essay and send it back to you.
  5. Learn academic formats - Lastly, make your child learn academic formatting. Essays in the UK and the US are written in academic formats like APA, MLA, and Harvard. There are many online sources for this. Most universities have their own formatting guidelines shared through their official websites.
The above steps are not easy, especially if you are a Malay medium student, but they are possible if you approach them step by step. Don’t lose sight of your aim to study abroad and put all these steps into practice. If you do your homework right, life aboard would become much easier as you become more confident of handling tons of assignments, which are going to be thrown your way.

Remember, the true reason behind getting education abroad is because the education system is more robust and prepares you for the biggest challenges of life. It develops your character in ways you can hardly imagine. Only those who can overcome hurdles of expressing themselves clearly would get a shot at getting a UK/US degree that will stay with them for life and open doors to most wonderful opportunities around the globe.

Mallory Zoe is an independent blogger and an avid reader. She writes on education, college life and career choices for students. She is presently associated with a cheap essay writing service where she helps international students improve their language and get better at writing essays.
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