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Friday, August 24, 2007

PMR, SPM and STPM Exam Tips 2007

Posted by Chong

Last update: STPM and SPM 2011 exam tips and trial papers are available at this blog.

Note: This post will be regularly updated with trial papers and exam tips. Last updated in November, 2007. Broken links fixed. Please report any broken links via comment. Thanks =)

Searching for 2007 UPSR, PMR, SPM or STPM examination tips or forecasted question papers (kertas soalan ramalan) can sometimes be burdensome to exam candidates especially those who are non-tech-savvy users. Even some computer or Internet literate students find it to be a frustrating experience. So I try my best searching through the Internet to list down all tips and trial papers available on the Internet in this post. This post will be regularly updated with latest PMR, SPM and STPM 2007 tips so make sure that you have bookmarked this website (or add this site as a favourite) in your Internet browser to not miss any tips. Besides that, you are encouraged to enter you email address at this form to subscribe to this blog for free so that you will receive all latest posts and tips directly via your email inbox.

Skip to SPM 2007 Tips or STPM 2007 Tips.

Please be reminded that while these tips and trial exam papers (kertas soalan peperiksaan percubaan) might be helpful to you for your final preparation or revision before stepping into the examination hall, do not rely on these tips completely! There are no such things as 100% real or actual exam tips (tip mesti tepat) or leaked exam papers (kertas soalan bocor)! Use these tips and trial papers as guides or trend indicators to analyze the current exam hot topics and examine yourselves to check how well-prepared you are. Remember to enjoy our examinations! ;-)

How can you contribute to this post?
  1. Share your tips or trial exam papers by submitting them through email using the email student link at the top of this post. Mention clearly in your email, the title and the source of the tip or trial paper. E.g. Mara trial papers that I get from official website; Jawab Untuk Jaya (JUJ) and Learning to Score (Perak) collected through trial paper exchange with online friends. Please include optional details like your real name, age, name of your school, the public exam that you are going to sit for and a link to your blog. Do not submit past years' question papers (kertas soalan sebenar tahun-tahun lepas) as they are available at major bookstores.
  2. Promote this blog among your classmates and friends by sending emails to inform them of the existence of this blog.
  3. Add this blog to your blogroll. Create a link in your personal blog to this blog (www.Malaysia-Students.com) and a link to this particular post.
    <a href="http://www.malaysia-students.com/2007/08/upsr-pmr-spm-and-stpm-tips-2007.html">PMR, SPM and STPM Tips</a>
  4. Print the trial papers and tips out and share them with your friends.

Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) Exam Tips

PMR Trial Exam Papers
Melaka: BI Paper 2 and BM Paper 2
Johor: BM Paper 2

*P: Paper and A:Answer
BC - Johor (P1, A1, P2, A2), Pulau Pinang (P1, P2, A), Perak (P1, P2, A), Negeri Sembilan (P1, P2, A), Pahang (P1, A1, P2, A2), Kedah (P1), Perlis (P1, A1, P2), Sarawak (P1, A1, P2, A2a, A2b), Selangor (P1, P2, A), Melaka (P1, P2, A), Sabah (Set 1 - P1, A1, P2, A2; Set 2 - P1, A1, P2, A2)

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Exam Tips

SPM Timetable
Download PDF of Jadual Waktu Peperiksaaan SPM 2007 available at Ministry of Education Malaysia's (Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia) official portal.

SPM Exam Trial Papers (Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM)
Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) SPM 2007:
Download SBP trial papers [zip-format file, 28.85MB] (from here or here) with full marking schemas (peraturan pemarkahan) for 18 subjects: Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris, Sejarah, Matematik, Matematik Tambahan, EST, Fizik, Kimia, Biologi, Science, Prinsip Perakaunan, Ekonomi Asas, Pendidkan Islam, Pendidikan Quran dan Sunnah, Pendidkan Syariah Islamiya, Bahasa Arad Tinggi, Teknologi Kejuruteraan and Lukisan Kejuruteraan. [Source: Lowyat.NET]

Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) SPM 2007:
MRSM trial papers are available at its official website with no answer schema provided. Do share the marking schemata with us if you can get them from your teachers.
Bahasa Melayu - 1, 2
English 1119 - 1, 2
Mathematics - 1, 2
Sejarah - 1, 2
Pendidikan Islam - 1, 2
Additional Mathematics - 1, 2
Chemistry - 1, 2, 3
Physics - 1, 2, 3
Biology - 1, 2, 3
Prinsip Perakaunan - 1, 2
EST - 1, 2
Rekacipta - 1
Pendidikan Seni Visual (PSV) - 1, 2
Pendidikan Moral - 1

Download Pahang trial papers [zip-format file, 30.03MB] with full answer schemata (skema jawapan) for 23 subjects: Additional Mathematics, Higher Arabic Language, Chinese Language, GCSE O Level English 1119, Biology, Malay Language, Tamil Language, Tamil Literature, Chemistry, Basic Economics, English for Science and Technology, Geography, Information and Communications Technology, Mathematics, Principles of Accounting, Business Studies, Physics, Islamic Studies, Moral Studies, Arts, Science, History and Islamic Tasawwur [Shared by See Meng Lee, 17, a MS blog reader from SMK Kemayan, Pahang]

Add Maths Paper 2
Chemistry Paper 1
Sejarah Kertas 1
English Paper 1
Physics Paper 1 (Answer)
Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 and Kertas 2

Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor, JPS:
BM Paper 1 and 2
Kimia Paper 1 and Paper 3
Fizik Paper 3
Daerah Hulu Langat:
English for Science and Technology Paper 2
Sejarah Paper 1 and 2
BM Paper 1 and 2
Kuala Selangor:
Chinese Language Paper 1 and 2 (Schema)
Petaling Jaya:
Chinese Language Paper 1, 2 and Schema
Principles of Accounting Paper 1 and 2

Physics Paper 1, 2 and 3 (Link)
Chemistry Paper 1, 2 and 3 (Link)
Download BI Paper 1 and BM Paper 1 and 2
Download Biology Paper 1, Sejarah Paper 2, Add Maths Paper 2 and Physics Paper 3
Chinese Language Paper 1 and 2 (Schema)

Negeri Sembilan:
Chinese Language Paper 1 and 2 (Schema)
Principles of Accounting Paper 1 and 2
BM Paper 1 and 2
Mathematics Paper 2
English Paper 1
EST Paper 1
Biology Paper 3
Additional Mathematics Paper 2

Ujian Excel Bahasa Cina Kertas 1 [Shared by MS blog reader, Patrick]

Chinese Language Paper 1 (Schema) and 2 (Schema)

Chinese Language Paper 1 and 2 (Schema)
Gerak Gempur by Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Johor:
Malay Language Paper 1 and 2

Pulau Pinang:
BM Paper 1 and 2

Pretrial: Biology Paper 1 (answer), 2 (answer) and 3 (answer)
SPM trial: Biology Paper 2 and 3 (Note: This may be Perak)

Wilayah Persekutuan:
Principles of Accounting Paper 1 and 2

Physics Paper 1, 2 and 3 (Schema) [Shared by MS blog reader, purrfect s2ry]
Chinese Language Paper 1 (Schema) and 2 (Schema)
Additional Mathematics Paper 2
Biology Paper 1 (Answer), Paper 2 (answer) and 3

SPM Hot Topics / Trend Analysis
Perbandingan Jenis Soalan Bahasa Melayu Peperiksaan Percubaan Kertas 1 dan Kertas 2

SPM Model Papers for Revision (Soalan Ulangkaji SPM)
Times Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2007 in PDF version: (read this post to download 2008 version)
Bahasa Melayu - Question - Answer
Bahasa Inggeris - Question - Answer
Sejarah - Question - Answer
Mathematics - Question - Answer
Additional Mathematics - Question - Answer
Physics - Question - Answer
Chemistry - Question - Answer
Biology - Question - Answer
Science - Question - Answer
Prinsip Akaun - Question - Answer

Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) Exam Tips

STPM Timetable
Download Jadual Waktu Peperiksaaan STPM 2007 available at Malaysian Examinations Council's (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia) website. You can also view STPM 2007 timetable here:
Jadual STPM 2007 | Jadual STPM 2007

STPM Exam Trial Papers (Kertas Soalan Peperiksaan Percubaan STPM)
Johor Bahru (Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah, PPD):
PA (Paper 1 and 2 with schema, answer for PA 1)
Economics (Macroeconomics and Microeconomics)
Business Studies (Pengajian Perniagaan Paper 1 and 2)
Mathematics S/T Paper 1 and Maths T Paper 2 (with marking schema)
Chemistry (Paper 1 and 2 with schema, answer for Paper 1)
Biology (Paper 1 and 2 with schema)
Physics (Paper 1 and 2 with schema)
Batu Bahat:
STPM trial papers with marking schemas (PA, Chemistry, Maths T and Biology)

Negeri Sembilan:
Chemistry Paper 2 with answer [Shared by Ngoo Cheng Han, a MS blog reader]
Chemistry Paper 1 and 2
PA 1 and 2
Mathematics S/T Paper 1 (Page 1 and 2)
Mathematics T Paper 2 (Page 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Mathematics S/T Paper 1 (Page 1, 2 and 3)
PA Paper 2 [Shared by MS blog reader, Ruby]
Chemistry Paper 1 and 2 [Shared by MS blog reader, Ruby]

Pulau Pinang:
STPM trial papers (PA, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics) of Penang Chung Ling High School [Update: Download link removed as it is no longer working]

STPM trial papers [zip-format file, 31.73MB] (General Studies, Mathematics T, Chemistry and Physics) [Thanks to XiaoGui, a MS blog reader]
Alternate link to download Manjung trial papers
PA Paper 1 and 2 with answers

STPM trial papers (PA, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics T, all with answers except Physics 2) of SMK Green Road [Shared by MS blog reader, Lynn Ko]
Download Economics (with answer for objective questions) and Business Studies trial papers of SMK Green Road [Shared by MS blog reader, Lynn Ko]
STPM trial papers [zip-format file, 63.52MB] from Rosli Dhoby
PA 1 and 2 (with answer for PA 1) of SMK Methodist Sibu
PA 2 of SMK Miri Baru

Pengajian Am (General Studies) Paper 1 (Answer) and Paper 2 (Schema)
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  1. erm... i did da timesguides Qs fer math ppr 1. n when i check, theres a lots of mistakes in the answers given. even when i went to my ticha n asked, she said, my answer is correct, but according to da answrs given, my answers are wrong. hmm... plz... do smtg bout it... x((((((

  2. anyone have more PMR TIPS ?? desperately need it.. as pmr is juz around the corner..but i do have sumthing to share wif u guys .. SPM SEJARAH ( a subject tat most students dun like ) hmmm..b4 u sit for it u muz understand how the question are set..basically there are 6 / 5 themes in out history book , name a) presejarah
    b) islam stuff
    c) revolusi barat
    d) imperialisme stuff
    ...and so on.. our spm paper question MUST comprises of question from these topics.. so .. there is 1 chapter whereby it will surely come out .. which is our form 5 LAZ chapter.. bcoz the chapter ITSELF is a theme ..so its 100% coming out .. compare to other theme , eg ; ISLAM STUFF ( there's about 4-5 chapters about islam stuff..how u gonna target or spot it ? ) so..guys...SPM GUD LUCK!!!

  3. stpm is just arond the corner..
    any intensive ways to help me make it... ;-<

  4. Best wishes to all SPM candidates!
    I need SPM trial exam papers from MALACCA... Could someone post up the trials and the answers scheme (if possible)... Thanks a lots for sharing!!! "p

  5. How to download the SPM trial papers successfully?
    1. Make sure that you are using broadband Internet service instead of narrowband dialup connection service since some files like SBP and Pahang trial papers are quite large and may take hours to download if you are using narrowband dial-up connection. This is the main reason why some of you fail to download these 2007 SPM and STPM trial papers.
    2. Use download manager software to download the trial papers faster.

    How to open the downloaded trial papers successfully?
    1. To open PDF files, you need to install Adobe Reader.
    2. To open zip files, you may need to install WinZip.
    3. To open rar files, you need to install WinRAR.

    How to share/upload your trial papers successfully?
    1. Upload your trial papers to MediaFire.
    2. Email the link (http://www.mediafire.com/?xxxxxxxxxxx) of the uploaded files to me or submit the link as a comment on this post.

  6. omg......juz finished my trial ..erm too bad...i m from kedah....physics student
    too bad too bad.advice u all .plz don like me.coz i hav a " bad habit" which is doing one Q n checking it one more time with another method...plz don...coz i fail to finish almost all the papers in time....
    2.75 out of 4 is mine in this trial.
    later on i wil giv u all my all Q papers...
    c u
    take care n all the best

  7. Everybody please note that Penang State has only BM Paper 1 & 2 as state exam. Papers for other subjects are set by schools. Hope that the admin will put a note so that ppl will be aware.

  8. hehe... i was waiting for kedah's trail paper... n now there is some1 going to upload it.. thanx for sharing.. i m really grateful for what everybody has done for this website.. thanx a lot.. n i wish every1 to get good good results in the SPM... n wish me luck too..

  9. my name : koh wen ying
    sejarah::: all acording to 123, like 1 is c, second is a, third is c,, then it become cac ok?
    so from question 1 to 40 is cacbb dacac dbcaa babba accca daacb badcb bcdbc

    physic daacb dbeda ccaec bccdc bcaab adcda bbcda bceaa badbb –ddde
    - means bonus

    chemistry cbdac bacbb cabab cdcad dcbcb caacd badad cdbcb abbdd ccadb

    bio ccdcc baccc cabac bbacc acbca cdacc bacdc ccdca abdaa bbbab

  10. previous comment not published yet...
    this is the latest link...with PA1 answers...

  11. U guys are amazing.. To any1 and evry1 tats behind this, thankss a million. U've made my spm preparation a hell lot easier. thanks a lot.. Keep up the good work and wish us all luck. Thank you

  12. hey. i have troubles loading this url -http://www.mara.gov.my/Bpm/kertas_periksa/menu_paper.htm.

    has it been removed/banned from the site? i really want MRSM papers.

  13. can anyone tell me that either the spm trial is 2007 or other year. i want to give to my teacher. but i not sure whater this is the latest

  14. http://www.mediafire.com/?ajhblzdxgxb
    SMK Green Road, Kuching
    Arts side paper: Econs & Business Studies

  15. i wonders y in the johor state spm trial papers, the bilogy paper is Perak state paper =.=

  16. Most of the links for the Prinsip Akauns papers are not working. i just get errors when i try to download.

  17. Hi, the download link for Penang Chung Ling Highschool's trial papers are faulty, can anyone kindly re-upload the papers again? Thanks a lot

  18. I don't know the answers are 100% correct or ot, but this is what I can contribute.......
    cbdac aacbc cabab cdcad dcbcb caabd bbdad cdbcb dabdd dcadd
    if any correction, please post the aswers...

  19. Please let me know if you have SPM tips from Kolej Islam. I heard their BM papers and alot of their questions might come out for SPM. thanks

    Let me know if you do by posting something on my cbox in my blog okay?

  20. anyone have MARA's paper answer? especially for sej...anyone? i need it..plz help..ty =]

  21. Hey all,
    I'm taking spm this year and took bible knowledge as my extra subject. Unfortunately, here at Sabah we do not actually have the actual format and scheme of that paper. To the webmasters, I do hope that you'll have some tips for us bible knowledge students. :) To PMR students, enjoy ur freedom while u can...p/s: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE IS A FUN SUBJECT! SHOULD TAKE AS AN EXTRA! :D GOOD LUCK TO ALL SPM-ERS!

  22. pengajian am P2 ...provided question and skema. grap it fast

    biotek dlm industri pertanian come out in N9 trial paper
    the skema give u and idea what to write on

    look at johor trial paper ...
    makanan segera...


  23. can you give me kertas soalan percubaan PMR 2007 bahasa melayu from any 5 states??

  24. Hey there...
    Do you have any state trial papers for year 2008?
    Desperately needing it :P

  25. Anyone have STPM 2008 Trials paper for P.A, Business study, Economy and history?
    Preferably from Kelantan, Terangganu or Perlis..Thx A lot :)

  26. halo..my name is neo..i frm malacca..im spm student..i saw somebody wan malacca trial paper rite..erm,i think tat u can gv me ur email o msn address let me contact u n gv u d question n answer..erm,4 all spm student wish all of u:all the best n good luck..stpm:gambateh!!!

  27. Do you have any literature exam papers?

  28. Hi everyone,
    Do you intrested in add math?
    If you are in the science stream, please never give up,stop to learn add math and thought can escape for it.
    It is a important subject as others. Because, as you go to the higher level(especially in science stream), the add math that you are learn in form 4 and form 5 is just the basic for your mathematics in your pre-u program and unversity(mathematics is a compulsory subject in university).
    The important topics that you have to master it are
    1.quadratic equation
    2.quadratic function
    3.indices and logarithms
    6.solution of triangles
    9.trigonometric functions
    10.permutaions and combinations
    12.probability distribution
    13.motion along a straight line

    Good luck and all the best to all candidates...:)

  29. do u hav any form 4 mid year examination papers?

  30. Hello, I m a Malaysian,studying in other countries since a child. I so happen to take SPM as my parents registered me. I need some help with this Exam. Does SPM have a syllabus on what we should study on? I need help!!!
    please..thank you in advance.

  31. good luck to everybody whos are going to take UPSR , PMR , SPM and STPM this tear. may God bless all of you :p

  32. there arent any answers for a few questions in the N.Sembilan Chemistry Trials Paper(STPM) such as question one and two..could i have a complete scheme pls? I would like to check my answers..thanks.

  33. i am a 2009 STPM candidate and i'm sitting for the trial. I'm from Pahang and i wish to exchange trial exam papers with students from other states. PA, Ekonomi, P.Perniagaan and Perakaunan exam papers will be available. whoever interested may email me-- [email protected] . Thanks!

  34. can u give me a tips on how to score a in history?

  35. does paper math s pulau pinang have skeme answer?

  36. im form4 tis year.at my school,i look the form5 especially clas science stream,they still not focus about exam spm.just 18day.so,gud luck do the best from the best!!!!!!!

  37. haa anyone know about where can i find the answer sheet for the pmr trial exam papers? please, i need it urgently.

  38. do someone here know how to revise all the experiment in chem, bio, and phy...?
    i really mess out with all the experiment...!
    can someone help me...?

  39. Nur 'Athira Faisal SabriThursday, May 19, 2011 6:11:00 pm

    hey guys! Anyone have exam papers for mechanical engineering? A little help please! [email protected]

  40. hay anyone can help me????who take stpm sains?


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